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6 Magnificent Bay Leaf Magical Properties [DIY]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Today I am going to introduce a unique herb called a bay leaf. Best known for its medical uses, it is a great addition to your witchy craft and ingredients.

Let’s take begin!


Bay leaves, known for their aromatic culinary use, also possess powerful magical properties.

Bay leaves are believed to protect homes from negative energies and promote a sense of safety.

They can be used for divination with fire, offering insights into the future and hidden truths.

Bay leaves hold a dignified role in rituals related to death and transition, offering comfort and guidance.

These versatile leaves are essential in kitchen witchcraft, enhancing the energy of culinary creations and attracting prosperity.

What is Bay Leaf?

Considered the plant of metamorphosis and illumination, the bay leaf symbolizes divine wisdom. Its scent can bring the mind to rise on subtle planes, awakens inspiration by urging the inner expression of creativity.

Roman peasants tied three-bay leaf twigs with a red string in ancient rites.

This appeased the gods of the harvest, helped the grain to mature and gave crops.

Even today it is said that putting some bay leaves under the pillow solicit prophetic dreams.

Let’s take a look at the magickal properties and some uses of bay leaf.

Bay Leaf Magical Properties and Uses

Protector of The House

It is a powerful protector of homes by placing a leaf on the door.


Divination with Fire

It is one of the most used leaves for the use of daphnomancy, which consists of throwing a leaf on fire and visualizing the messages of the leaf through its drawings and its crackling.

Apollo and Daphne
Apollo and Daphne

Dignified Death

The bay leaf tree must be planted in the last period of our life to guarantee a dignified and painless death.

Witchcraft in the Kitchen

Its role in the kitchen is to protect the whole family. When we add it to a stew, we can previously enchant it to fulfill this function.

San Juan’s Night

Thrown on the bonfire of San Juan allows the fulfillment of our future desires.

A ritual widely used on this magical night is to write what we need on blank paper and wrap a bay leaf with it on it and then tie it with a white bow on your pillow as it serves to provide protection.

It Connects with a Person

Bay leaf is intimately linked with the person who planted it because it is a tree that falls in love with its caregiver in such a way that it usually becomes the projection of that person.

So if the individual is a good person, bay leaf continues to propagate its good vibrations.

On the other hand, if the person who planted it did not release positive energy vibrations, bay leaf acts in the opposite direction.

To Attract Prosperity

A formula to summon fast money is to place yourself under the rain with a bay leaf branch and imagine that every drop that falls to us is a bill that falls on our heads.

Bay Leaf Ritual Uses

Ritual PurposeDescription
ProtectionPlacing bay leaves around your home or creating a protective sachet to ward off negative energies and enhance security.
PurificationBurning bay leaves during a cleansing ritual to purify your space, body, or objects from negativity or stagnant energy.
Psychic EnhancementPlacing a bay leaf under your pillow or carrying one with you to enhance intuition, psychic abilities, and dreams.
HealingUtilizing bay leaves in herbal remedies, teas, or baths for their healing properties, especially for digestive ailments.
SuccessWriting your goals or wishes on a bay leaf and burning it to activate its energy and attract success and abundance.
ManifestationUsing bay leaves in manifestation rituals or spells to amplify your intentions and bring desired outcomes into reality.

Bay Leaf Correspondences

Zodiac SignLeo
Magical PropertiesProtection, purification, psychic powers, healing, success, manifestation

A Few Additional Magickal Tips

Bay Leaf is a solar plant. It protects from negativity. It is useful for purification before rituals.

The leaves can also be burned as incense, particularly in rituals designed to increase our inner strength and our understanding of magical things.

Bay Leaf Purifying Potion to Remove Stress

You need to add 30 grams of leaves into boiling water and cover them with a lid.

Once you add them, you need to turn the stove off.

It needs to cool down.

Then you need to filter it

During the filtering, it is necessary to squeeze well, drink in sips throughout the day.

Bay Leaf Baths

– Bath to purify the aura:

An infusion of 13 bay leaves and three rosemary sprigs can be prepared and boiled for 10 minutes, then filtered and put into water for a ritual bath.

– Anti-stress bay leaf bath:

Put one hundred grams of fresh leaves in a liter of water and boil for 10 minutes.

Then filter them out and put them into the bathwater. This bath serves to strengthen the nerves and fights fatigue and stress.

Bay Leaf Oil

An oil obtained from ripe bay leaf will provoke vision and divinatory dreams if rubbed on the forehead.

Special Bay Leaf Talismans

A garland of leaves and branches of bay leaf wrapped on Sundays and hung above the front door favors luck and fate.

An ancient talisman foresees to tie together three twigs of bay leaf, symbolizing the earth’s richness, abundance, and generosity with a red thread.

– Magic bag for personal protection:

Put in a white cloth bag seven-bay leaves, some rose or cactus thorns, a piece of coral, star anise seeds, hypericum petals (St. John’s Wort), a pinch of marjoram.

– Talisman to protect the health of the people living in the house:

Take three sprigs of bay leaves, tie them with a red ribbon and attach some small bells, then sprinkle them with fir-tree essential oil.

– Talisman to propitiate fertility:

Take a handful of fir needles and golden powder, a thistle flower, and a handful of fennel seeds. Put everything in a jute bag or very rough cloth and hang it on a bay leaf branch.

– Talisman to hang in the place where you work:

Collect three sprigs of bay leaf symbolizing the richness, abundance, and generosity of the earth, three sprigs of sage for health, three tufts of basil against poverty and three white roses for inspiration and new ideas.

Tie everything together with a yellow thread, then sprinkle it with gold dust and hang it over your workplace door.

If you are not allowed to put it in the office, keep a small version, with small branches, of this talisman above the computer or in a desk drawer.

Bay Leaf Incenses

– Incense to develop clairvoyance:

A part of petals of mugwort flowers, a part of sage leaves and a part of bay leaves.

– Incense for protection:

This incense needs:

  • some juniper berries,
  • some hypericum flowers (St. John’s Wort),
  • some bay leaves,
  • 17 drops of essential oil of pine.

Burn this incense as an offering to the Goddess if you want to protect someone from attacks, evil eye, negativity, accidents, and so on.

– Incense to keep of undesirable people:

Seven grains of incense, seven drops of bay oil, seven sage leaves, one walnut kernel.

Bay Leaf Ritual

Ritual with bay leaves to solve a problem in a dream.

Take a piece of unused green cloth.

Wrap seven fresh bay leaves and close the bundle.

Tie it with the silver thread.

Place it under the pillow and say this prayer:

“Mother of the night,
for the power of the sacred bay leaf plant
let me dream about what to do
for … (specify the problem to solve in a dream)
and let me remember tomorrow morning
how I shall behave.”

The next morning, bury this little bag.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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