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8 Powerful Herbs for Energy Magic [& How to Use Them]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Herbs and plants have long been part of decorating spaces including homes, schools, and commercial venues. In fact, in addition to giving a very fresh and natural touch to these places, some plants attract positive energy with the ability to contrast the negative ones and that are amazing for energy magic. Let’s explore the magickal world of herbs for energy magic.


Herbs like Bamboo, Jasmine, Rosemary, Mint, Thyme, Chrysanthemums, Eucalyptus, and Aloe vera are potent allies for energy magic.

Knowing when to use these herbs for energy magic is essential for effective results.

Utilize herbs through methods such as herbal baths, magickal infusions, and decorating your space to enhance your energy.

Experiment with various methods and discover your favorite energetic infusion to boost your magical energy.

Energetic natural allies

In particular, compared to others, some plants have a greater ability to promote positive energies and give us a feeling of well-being every day. It must be made clear that these plants must be alive, that is, we must keep them in a pot and pay particular attention to them.

Having clarified this, below I am going to list the best herbs for energy magic that will help you attract positive energy. Some special herbs and plants provide us with much more than just physical well-being; many of these are also said to have spiritual healing powers, which work to rebalance the energy levels in our body.

For centuries, people have used tea leaves to find answers; these herbs and infusions have always had spiritual energy. When we take the time to prepare a cup of a comforting herbal tea, we are allowing ourselves to embark on a journey within ourselves.

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When do I need herbs for energy magic?

If you feel a bit drained, a bit low in energy and you need to raise your energy up, herbs for energy magic can be the perfect thing to make that happen in a safe and quick way!

HerbMagical PropertiesHow to Use
GingerStimulates energy, passion, and motivation. Helps overcome lethargy and promotes vitality.Add ginger to charms, sachets, or spell bags. Use in teas or sprinkle dried ginger in your space.
CinnamonEnhances energy, creativity, and personal power. Invokes passion and adds potency to spells.Burn cinnamon as an incense, incorporate it into spell candles, or use it in charm bags and rituals.
PeppermintBoosts mental clarity, focus, and energy. Refreshes and revitalizes the mind and spirit.Brew peppermint tea for an energy-boosting drink or carry dried peppermint in a sachet or amulet.
RosemaryPromotes mental alertness, concentration, and energizing properties. Clears negative energy.Use rosemary in cleansing baths, as incense, or create an infused oil for anointing and energizing.
Table 1: Common Herbs for Energizing and Vitality

Most powerful herbs for energy magic


Bamboo is not only beautiful to see and a great piece of décor, but it helps attract health, wealth, and keeps bad emotions and feelings like envy and jealousy away; plus, its leaves are amazing to create energetic magical potions.


Jasmine is beneficial to bring spiritual fresh energy to relationships. It is advisable to keep this plant in the room and/or environments where you spend more time with your partner.

It is one of the plants that attract positive energy to strengthen relationships and romance.


Rosemary is a plant with great medical benefits, used since ancient times by different cultures. On a spiritual level, this plant is known for attracting sincere love and loyalty.

In addition to keeping a fresh rosemary plant indoors, we also recommend placing some sprigs in cloth bags and distributing them in various spaces of the house. This serves to attract the loyalty of those around us.


Mint is a plant with numerous medicinal properties that we can enjoy at all times. Having this plant at home will guarantee an excellent ally for our health and encourage positive vibrations in any environment. Mint is said to fight bad energies and help fight insomnia.

It can also help improve communication in the home.

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Thyme is a plant that has been used since ancient times to clean up spaces from negative vibrations. This plant is considered purifying since it counteracts negative energies. In addition, it repels nightmares and promotes self-esteem.

Keeping it indoors ensures the protection of the inhabitants.


Although chrysanthemums in the west are linked to the cult of death, they are also known for their beauty and because they bring a feeling of well-being at home. This plant promotes happiness and good humor, which is why we recommend placing a pot in spaces where constant tension and/or discussions are generated.

Chrysanthemums are related to a life of relaxation.


This plant is able to fight and ward off negative energies, which almost always come from envious and malicious people. It is recommended for your commercial activities and studies, as it is a plant that attracts prosperity.

It is also ideal for better sleep.

Aloe vera

It is a plant used during rites against bad luck and envy, given that it is said to be among the strongest in fighting negative energies. It is known for its ability to attract prosperity and positive energies wherever it is in the house.

It is popularly believed that when the aloe vera plant grows and is lush, it is because it is attracting luck.

If, on the other hand, it is wilted, it is because it has absorbed bad energies and is protecting us from them.

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How to use these herbs for magic energy?

Herbal baths

You can prepare a rejuvenating bath to recharge your energy. You can choose whatever herbs might seem right for you, light a yellow or orange candle, and fill your bathtub with hot water.

Immerse yourself into the water with the chosen herbs and then relax for at least 15 minutes.

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Herbs for Energy Magic magickal spot
Copyright: Tina Caro

Magickal infusions

First of all, we must be sure that we do not have any intolerance towards these herbs and if we suffer from certain diseases, it is good to ask our doctor for advice before taking anything.


What we ingest changes all our energies and, in some cases, we may have noticed that we cannot eat certain foods or drinks simply because they do not fit in with our body. For this, before immersing yourself in high doses of spiritual herbs, start slowly and try to understand your intuitive sensations.

These medicinal herbs can be found commercially in various forms such as sachets, capsules, etc. Whatever the way we choose to use them, the important thing is to make sure that it comes from a reliable company and that the herbs have been harvested sustainably.

This will give us the best results, maximum energy and spiritual activation.

Decorate your place

This might sound naïve but actually bringing a living being into your place is amazing to raise your positive energy up and attract good vital energy to you and your space! Choose one of the plants I suggested above and let the good vibes roll!

Succulents are beautiful and bring a special decorative touch to the rooms of our home or office.

They do not require special attention to be kept alive.

In addition to being considered plants that attract positive energy, they are said to be able to ward off envy, intruders, malicious people, and hypocrites. Moreover, they can absorb the bad electromagnetic energies of household appliances.

My favorite energetic infusion

Characteristics: the green mint leaf acts immediately in a positive way on your mind to cleanse it from negative thoughts and to shift your concentration to what really matters.

Ingredients and preparation:

Mint can be used both fresh and dried, about 300 grams per liter of water.

When the water comes start to boil, pour the mint leaves and, if desired, other herbs into the teapot, then wait for a few minutes (about five) for infusion.

Once this time has elapsed, it is time to filter the preparation with a strainer and pour the infusion into a cup. Honey and lemon can be used to sweeten the drink.

Use: It can be taken at any time of the day, though it is sometimes not recommended in the evening hours since it could disturb sleep in certain sensitive subjects.

How to take energizing herbs?

Each remedy naturally responds to its own specific dosage based on the method of intake; if in an infusion or dry extract, just get advice from your trusted herbalist.

However, these remedies commonly have warnings about when they should be taken.

Energizing remedies that stimulate the central nervous system and/or metabolism must be taken in the morning or at the latest in the early afternoon, never in the late afternoon or in the evening, because taking active nerve ingredients can interfere with sleep and encourage the awakening of the organism when not needed.

Those who instead need to subvert the sleep-wake rhythms for work needs can resort to these energizing herbs to keep their energy up and stay awake for a longer period of time.

If infusions are not your thing, go for an herbal bath instead. As always, do what feels right for you and your body.

Tina Caro

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