What Does The Algiz Rune Mean? [Upright, Reversed & Uses]

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Written by: Tina Caro

If you are exploring the magical world of runes and the Algiz rune is interesting and fascinating to you and you are curious to know more about its meaning, its messages, and its history, keep reading this article and you will learn so much while gathering useful information to make your readings and your magical practice absolutely unique!

What does the Algiz rune mean?

The Algiz rune means protection, defense, and help. The meaning of this rune is basically a warning. The consultant will find herself in a situation where someone will make her tempting proposals, trying to make her deviate from the path she has chosen to take.

However, she will fight uselessly if this rune plays a salient role in the course of divination, it will be deduced that the consultant is able to perceive the impending danger. She has a special sixth sense that allows her to block and neutralize such proposals. The one who extracts this rune can count on the protection of a powerful guardian angel.

Custom Algiz rune by MagickalSpot
My homemade Algiz rune.

Algiz asks to relate to the world in a sacred way, to stretch the mind, heart, spirit, and arms upwards and thus receive the original knowledge. He asks to give thanks, to celebrate, to rejoice, to offer in sacrifice, to pray for the gifts received.

Algiz is the natural evolution of Ansuz, the rune of Odin that appears in the form of messages and signals. With Ansuz we receive warnings and advice, with Algiz we offer prayers and sacrifices: we receive from Odin and we offer to him, in a sacred and virtuous cycle.

Ansuz is the advice we are given while Algiz is our ability to put it into practice; it is the rune that protects us from all kinds of enemies if we only learn to create a sacred space around us and within us. This rune teaches that there must be no intermediary between us and the divine, that if there is no sacrifice there is no salvation.

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Every time we extract a rune during a reading or we are left with a mark that is impossible to ignore, we must be ready to face the challenge that is proposed to us, without any delay, even if what we have to do creates discomfort and annoyance.

Odin learned the secret of the runes by sacrificing himself, wounded by his own spear, hanging from his head on the cosmic tree.

Algiz is the altar, the sacred grove, the temple, and the sacred space inside and outside the body.

Algiz’s extraction indicates that we are discovering the sacred in life and within us, that we are in contact with the great mystery that surrounds us, that we are recognizing and celebrating the gifts received. The rune of the cosmic order and of perfection, it reunites the individual energies with the universal ones, represents the tension towards the absolute, the yearning for the supreme source that gives strength and power and is the invocation to the forces of the spirit to receive help and support.

Algiz is a rune that can defend us from any enemy if only we can create around us a sacred space, a temple, an enclosure within which divinity is present. There is a divine spark that shines in every living being.


Algiz is prayer, invocation, dialogue, a request, but also a gift, thanksgiving, intimacy, and gratitude. If you have plans, if you want to start a new relationship or want to buy a house, Algiz advises you to proceed safely and calmly as there are favorable supports from people and situations.

Algiz meaning if upright

The rune informs that it is the right time to take risks and venture into a new project if desired.

There is no reason to be afraid, as long as you take a firm stance and weigh the pros and cons of the situation.

Algiz ensures that you will feel surrounded and protected by the people around you and that you will enjoy the benefits of a positive influence.

Also remember, however, that we ourselves know our virtues and limitations best; we must therefore be alert to identify possible dangers in time and, if we do not feel able to face them, at least be able to avoid them.

Algiz meaning if reversed

Reversed, Algiz’s advice is clear: one must be cautious. If you act with imprudence, you will probably repent.

One is also surrounded by negative energies that hinder one’s path.

Algiz rune reversed by MagickalSpot
Algiz rune reversed

The best thing, says Algiz, is to defend yourself against them and not try to overcome them until you are strengthened in body and spirit.

It may also be that you are not creating the right distance from the problems of others and that this is draining your energy.

Algiz recommends being understanding and helping others, without feeling responsible for their life. This will also make it easier to help them.

Algiz meaning in love, work, and health

Love: it’s time to leave the past behind and start something new. If you are dating someone, give this person a chance to be relevant in your life. It can be hard at first, but this is the best thing you can do to bring true love in your life. This rune has your back.

Work: if you are about to full immerse into a brand-new project at work, try to consider the risks and the limits of this project by focusing on your strengths and your top qualities, the ones that lead you here.

Health: try to focus on your health by eating more veggies and by taking care of yourself, body and soul. Some health problems can be just around the corner. Prevention is the key.

ContextUpright InterpretationReversed Interpretation
PersonalPersonal protection, seeking spiritual guidanceFeeling unprotected, lacking guidance
RelationshipsStrong boundaries, protection of loved onesVulnerability in relationships, fear of intimacy
SpiritualityConnection with higher self, divine protectionFeeling spiritually disconnected, lack of guidance
Table 1: Interpretation of Algiz Rune in Different Contexts

How to work with the energy of the Perthro rune?

The special message from Perthro rune to you

  • Strengthening of hamingja (personal gravity, luck) and life force through courageous actions
  • Mystical and religious communication with non-human sentient beings
  • Communication with other worlds, especially with Asgard
  • Protection and defense
  • Receive instructions on the magical potential of the runes
  • Ban the fear of death
Algiz rune from my collection

Algiz rune magical uses

  • Strengthen the bond with divinity
  • Protection from all kinds of dangers and threats
  • Give the courage to face warnings
  • Helps in inspiration, intuition and stimulates confidence
  • Helps to connect with a superior guide
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