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What Does a Honey Jar Spell do? [+ A Unique Spell]

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Written by: Tina Caro

I know many of you, dear witchy friends, love honey jar spells! Many of you reach out to tell me about your experiences with these spells, and some of you ask for advice and special guidance. So, today, I have decided to explain what a honey jar spell does as I’ve seen a lot of misconceptions about it.

Honey jar spell: why it is so effective?

Honey jar spells often create real miracles, solving and improving situations that seemed unrecoverable. The only downside is time. Honey works well and thoroughly, but it is slow.


  • A honey jar spell can sweeten any situation/problem you’ve been dealing with lately in any aspect of your life.
  • It helps to clear negative energy and sweeten the energy and the connections, especially between two people.

As you well know, time is not quantified in magic, but a jar of honey will show its effects a little further in time than syrup or sugar. However, on the other hand, it guarantees stable and constant results, which sugar and syrup cannot guarantee.

So, it is up to you to decide whether to opt for honey or syrup, remembering that it is better to wait a little longer but then to have a solid result than to wait for less with a brief result.

honey jar spell example

Doing it right for results

You must also keep in mind another very important thing: you need to commit to the practice! As with all magical crafts, it is not enough to just throw some ingredients into the jar, say a few words, and wait!

The jar should be shaken, the appropriate candles should be lit on top with the appropriate oils. Do this every day in the beginning, then three times a week, then once a week; this part is very important!

Long-lasting results with a long-lasting dedication

Some jars of honey are worked for years, even when they have given results; many like to light a candle over it at least once a month and shake it to renew its power. I know many witches who practice like that, and you know why? Because honey jar spells are powerful!

Like all rituals, patience is needed, but the honey jar, with the right ingredients and the right care, will repay you constantly and exponentially. You have to shake it, talk to it, take care of it, and it will return to you a thousand times. Magic is all about giving and receiving.

When do I need a honey jar spell?

When you want to sweeten a certain situation, to shed some light over some dark sides of your life, or basically for everything.

What does a honey jar spell do?

A honey jar spell can do a lot for you and it is not true that it is only for love; it is for everything, even for money, for causes, for work, for the family, for anything you want to achieve! That’s why you can customize the honey jar spell to achieve several different results!

Of course, if you are new to honey jar spells you should start with something easier and less complex than this one, but if you feel comfortable you can give it a try! These spells are all white magic spells so there is no danger for you, they are completely safe!

Customizable honey jar spell

Customizable honey jar spell

Difficulty: Beginner-Friendly
Effectiveness: 4/5

  • Glass jar
  • Cemetery ground
  • Three shells
  • Sliver of rose quartz
  • Three sweet candies
  • Coffee beans, grains, or powder (just a spoonful)
  • Brown sugar, one tablespoon
  • Lavender
  • Cinnamon stick
  • Honey
  • Red, yellow, white, and pink rose petals (I will explain why later)
  • Pinch of sea salt
  • Photograph
  • Specific items* (optional)

Open the jar, put the lavender and cemetery soil at the bottom. On the back of the photograph, write the target’s first name, surname, and date of birth, fold it in four, then tie it with red thread.

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If you are doing this for a colleague or for better wealth, just write what you want on something that reminds you of the target of your spell.

Put the photograph, the three shells, the rose quartz, the candies, and the petals in the jar.

Rose quartz is an earth stone, it is used to stabilize.

  • Rose petals are for romance—you can choose the color in relation to your goal.
  • White petals are for forgiveness and forgetting.
  • Yellow petals are for prosperity and friendship.
  • Red petals are for passion.

Once you have chosen one or more colors of the petals, line the jar on the sides and add the coffee, the cinnamon stick, and salt. If you feel like it, you can add something else like a coin for wealth, a friendship bracelet if this is to rekindle a friendship, and so on. Be creative!

Then fill 3/4 of the jar with honey. Seal the jar with more honey.

Now close the jar and say:

“In the name of Universe like this honey is sweet for me and my life, taste it too after me… Universe be loving with me and let [X] think of me sweetly, and return to me a [friend, lover, love, good relationship]” (It depends on what you want). You can even add more sentences, like “sweeten my work-life… sweeten my financial situation…” and so on.

It’s important to close the prayer with “So be it.”

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Shake the jar gently, light a candle, and use the wax to attach the candle on top.

I prefer to follow different days for different goals and use the new moon to set the intention loud and clear to the universe to make a statement to it to grant me what I want.

For example: If I want to have more money, I perform the honey jar spell using the instructions above to customize the ritual, and then on the night of the new moon I would set the intention of having more money. All clear?

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Extra tips

  • I know that this ritual can also be done on oneself to have a sweeter life in all its spheres. Do the ritual on a Thursday; the candle to be used is blue in color, and the rose or other flower petals must have this nuance too!
  • There are also variants with a green candle, for money. The ingredients change a little, but the ritual is basically the same.
  • From how the candle wax melts and drips onto the jar, you can read the results of the ritual. For the dressing of the candle, just rely on an essential oil with the same notes that you want to achieve with your magic work.
  • Jar disposal: If the ritual works in a positive way, bury the jar in your own garden or near your home. If it ends in a negative way, bury it near someone who is on the pipe but far from your house or throw it in a river.

Honey jar spells manifestation time

Honey jar spells can take more time to manifest. Usually, it manifests within 14 weeks but if nothing happens try to think of a reason: did you commit to the practice the right way? Did you believe in magic?


Have you performed the ritual from a place of patience and openness to the magical realm? Rarely does a spell not manifest because we didn’t use the proper ingredients or we forgot to do some steps of the casting. Most of the time, a spell won’t manifest because of our skepticism and our lack of trust in the magical process.

Have the right mindset and attitude to make it happen!

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