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What Does The Othala Rune Mean? [Upright, Reversed & Uses]

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Written by: Tina Caro

The Othala rune is a very complex rune and knowing its secrets and its meanings is definitely a great thing to be able to use it during divination and while practicing magic.

Let’s learn all we should know about Othala and, most of all, let’s see what the Othala rune means.


In runic divination, the Othala (Odal) rune conveys distinct meanings and energies based on whether it appears in an upright or reversed position.

Upright Othala signifies a strong connection to ancestral heritage and roots, emphasizing a sense of belonging, stability, and the preservation of family traditions. It represents the receipt and protection of valuable inheritance, both physical and spiritual. This rune also symbolizes the creation of a secure and harmonious home environment.

Reversed Othala suggests a potential disconnection from one’s heritage or estrangement from family and cultural roots. It may indicate challenges or disputes related to inheritance and financial or property matters. Additionally, reversed Othala may point to disruptions or instability in one’s home life, prompting individuals to address and restore harmony in their domestic sphere.

Interpretations of Othala in a rune reading consider its orientation and the specific context, guiding individuals toward reconnecting with their heritage and addressing familial and property issues.

What does the Othala rune mean?

The Othala rune means freedom, goals, and success. To ensure that dreams can come true, Othala offers wise advice: you need to keep in mind the goals you want to achieve to channel your energy correctly. Destiny must not be forced: everything has its time, so Othala encourages you not to despair and to have faith in your own possibilities.

Othala concludes the earthly cycle by asking us to pay the price for what our parents have given and granted us by returning what does not belong to us. It is the rune of inheritance, of gratitude, of humility and respect for those who preceded us, of responsibility, of payment, or redemption, and of restitution.

Custom Othala rune by MagickalSpot
My homemade Othala rune.

Othala allows us to get in touch with our roots and with our ancestors, with the genetic, spiritual, and material heritage that they left us generation after generation.

Everything that our family members and our ancestors experienced passes through us and our children. There have been warriors and fighters, people who sacrificed themselves for their neighbor, who has given birth to various kinds of activities and organized groups; there are moments of joy and pain, sudden deaths, sufferings caused and inflicted, diseases and sins, unlived loves, forgotten people, goodbyes not given… all this has been accumulated over time and weighs on the descendants.

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Once they are freed from the weight of the past, every time an ancestor is free from his condemnation, we can access the energy that is granted by our ancestors.

The cult of ancestors is present in many cultures of the world; the venerated deceased relatives are believed to have become protective spirits of the family who can influence the course of events, for good or bad, and act as intermediaries with higher spirits.

Certain importance is given to one’s lineage, and the beliefs and practices of this cult help strengthen family ties, perpetuate the traditional political structure, and encourage respect for the elderly.

Each of us is part of different social and family systems, our personal consciousness is connected to our experiences as human beings in this life and we know that every element that is excluded from our consciousness tends to manifest itself as a symptom.

Bert Hellinger, founder of the Family Constellation Method, says that when a family member is excluded or forgotten, there will be consequences in subsequent generations until the family member is reinstated and takes back their place.

Bert Hellinger

Each of us has our own soul but we also belong to a “family soul” that connects us with the people who lived before us: parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and ancestors, children who died prematurely, victims of violence or murder, and any other people who have intertwined their lives with our ancestors.

The family tree is affected by all the experiences lived by the family, which is difficult to explain; but if a brother or a husband is lost in war, or a child dies at a young age or a woman does not overcome the suffering of a birth, another member of the family, unconsciously, will tend to replace those who are no longer there, imitating their fate, manifesting symptoms and emotions, and trying to follow them into death.

Similarly, if any ancestor has committed a grave fault, a child will later attempt to undo that fault, sacrificing their health, happiness, and success. Through the staging of the Family Constellations, hidden dynamics are brought to light that pushes us to assume certain behaviors that condition life and feelings, without these belonging to the person concerned.

Othala derives from the ancient Norse odal, meaning ancestral property, heritage, inheritance, birthplace. From ancient English, epel means heritage, in German, adel means noble, and the expression flyja odul sin means to leave one’s home or go into exile.


Othala represents the family home, property, life of society, community, village, or nation. It also represents the offspring, children, grandchildren, and hereditary genes: the genetic heritage.

Othala is Ing’s gift, everything that comes from the family as an inheritance. The extraction of this rune indicates that we will get what we deserve, for better or for worse; it is a strong reminder of our roots and reminds us of the constant presence of our ancestors who must be remembered, honored, and thanked for all that has been received from those who came before us.

Traditionally, Othala indicates that you will receive an inheritance of money, jewelry, land, or housing; it means we have reaped what we have sown and can enjoy the fruits of it.

It suggests a thought and an act of gratitude towards one’s teachers, employers, past classmates and friends, and all those who have left or taught us something. Othala invites you to look around, to appreciate and love what surrounds you: family, home, and life, and also suggests keeping your goals in mind; avoid taking part in too many projects without concluding anything.

Othala meaning if upright

The Othala rune warns that the time has come to concentrate your efforts on the goals you most want to achieve: a job, the love of a person, or the realization of a project.

If you scatter the energies in multiple directions, you will not be able to accomplish anything and you will feel frustrated.

Perhaps this is a period of renewal. Getting rid of relationships that lead nowhere and starting new projects can be very positive.

We must accept that life takes away some things to offer new ones. It is good that you make this truth your own to keep yourself open to changes.

Rune OrientationMeaning (Upright)Meaning (Reversed)
Othala UprightAncestry, heritage, inheritance, family, home, abundanceLoss of ancestral connection, disrupted family dynamics
Othala ReversedHomelessness, disconnection from roots, lack of stabilityReclaiming ancestral ties, finding stability in family life
Table 1: Othala Rune Meanings

Othala meaning if reversed

Excessive attachment, both to people and to material, cultural or social goods, is not a good counselor.

If you accept that everything is undergoing change and that losses can mean new gains, you will feel freer and will be able to live according to your way of being.

Othala rune reversed by MagickalSpot
Othala rune reversed

You have to learn to adapt to circumstances and learn from every experience. In this way, you will make the most of situations and you will not suffer when your desires are not satisfied, when you will have to face a separation (in your personal relationships and at work), when you will not achieve the desired success or, simply, when you realize you were wrong.

Othala rune meaning in love, work, and health

Love: it is a moment of great sensuality. Your attractiveness will increase and you will have many opportunities to meet new people and start interesting relationships. Othala recommends taking advantage of this situation. If you have a partner, your relationship with them will strengthen.

Work: you will be offered the opportunity to work with new colleagues or to introduce significant changes in the development of your professional activities; this is something that, sooner or later, will bring benefits.

Health: this rune recommends learning to control stress. For this purpose, you need to dedicate some time to yourself every day, to do some physical exercise, read or listen to music, or simply, chat with friends.

How to work with the energy of the Othala rune?

The special message from Othala rune to you

  • The right inheritance from ancestral possessions
  • Collection of numinous power and knowledge of past generations
  • Acquisitions of wealth and property
  • The right understanding of global unity
  • Security, protection, and the walls of Asgard
  • Ascension to the king among men
  • Realization of paradise
Othala rune from my collection

Othala rune magical uses

  • It helps in finding one’s roots and working with the ancestors.
  • It favors the reception of goods and benefits from the ancestors.
  • The presence of family fortunes helps in the acquisition of inheritance.
  • It helps ancestral memories and talents.
Magickal PurposeDescription
Ancestral MagickSeeking guidance from ancestors, honoring family lineage, connecting with ancestral energy
Home BlessingInvoking Othala to bring harmony, abundance, and protection to one’s home
Healing RitualUsing the rune to address family wounds, promote emotional healing, and restore ancestral connections
Legacy WorkUtilizing the Othala rune to explore personal and family history, uncovering ancestral gifts and wisdom
Table 2: Uses of the Othala Rune in Magick
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