Discovering The Water Element (Deep Knowledge)

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By: Tina Caro

The water element can be so good if appropriately used in our practice. If not, read this article and learn all you need to know about this powerful and incredible energy to change the way you connect with it and its associated tools!

The Water Element: main features

Since ancient times, man has recognized water as the source of all life. The Egyptians revered it because they found that the waters of the Nile caused the fertility of their lands, so they imagined with great likelihood that water was the principle of all things.

For this reason, they held it in high regard, also distinguishing themselves in the veneration they paid to this element, culminating in the establishment of the cult of Canopus, god of the Nile waters.

A List of 4 Deities That are Associated with Water [With Stories]

Even the ancient Persians had great respect for water.

And the Pagans believed that the waters of the sea and rivers had the virtue of blotting out sins.

Water is one of the four fundamental dynamic modes of existence and universal organization. Water, Fire, Air, and Earth are the main factors that materialize from their corresponding substances. Water itself is the vehicle through which the symbol speaks, adhering immediately to Water within the Being.

Diagram of four elements, 18th century in Tobias Cohen

Water is privileged over other elements because it possesses both the calmness, gravity, and abysmal depth of the Earth, the orbiting restlessness of the Air, and the mobility of Fire.

Water has no sex (there is no need for sex in the Drop and its differentiation). Its fecundating power is that of the female womb and seminal flow.

She is the impetuous “bridegroom and founder” of Mother Earth and Man and Woman.

Each Drop has the power to fertilize. The rain is responsible for material, earthly Life, and fertilizes plants, metals, stones, and oxygen.

Water is the still enchantment of the lakes, tireless traveler of the skies, driller of the earth, and ruler of the abyss is a fascinating bond and vehicle.

The element of Water belongs to the zodiac signs Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.

Water is as essential to us as the earth we walk on, the air we breathe, and the fire we warm ourselves because we need it for our survival.

Our human body is 70% of this element, which is susceptible to the same forces of nature.

Water is in the air we breathe, in the plants we grow and eat, and in the animals that give their lives for us every day. It is all around us, not only in the rain. Water governs emotions.

Water is associated with the cardinal direction of the West, blue, and is in the top left pentacle. The water element is a downward-facing triangle. It is often associated with emotion, intuition, and uniqueness. It is wonderful to use if you wish to delve deeper into your psyche and self to discover the ups and downs of your mind.

Water is the vital element from which everything is born, the womb, and the source of nourishment.

The Water Element embodies the liquid state of flexibility, receptivity, and inertia. It assimilates, internalizes, softens, mixes, inhibits, homogenizes, fills, and dissolves. It wins by yielding, changing shape, adapting to circumstances, and bypassing the obstacles it encounters. Inexorably from the source where it is born it slowly reaches the sea, becoming first a stream and then a river in a continuous process of transformation which is its true strength.

Water is all liquids. It is fluid, in constant motion, in constant change, sometimes slow and almost invisible, sometimes fast and hasty. At no time is she equal to herself.

The water is deep, receptive, and purifying. It is a therapeutic bearer of secret energies and healing.

Water belongs to the deep emotions that flow, appear on the surface, or disappear underground. Water is elusive, unpredictable, indefinable, sometimes unknown, sometimes dominant.
Altruism, the ability to abandon, dependence, feelings of guilt, attachment, compassion, sharing are his most characteristic feelings.

The rivers tend to meet, reunite, and grow together, so the water tends to bond and union up to dependence, even if interrupted by cyclical separations. The bonds are strengthened through liquids (sexuality, breastfeeding, drinking, and more).

How to connect with water with a prayer?

Chant a prayer for the water to connect with this element. You can find one online or create your custom prayer according to your practice.

Making Angel’s water

Water is considered the most important energy on earth. Scholars have shown that water acts as a receiver and transmitter of information through vibration. It gives life to all living beings. Thoughts, emotions, and communications easily influence it.

Imagine the water in a shower or jumping into a swimming pool. As soon as it hits you, you feel like all your worries are gone.

Ancient cultures considered taking a bath under a waterfall as a regenerative form of our spirit. Nothing cleans our soul better. Many of us are aware that 70% of our fabrics are made of water. We use a mixture of salt and water to clean our homes; water not only cleans but cures. Ancient cultures used it to solve many problems through spells.

When the water is charged with the energy it becomes ‘Angel’s Water’, blessed water, infused with moon water, the water of peace, water spirit, etc.

How to do it?

Collect myrtle leaves, orange flowers, rose petals and use the hydrosol method to create Angel’s water.

Add this water to your bathroom; this will add romance and excitement to your life. Use Angel’s water to wash your clothes.
To create moon water

This is a simple method with moon-charged water (leave your potion exposed during a full moon night) that improves psychic abilities. You need to retrieve a large crystal container and fill it with spring water and expose it outdoors on a full moon night. In the morning, take the container and transfer the water to a clean bottle, never used. Put it in the fridge to preserve the contents.

Every morning, after a bath, apply a little of this water energized by the moon with your fingers on the nape of the neck and on the third eye. Repeat the operation for nine consecutive days for optimal benefit.

Why connecting with water?

Water is privileged over the other elements, because, in its unpredictability, it possesses both the calmness, gravity, and abysmal depth of the Earth, as well as the orbiting restlessness of Air, as well as the mobility of Fire. Water, the still enchantment of the lakes, tireless traveler of the Heavens, driller of the Earth, and ruler of the abyss, is the most fascinating bond and vehicle.

The zodiac signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces belong to the element of water, representing respectively the emotions, the unconscious, and the spiritual feelings.

How to use all this in your practice?

While performing rituals of purification, love, psychic awareness, dreams, sleep, marriage, friendships.

While doing craft where these actions are involved: dilution, placing in water, washing, bathing.

To enhance the energy of these herbs containing a lot of humidity or are aquatic, such as water lilies and algae; fleshy as in succulents and lettuce. Rose and gardenia; generally, flowers.

To work with crystals and their energies like any blue stones such as blue tourmaline, transparent or translucent, such as amethyst and aquamarine.

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