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Meaning of the Inguz Rune: Upright and Reversed

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Written by: Tina Caro

The Inguz rune is a powerful, meaningful rune, and knowing all its magic, its messages, and its symbolism is so useful to predict your future, unveil your past and fully immerse yourself in your inner magic.

Let’s learn more about the Inguz and what does it mean for us!


In runic divination, the Inguz (Ingwaz) rune carries distinct meanings and energies depending on whether it appears in an upright or reversed position.

Upright Inguz symbolizes fertility, new beginnings, and growth. It represents the successful completion of phases and the realization of goals, signifying a sense of accomplishment and inner strength. It encourages individuals to tap into their inner resources.

Reversed Inguz may indicate delays or stagnation in progress, suggesting unrealized potential or missed opportunities. It prompts a reassessment of goals and a need to address unresolved matters.

Interpretations of Inguz consider its orientation and context, guiding individuals toward embracing growth opportunities and overcoming obstacles.

What does the Inguz rune mean?

Inguz means home, news, and fertility. Inguz remembers that, in everyone, there is a source of creativity that allows you to start new projects and ideas; you are able, therefore, to improve yourself at any time if you consider it necessary.

Custom Inguz rune by MagickalSpot
My homemade Inguz rune.

The fire of creativity lives in everyone, but it must be fed so that it illuminates every moment of one’s journey.

This rune represents the future of humanity, our children, grandchildren, those who will build their lives on the foundations that we leave them today. The Earth is experiencing a critical and delicate moment, a crucial moment for its future that only we can influence or destroy, continuing to live according to the idea of exploiting resources or learning to respect nature and the planet that welcomes us.

We must learn to recognize that in the extraordinary diversity of cultures and lifestyles, we are one family with a common destiny. We need a new beginning, an inner change in heart and mind, a sense of universal responsibility. We must learn to live in order to create a sustainable global community, learn to live without polluting, without destroying, in a more conscientious way, to guarantee a real future for those who will come after us.

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Inguz is linked to Ing, another name of the god Freyr, and to the mother goddess Nerthus, often identified with the god of the Vani Njordr, who some scholars argue is a hermaphrodite deity, god of the sea and disturbances.

Frey statuett found in Rällinge

It is a rune of fertility and prosperity, it represents the seed, the male means of procreation, and container of the genetic information that is transmitted from parents to children. The glyph recalls the DNA chain but also the home, a crucial center for the family that gathers around it, a visible manifestation of family union.

The extraction of this rune indicates rebirth, renewal, or a new beginning after a usually painful phase. Inguz marks a time of joy and passage to a new life, it represents a solution, the liberation from old burdens and worries. He may also want to suggest abandoning what is past, old behaviors or beliefs that cannot find a place in the new life.

Inguz is rune strictly related to the family, to a relationship between partners, parents, and children, brothers, and sisters; it often announces the birth of a child, a new job, or a sentimental situation.

It tells us that we have sown correctly and that we are reaping the fruits of our work, we can ask ourselves about the relationships we have with our family if we feel good or we feel excluded if we have some problems to solve.

Inguz asks one to bring clarity to family relationships, a search of one’s origins may be necessary to understand if she is carrying a burden on her shoulders from past generations. We must not leave anything unsolved, avoiding dragging burdens with us; those sufferings might then be passed on to children and future generations.


Inguz meaning if upright

The appearance of Inguz makes it clear that an important stage in one’s life has come to an end and this may mean that we are faced with equally important decisions, that we are about to reach a goal after long efforts, or that the right direction to go is now clearly seen.

In any case, a feeling of inner well-being is being experienced, probably the result of these upcoming changes. Inguz’s advice is this: if you want to break the daily routine without delay, introduce new activities and, above all, new interests that make you feel alive and stimulate your creativity (it may be useful to visit artisan workshops, attend conferences, walk in the countryside, or be with friends or family).

InterpretationMeaning and Energy
FertilitySymbolizes fertility, growth, and the potential for new beginnings.
CompletionRepresents the completion of a phase or project, marking a successful outcome.
Inner StrengthSignifies inner strength, resilience, and the ability to overcome obstacles.
TransformationIndicates personal transformation, positive change, and spiritual growth.
Creative EnergyRepresents a surge of creative energy, inspiration, and the manifestation of ideas.
Table 1: Interpretations of Upright Inguz

The curiosity to know and discover new things will be an ally, as it will stimulate one’s receptivity, making one feel ready to welcome changes.

This attitude will open up novelties that will enrich their lives in every respect, especially as regards spirituality. There is not a reversed version of this rune.

Inguz meaning if reversed

InterpretationMeaning and Energy
StagnationSuggests a sense of stagnation or being stuck in a particular situation or mindset.
Lack of GrowthIndicates a lack of progress or growth, feeling trapped or unable to move forward.
Blocked PotentialRepresents blocked creative energy or a hindrance to personal and spiritual growth.
ResistanceSignifies resistance to change, fear of the unknown, or a reluctance to embrace new beginnings.
Lack of MotivationSuggests a lack of motivation or inspiration, feeling uninspired or unproductive.

Inguz meaning in love, work, and health

Love: the rune recommends caution before embarking on a new romantic relationship. We need to know the people around us well, observing them, conversing, and sharing experiences. Only in this way will you be sure that you are about to start a serious relationship, without the danger of deceiving yourself.

Job: you can find a new job or change your position in your current job, which will bring great satisfaction and, perhaps, considerable earnings. These innovations must be addressed with a positive attitude.

Health: in this time of change, it is normal to live in a state of tension and anxiety. You need to dedicate some time to relaxation (yoga, tai-chi-chuan, or meditation) by exercising outdoors or in a gym.

How to work with the energy of the Inguz rune?

Special message from Inguz rune to you

  • Storage and transformation of power for ritual use
  • Stored energy
  • Passive meditation and centering of energy and thought
  • Sudden release of energy
  • All forms of subtle and creative action
Inguz rune from my collection

Inguz rune magical uses

  • Strengthens family ties by giving harmony and continuity
  • Facilitates in the conception and birth of a life
  • It helps in embarking on a new path

Correspondences of Inguz

ElementColorAstrological Sign
EarthLight GreenVirgo
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