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Powerful Spells for Tuesday [Daily Spellwork]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Do you want to know what’s the best kind of spell you can cast on Tuesday so you can enhance your magic?

Keep reading this article about Tuesday, its energy, and some great advice on how to use it for your upcoming spells!


Tuesday, associated with Mars, is ideal for spells of courage, strength, protection, and assertiveness.

Empower courage and confidence by envisioning yourself as strong and assertive.

Cast a protective spell with visualizations of a white light shield.

Strengthen physical abilities by imagining increased resilience and power.

Boost passion and vitality by visualizing heightened energy levels and ignited passions.

Personalize spells to align with your intentions and perform them with positive energy and respect for the energies involved.

What kind of spells could we cast on a Tuesday?

On Tuesday, you should cast spells to increase success in all areas of your life, except love, as Tuesday is not the best day to cast love spells because of its aggressive, powerful, and masculine energy.

Day of the WeekTuesday is the second day of the week in some cultures and is traditionally associated with the planet Mars. It represents courage, strength, and assertiveness.
Planetary InfluenceTuesday is influenced by the planet Mars, which is associated with courage, physical energy, protection, conflict resolution, and assertiveness. Mars’s energy is often invoked in Tuesday spells.
CorrespondencesIn spellwork, Tuesday is often associated with the colors red and black, as well as the gemstones garnet and bloodstone. These correspondences align with Mars’s energy.
Deities and SpiritsDeities and spirits associated with Mars, such as Ares (Greek mythology) or Tyr (Norse mythology), may be invoked in Tuesday spells.
Spell IntentionsSpells performed on Tuesday are typically focused on matters related to courage, strength, protection, conflict resolution, overcoming obstacles, and assertiveness.
Table: Key Attributes of Tuesday in Spellcasting

Which planet influences Tuesday?

The planet that influences Tuesday is Mars. This is the planet directly next to Earth and appears bright red or dark orange. Its function is to control Venus and is obviously associated with the male world, particularly with its excessive and darker aspects.

It is ruled by the god Mars, the correspondent of the Greek god Ares, divinity of war, and is also linked to the Teutonic god Tyr. The symbol of this planet coincides with that which indicates men.

But Mars does not simply embody male energy: compared to the paternal and quieter energy of the Sun, he is a powerful, very virile, and aggressive force.

god mars

How to use Tuesday’s energy?

  • You can take action and start working on some work project that’s currently on hold.
  • You can plan your next move to create your dream life.
  • You can cast success spells or rituals.

My thoughts on Tuesday’s energy

According to the Wicca tradition (but also other esoteric traditions), Tuesday is a day of ‘strong energy’, almost semi-aggressive; I often don’t operate on Tuesdays but sometimes I do when I see that certain situations need an energetic ‘shock’.

I know it seems absurd that mental concentration, colored candles, incense, a crystal, and a particular day of the week can, together, give ‘energetic jolts’ to certain situations. But my experience confirms the results I obtained at the beginning, on which I sometimes reflected with amazement; the evidence (the results reaching one hundred percent) is undeniable.

I’m convinced that at the basis of these results there are explanations of quantum energy which, in part, the law of attraction ‘explains’ (but only in part!!!) I will write about it when more scientific evidence has emerged.

If you are a beginner of magic rites, you should start with more linear rites, such as positive meditations, rites of light, and tranquility, and stick to Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday (or Friday for love rites).

The ‘problem’ of Tuesday, in general, is that—if you believe in the principles of certain astrological-esoteric theories—it is an aggressive day, and therefore every ritual performed on Tuesday—even if totally benevolent—is accompanied by the risk of attracting some aggressive energy.

For example, years ago, a client asked me to increase the physical attraction between him and his partner; I decided to do a rite for sensuality on Tuesday (with an intense dark red candle, which I would now recommend avoiding), at midnight; the next day, the couple had a big fight, even if accompanied by ‘a night of fire’.

Now, with more experience with energy magic, I perform this ritual (sensuality) with some modifications (I’ll talk about it in the future).

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But, after experimenting, I concluded that despite being strong, certain rites can be performed on Tuesdays with excellent results, as long as you have a minimum of experience with energy magic and are ready to face the resulting (temporary) energy jolts.

Since we are talking about Tuesdays, to deactivate aggressive elements I have included a white candle; a yellow candle was the main candle of the ritual, while a red one (note that we are talking about bright red, not dark red, and even better if orange) was the candle that I loaded as I did with the yellow one (with the same views), but it was the candle that created ‘shocks’ to de-stabilize a very stagnant situation.

The crystal (after having kept it out for many days and many nights) had been chosen and incorporated into the rite to absorb a part of the energies arising from the rite (and therefore to serve as an amulet or, in any case, as an object to keep at home).

Tuesday’s ritual for success

This ritual is customizable according to the kind of goal you would like to achieve.

Sometimes we feel ‘weakened’ by the many obstacles that seem to arise in our life, often making it difficult; sometimes everything seems complicated and difficult. And so, we need something ‘special’ to go back to being the lions and lionesses who conquer their own lives!


When we want to feel stronger and when we want to change the energies around us in order to increase the positive possibilities, this simple ritual can help. It is to be done on Tuesdays at noon solar time and at one summertime (specifically: at noon, you must light the candles, which will have been prepared according to the method described by the preparation of candles, minutes or hours before, depending on the time you have available).

The goal of this ritual was to restore winning energies around the person in question (but, as you know, you can do it for yourself; in this case, choose a stone that is significant for you, even crystal, after having purified it as I did).

The candles should be loaded (read the page on how to load the candles if you don’t know how) before the ritual.

You can also read more about success spells here.

The arrangement of the candles is:

White candle in the north, yellow candle in the center, and orange (or red) candle at the bottom. You will be seated behind the red candle.

Since the goal of this ritual was to increase the life force of the person in question so that it attracts positive or successful situations and events, there aren’t any specific words we can use.

I wrote two lines specific to the situation and recited them aloud like the other spells.

Like this:

  1. as the white candle burns, I become more and more protected from the light
  2. as the yellow candle burns, I get stronger and stronger (or: I am successful in…)
  3. as the red (or orange) candle burns, I get stronger and stronger (or: I am successful in…)

Type of candles to use:

As you can see, I used very low candles; now that I have the experience, I work with almost all types of candles; if I use these bases, I always purify/load them by first removing them from the metal casing and, once loaded, putting them back in the casing.

small white candles

If you use candles in glass cups you have to do the same thing (load them by removing them from the glass), so I almost never use them in glass cups (I find that they are difficult to extract).

Regarding the ideal timing for this type of ritual, I would say it would be this:

Unless you perform rituals that last seven days, using larger candles than the ones shown here doesn’t make sense (they would last too long).

Generally (but, as you can see from my example above, not always!)

I use ‘naked’ candles (like the ones next to them), without metal or glass enclosures. But, as I said, it doesn’t matter, as long as they are prepared (consecrated and loaded) without the wrapping.

If you use high-quality candles, they should burn completely; otherwise, there will be leftovers (you burn the whole candle, but sometimes there is some ‘melted’ wax around): these should be put in a hidden place in the house or in a place where you often go if it is a matter of propitiatory rites (positive); otherwise, as you know, the remnants of the rites to eliminate obstacles and specific negativities must be buried far from home.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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