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A Witchy Guide to How to Use Sigils [ Powerful Magickal Tools]

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Written by: Tina Caro

By reading this article, you will discover how to use sigils and how they are truly versatile magic tools. They can be used differently depending on your personal preferences and the type of objective you intend to achieve through sigil magick!

So, together let’s learn more about these ancient and magical tools to be able to use them to the fullest and get everything we want in our life! Let’s begin!


Using a sigil involves setting a clear intention, creating a unique symbol from that intention, charging it with energy or intent, releasing it into your subconscious, and trusting the process.

Start with a concise statement of what you want to achieve.

Transform that statement into an abstract symbol by removing duplicate letters and vowels.

Charge the sigil with energy through meditation or focused intent.

Release it by burning, meditating on it, or forgetting about it.

Be patient and ethical in your use of sigils, as results may vary, and intentions should align with positive goals.

What is a sigil?

First of all, we need to clarify what a sigil really is. The sigil in magic is a very important thing because the symbol traced on a talisman is in all respects what we want to create and push towards us.

A thought and a desire are things that are “felt” but that cannot be touched by hand, just as the entities that we want to call to our protection are not tangible and visible things to the human eye and therefore, we need to know how to make them “material”.

In this case, a sigil comes to our rescue. The symbol of a given thing is the thing itself.

Here’s an article that explains how you can create your own sigil!

I am safe sigil
Sigil: I am safe

Just think of our first name and surname. They are traced or pronounced graphic symbols that indicate who we are and behind that symbol, in all respects.

If we hear our name pronounced, we turn around because we know someone is speaking to us. If we read our name and surname on a paper, we know that the thing reported on paper concerns us. So the mechanism is simple but very effective.

Each spirit has not only its own name and characteristics but also a graphic sign, a “sigil” that retains every property. That sigil transcribed on parchment or engraved on a candle of appropriate color becomes an effective tool because, with that symbol, we want to attract the attention of that same spirit to us.

The example was made of the 7 spirits of light, but each sign contains and retains a particular power, such as the pentacle, planetary symbols, etc. By combining the symbol with the electromagnetic waves that arise from our thought or desire, they create in all respects a magical sigil if performed in the right hours of the day or night.

The meaning of sigils will be encrypted by their use as well as if they are good or bad since no sigil is created with a specific power that is caused when activating sigils, the force or power it contains leans towards the achievement of the objective that is desired.

Many uses give sigils great importance in magic. Let’s see them together in the next paragraph.

How to use sigils?

Sigils can be used in several ways. They can be used as an integral part of rituals, a fundamental part of spells, and good luck talismans; it all depends on our intentions and what we want to get from sigil magick.

Sigil MeditationUsing sigils as focal points for meditation or as visual aids during contemplative practices
Sigil DrawingIncorporating sigils into artwork, journals, or personal talismans for daily inspiration or reminders
Sigil Charging RitualsRitualistic practices to empower and charge sigils, such as candle magic, moonlight exposure, or elemental consecration
Sigil SpellworkIntegrating sigils into spellcasting rituals, such as placing them on altars, including them in spell jars, or incorporating them in spell candles
Sigil Activation in Sigil MagickTechniques for activating sigils in sigil magick, such as tearing, burning, or activating through sound or movement
Table 1: Ways to Use Sigils

Personally, I love to use sigils as an addition to my rituals and spells, especially in those of the new moon where I can express my intentions and desires for the coming month to the universe and, often and willingly, I find it very difficult to express what I want just by meditating on it.

Writing it also seems to be something cheeky, and I am very embarrassed to put it on paper! For this reason, the sigil is the ideal solution because a phrase never remains such but becomes a design that, if the basic intentions are not known, is practically indecipherable.

I am invincible sigil
Sigil: I am invincible

This has made me more confident in myself and I feel more comfortable expressing my desires, even the most hidden and intimate ones! I prefer to create the sigils on paper and maybe add a magic formula behind the piece of paper on which I made the sigil but if you wish, you can also draw it elsewhere, like on a candle!


The ways are truly endless and setting your imagination and creativity in motion is the thing I like most about sigils as it gives me the idea of ​​open and personalized magic far from pre-established dogmas and teachings. I love it!

Basically, you can burn it, tie it to a balloon, tear it up and throw it in the wind, throw it in a river, submerge it, draw it with food (i.e. bread) and then eat it. Or simply use the sheet on which you engraved it.

I like to paint them on the body, using a suitable ink that doesn’t hurt and is not permanent. You can use them on anything; for example, a sigil to study will be placed among your books, one to have softer hair will be attached to your shampoo bottle.

You can find all sigils I’ve created here – Magical Equipment (scroll down to the section about sigils).

Things you should and shouldn’t do with sigils

Like any magical practice, there are also some things to keep in mind regarding sigils so that their use leads to success and the achievement of pre-established goals.

First, one of the absolute best things to do with sigils is to create your own ones and use those of others as a base or reference point to go on to your creation process.

This is because it is essential to fill the sigils with their essence so that they become true manifestations of our intentions and easy to understand for the universe and for the energy that will work so that our vision becomes a reality.

Among the things, you shouldn’t do with sigils we certainly find the creation of symbols that do not represent us or the choice of intentions and desires without prior careful reflection or meditation on intent.

For this, what I always recommend is to take all the time necessary to reflect on what you want and then only put it on paper later.

Light a candle, relax, and think, peering into your heart: what would you want? The answer to that question is what you can insert inside your sigil!

When should I use a sigil?

If you are asking yourself this question, know that you can use the sigils whenever you intend to attract something specific in your life. When you have a project, a dream, an intention or a vision in particular on how you intend to live your existence, visualize it, create a phrase that fully represents it and then create your sigil!

The collection of sigils I personally use

If you are looking for some inspiration to create your own sigils, I want to share with you the collection of sigils I use.

You can find all sigils I’ve created here – Magical Equipment (scroll down to the section about sigils).

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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