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4 Ways of Using Spell Jars & How it’s Done! (DIY Guides)

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Written by: Tina Caro

Spell jars are a powerful tool for influencing others and getting blessings in love, money, protection, health, and more. We often hear about honey jar spells but did you know that there are many more spell jars you can cast? In this article, I’ll teach you about all sorts of spell jars and their effects.

Below I’ll share with you a list of different spell jars and how I personally used them.


  • Spells jars are powerful tools for a witch’s arsenal.
  • There are many different types of spell jars you can work on, but the easiest and most effective ones are: honey jars, herbal jars, sigil spell jars and vinegar spell jars.

Most popular types of spell jars

Spell Jar TypeDescription
Love Spell JarA spell jar designed to attract love, enhance relationships, or foster self-love and self-acceptance.
Protection Spell JarA spell jar created for protection against negative energy, psychic attacks, or to create a safe space.
Prosperity Spell JarA spell jar aimed at attracting abundance, wealth, and financial opportunities into one’s life.
Healing Spell JarA spell jar focused on promoting physical, emotional, or spiritual healing, or to provide comfort during difficult times.
Success Spell JarA spell jar intended to enhance success, boost confidence, and attract opportunities for personal or professional growth.

Honey jar spells

Honey jar spells, the most famous kind of spell jars are all about love, good vibes, and sweetening the connection between two or more people.

Here’s how I created a honey jar spell for love between me and my partner.

This jar spell is great for when you don’t have much in the house. I took a dark glass jar, some honey, some hair from myself and my partner, some salt and a grain of corn. I made a wicca-style circle and invoked the elements, the goddess, and the god.

The hair went into the bottom of the jar, then the three pinches of salt went on top of it. I poured an abundance of honey into the jar, then I showed it to the four corners by turning the jar clockwise asking for their protection. Then, returning it to the center, I laid my hands on the jar and marked it with an invocation pentacle three times.

I asked the goddess and god for help and I imagined that a golden protective light flowed from them through my hands. At that moment they told me to put the corn into the honey with the point upwards. I did so, then continued the meditation and closed the jar.

I held it a little longer in my hands, sending it vibrations of love and visualizing me and my partner happy together, protected by this golden aura. I thanked the gods and offered a candle, then I thanked the four elements and opened the circle. I placed our jar behind the headboard of our bed.

I made this jar under the crescent moon. When casting this spell jar, I strongly advise against the use of nails or pieces of iron, because they tend to increase the aggressive charge. Good-intentioned and natural alternatives include rose or cactus thorns as they retain the energy of the Thurisaz and Isa runes.

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Sigil spell jars

Sigils spell jars are another wonderful and powerful tool of attraction. I cast it for family protection but you can attract whatever you want.

This spell jar requires a colored candle linked to your intentions, specific herbs and a sigil.

Here’s what you need:

  • a sheet to make calculations and tests
  • a photo of the people you want to protect/what you want to attract
  • a white ribbon
  • a consecrated pen (e.g. the one you use to write sigils)
  • a mirror (e.g. from your mother)
  • glue or tape
  • a razor blade (e.g. from your dad)
  • coarse cooking salt
  • disinfectant (the one you use to dress open wounds)
  • your blood (+ the blood of one of the children if you are one of the parents)
  • a cotton bud for ears or a cotton ball
  • a pin
  • a glass jar with lid and rectangular bottom
  • black insulating tape
  • a square of colored cloth
  • a rubber band

The process:

Purify yourself, ground yourself, center yourself, raise the temple, form the circle, call the guardians, put yourself in aspect with the chosen deity, and declare your intent.

Concentrate and take the photo then draw (with a consecrated pen) a star on each member of the family with the number of points each according to the magic number of that member. For example, if you were born on 03/05/1986 your number is 0 + 3 + 0 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 6 = 32; 3 + 2 = 5, you will then make a 5-pointed star on your image.

In the star of each person, insert the symbol of their zodiac sign.

Above each head write their full name.

On a spare sheet of paper, write the surname of the mother and then that of the father (e.g. Walters-Caro) and delete all the repeated vowels and consonants (e.g. WLTRS-C). With the remaining letters create a sigil so that her letters are on the left and his are on the right.

Draw the sigil large on the back of the photo, then roll it up on the short side and close it with the ribbon.

Take a glass jar with a rectangular bottom (choose one with a wide mouth to easily insert the mirror) and glue the mirror on one side so that you can mirror yourself from the outside. As you do so, say,

“All evil to this family directed, on the sender be twisted!”

Insert the razor blade, saying:

“And the stick that is placed between the wheels, immediately be cut!”.

Pour the salt up to halfway then pour a few drops of disinfectant (excellent mercury chromium) saying: “And whatever negativity around there is, from now on it will be washed away!” Insert the rolled photo and cover with salt to fill the jar. Now, disinfect your finger and carefully prick it with a disinfected tool, such as a pin.

Collect a drop of your blood with the swab, saying:

“For my blood which is our blood I consecrate this protective jar!”

If you are a parent, also take a drop of the blood of one of your children (on another wad), then say:

“For my blood and the blood of my blood, for our blood I consecrate this jar of protection!”

Insert the cotton ball(s) by pressing it into the salt until it is covered.

Take the electrical tape and secure the lid tightly on the jar (use at least three turns of tape) saying:

“This spell is sealed!”. Place the square of fabric on the cap and secure it with the elastic.

Now hold the jar in your hands and draw energy as usual.

Load the jar, then thank the gods and guardians, dismiss them, dissolve the circle and put the jar in a safe place as high as possible, for example on the highest shelf in the kitchen, or on top of a wardrobe.

Herbal jars

Herbal spell jars are built on a strong foundation of herbs and items to attract something in your life. I made one for attracting money.

This is a very simple ritual and is used to increase one’s earnings and decrease the amount of money necessary to fulfill any need.

Time: Crescent moon

You will need:


Write your wish on the slip of paper and insert it into the jar. Fill the jar with all the herbs for money. Take the seven coins with your dominant hand and insert them into the jar one by one.

While inserting the coins, imagine that each one multiplies in large quantities and say this chant aloud:

“Towards this desire,
Money grows by leaps and bounds,
It overflows.
Coins that clink, coins that shine
Come to me now, you are mine!!”

Close the lid and place the jar in a place where you can see it every day but that is away from prying eyes.

Every day you will have to insert a coin or two and always imagine that they multiply visibly. You will notice that little by little, extra income will come to you.

No matter the quantity, it will start with very little, but always thank the universe when you notice it. When you have reached the desired amount, remove the herbs and the piece of paper and bury them in a vase in your home.

Wash the jar well and save it for another ritual.

Vinegar spell jars

These spell jars are all about separation, breakups, and confusion. They come from voodoo tradition so make sure you are sure about the outcome you desire.

Also, ensure that you cast this without too much negativity to avoid backfire.

This couple separation spell jar, but modified a bit, can be used as a ritual of removal or destruction of one person.

Before explaining how to make one of these jars, I would like to explain a few things.

This rite is not based on the phases of the moon, but still being a negative rite, I believe that carrying out it on a waning moon and either on a Tuesday or Saturday (depending on the purpose) does not hurt.

On the other hand, it is important to start the ritual when the hands of the clock are waning. By this I mean when they approach half-day (11:29) or full (11:59), This is because symbolically they are at the “end of the path” therefore ideal for annihilation, separation, etc.

You can make this jar, in nature or at home. Those who make this jar at home often do so in the bathroom. You may wonder why, as did I. As it turns out, since the bathroom is considered a dirty place, it’s a good place to keep this jar for the 7-9 days you need to keep it activated.

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Having said that, let’s move on to what is necessary

You can use hair, nails, personal fluids (anything strictly personal is better), photos, written work or signatures

You will also need:

  • A black candle
  • Black and red pen or marker
  • A piece of paper
  • A glass jar with an aluminum cap or a small bottle (I do not recommend the latter as it is difficult to fill)
  • 9 rusty nails (rust is very important for the ruin of a relationship)
  • 9 pins (nails and pins symbolize pains and wounds in the relationship)
  • Black peppercorns
  • Red peppercorns
  • Chili
  • Black mustard seeds (to create problems)
  • Vinegar (to sour the jar: if you want, you can also add lemon juice or sour milk)
  • Black dog and black cat hair. You only need a few – this symbolizes fighting like cats and dogs.
  • Shards of glass, to cut and hurt the relationship

Above is the base of the jar, but if you can also find the following ingredients you can add them too:

  • Sulfur powder
  • Walnut leaves (used for separations)
  • Asaphodelia (to make sick spells and invocations)
  • Graveyard Ground (used against enemies)
  • Lemon (used to create separations, discord and conflicts between people)

Take a black candle. Engrave the names of the people who want to be separated (name and surname of both) and between the two names the word ‘breakup’, ‘separation’ or ‘divorce’.

Proceed to “dress the candle”. Some people use commercial oils for this purpose such as breakup or confusion oil or the corresponding powders. If you do not have them or do not want to buy them you can use pepper oil, tabasco oil, and cover the candle with red pepper, mustard seeds or chili.

The candle is dressed from the center towards the ends. Light the candle now using a match.

Write the respective names behind the photos in red if you want the person to remain in your life, in black if you want to remove them from your life.

On another piece of paper, write your declaration in black.

For example:

I order that x divorce y, I invoke the destruction of their relationship, that they quarrel continuously, that they hate each other, etc. The choice is yours.

Once this is done, place the paper between the two photos (the photos must not be “looked at”) and place everything inside the jar or bottle together with the other ingredients and the witnesses you have. Cover the content with vinegar.

Close tightly and start shaking the jar violently, ordering with an angry voice what you want. While doing this, try to visualize the object of your hatred, how they quarrel, and how they separate. Try and do this for around ten minutes.

Extinguish the candle with your fingers. This ritual must be done for 7 days minimum, up to 9 days, so pay attention to how you burn the candle.

You can shake the jar whenever you feel the need. When you are not “working” you can wrap it in a plastic bag, so as to “suffocate” them and put it behind the toilet.

After the set period of time, bury the jar in the cemetery along with the remains of the candle. This can be done during the day, but bury the jar and the remnants of wax separately.

In the hole that you will make, place some coins, and a little whiskey as an offering, and ask for the help of the spirits for the success of the rite.

Usually, the first signs of this ritual working are seen after three weeks, and if done right the breakup will occur after three months.

What jar should you use?

You can go for a big jar or you can choose a small portable one! This is totally up to you! As long as it’s glass and it has a lid, it’s okay! Just be aware of the size of the objects you need to insert into the jar and if you can fit them through the bottleneck.

Make it your own for more magic!

If you want, you can create your own spell jar! Let yourself be inspired by these spells and make your own using your intuition and adding your own personal touch to each one! There are endless options available for you to cast a powerful and effective spell jar!

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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