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Meaning of the Sowilo Rune: Love, Work & Health

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Written by: Tina Caro

During a rune reading, did the Sowilo rune show up, and now you want to know more about this rune, its meanings, and the special messages it has for you?

What does the Sowilo rune mean?

The Sowilo or Sowelo rune means energy, life force, and honesty. If in the course of divination, this rune comes out, a notable vitality or an irrepressible spirit of enterprise is highlighted that pervades the consultant.

This is the rune of blossoming that urges us to draw heavily on our talents, even if they appear irreconcilable. There is also a warning against presumption and running out of energy reserves. In contrast to Algiz’s defensive force, Sowilo’s solar force has an aggressive matrix. Attempts to misuse this energy will culminate in darkness and despair.

Custom Sowilo rune by MagickalSpot
My homemade Sowilo rune.

Sowilo allows us to enjoy the warmth of the sun, the divine light that guides us, and illuminates our life in every moment. We have overcome the dark times and great difficulties, we are free and light, but we have new energy within us, a new power.

This power can be used at our discretion, we decide whether to use it for good or bad. Sowilo is the power inherent in matter, as the sun produces light and heat, so we can use our surroundings to obtain power.

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The sun’s rays give life; the light makes wheat grow, flowers blossom, and fruits ripen, but it can also dry up rivers, make the earth arid, and turn it into a desert. In the same way, the rune advises us to learn to use our power, never to abuse it, to always maintain a certain balance. It is necessary to remember that the runes are a means, they are neither good nor bad, their energy knows no distinctions; it all depends on who uses them or interprets them.

This rune is related to the Sun. In the Nordic tradition, the Sun Goddess is called Sol or Sunna and drives her chariot pulled by two steeds, Arvakr and Alsvidr, across the sky. Sowilo is also linked to lightning, as you can guess from its glyph; heralds an illumination, a realization of oneself.

The rune is also associated with the god Heimdall, the white god, guardian of the Bifrost with very fine hearing, guardian of the cosmic order.

H. A. Guerber, Myths of the Norseman,1908

Sowilo is the liberation from difficulties, unforeseen events, and troubles. If extracted, it indicates that we have worked well, we have sown and cared for our crop to the best of our ability, so we can expect in life a sure success, clarity, life energy, and good health, physical and mental, understanding, optimism, and trust.

It is therefore a time of success, fulfillment, joy, and satisfaction. Sowilo suggests, however, not to gloat too much, not to take advantage of the situation, and to assert our power over others, it takes little to overcome the limit, we must pay attention to sudden changes, acts of presumption, haughtiness, and arrogance.

Sowilo meaning upright

This rune has no reverse, so when it appears, it must always be interpreted in the same way. Sowilo is a very positive rune.

Associated with the Sun, an inexhaustible source of light and energy, it announces that you are going through an excellent moment in your life and that you have the strength to carry out all your projects, whatever they are.

LoveRepresents passion, vitality, and the energy of the sun. Enhances love, attraction, and relationships.
SuccessSymbolizes success, achievement, and personal growth. Brings positive energy and empowers endeavors.
VitalitySignifies vitality, health, and well-being. Enhances physical and mental strength and overall vitality.
TransformationRepresents transformation, enlightenment, and spiritual growth. Facilitates personal and inner changes.
GuidanceSymbolizes guidance, clarity, and inner wisdom. Offers direction and illuminates the path ahead.
ProtectionBrings protection from negative energies, obstacles, and harm. Shields against external influences.
Table 2: Interpretation of Sowilo Rune (Upright)

You can take advantage of great mental clarity and this allows you to channel your efforts well, as long as you allow yourself to be judged by prudence: a gift that must never be lacking! Sowilo also has the power to eliminate the negative aspects that could be associated with another rune that came out in the cast.


The most important advice of this magical rune, however, is that we must become aware of what we are, discover the source of our inner energy, the one that always, until the end of our days, will be there to illuminate the path in the dark areas of irrational fears, helping to overcome them.

This is an ideal time to find solutions and make decisions that have been postponed until now.

Sowilo meaning in love, work, and health

Love: it will be a period dominated by amorous feelings. You will be the protagonist of romantic climaxes and arouse the attention of many people.

Why not let yourself go and take advantage of the opportunity? It is possible that one of these adventures will be lasting.

Work: this is generally a positive period, so even at work you can take advantage of interesting meetings and interviews that can become extremely profitable for your career over time.

Health: there will be a moment of great activity, both in the personal and professional spheres. It will therefore be good to alternate work with moments of relationships, in which you can regenerate your energies and recover your strength to continue enjoying this positive period!

How to work with the energy of the Sowilo rune?

  • Use it while casting wealth spells or spells for success.
  • Keep it between your hands while on a chakra meditation.
  • Wear it while having sex to boost your sensual energy.
  • Use it to cast sex spells.
  • Wear it while in a reiki session to balance your chakras.
  • Bring it with you if you feel weak and in need of some extra energy!
  • If you cast a health boost spell, use it to attract even more positive, fresh, healthy energy!

The special message from Sowilo rune to you

  • Transmutation of thought into energy for action
  • Activate higher values
  • Strengthening of psychic centers (chakras)
  • Increased spiritual will and optimal health
  • Guide through the paths, “lighting”
  • Victory and success through individual will
  • Spend more time outside soaking up the sun
Sowilo rune from my collection

Sowilo rune magical uses

  • It helps in spiritual research and in strengthening the will.
  • It gives strength, self-esteem, and vital energy.
  • It promotes success and victory.
  • It improves mood and sexual energy.
  • It increases physical defense and strengthens chakras.

Sowilo rune and its correspondences

ElementAssociated with the element of Fire, representing its transformative and illuminating qualities.
Zodiac SignCorresponds to the zodiac sign Leo, reflecting the energy of the sun and its radiant qualities.
DeityConnected to various solar deities across different mythologies, such as Apollo or Surya.
ColorOften associated with vibrant and warm colors like yellow, gold, or orange.
CrystalAligned with crystals such as citrine, sunstone, or amber, which resonate with solar energy.
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