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Here’s How to Make a Charm Bag [a DIY Guide]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Creating a charm bag is a wonderful way to cast a spell and cherish this magickal tool. Keep it with you as an amulet to keep attracting the type of energy you need in your life and let it manifest sooner. But how do you make a charm bag? Let’s see how to make one step-by-step with this article!


To create a charm bag, start by defining your intention clearly.

Choose a small fabric pouch and cleanse it to remove previous energies.

Write your intention on a piece of paper and place it in the pouch.

Add herbs, crystals, or symbolic items that align with your goal.

Seal the pouch and charge it with your energy by visualizing your intention and speaking words of power.

Carry the charm bag with you or place it in a relevant location, periodically recharging it to keep it effective for manifesting your desires.

What’s a charm bag?

Many think that charm bags are amulets or talismans, but they are so much more than just that! The charm bag is considered the material home of the invisible energies and spirits that work to aid the magician. This “magic” force is active as long as the bag is intact.

The fetish’s energy is dispersed by breaking it or opening it, losing its future effectiveness.

my charm bag
Copyright: Tina Caro

Essential ingredients for a charm bag

HerbsDried herbs with specific magical properties
CrystalsGemstones or crystals aligned with the intent
SymbolsCharms, amulets, or symbols representing intent
Personal ItemSmall item with personal significance
ContainerFabric, pouch, or bag to hold the ingredients
Corresponding IntentDesired outcome or purpose of the charm bag

What are these charm bags made of?

Two basic elements constitute these bags: the fabric and the substances inserted. A natural fabric that is shaped like a bag or pad is used, though there are different formats, and the inside is padded with herbs and objects considered sacred. Rituals, consecrations, etc. are used to give greater power to the object.

How are charm bags used?

To take effect, the bags are usually carried around. Some people hang them around their necks, others hide them in their pockets or clothing. If the spell is intended to act on a place or object it will be placed in the place or near the object.

For example, protective pads hang on doors and windows; to drive away nightmares and promote sleep, they are placed under the pillow or hung on the headboard; to attract luck and money, they are kept in the purse.

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What about the timing?

The time will come when the amulet will no longer be necessary, it will have performed its task or will have lost its energy charge (this period varies from one month to one year). What do we do with this magical “residue”? You will have to get rid of it.

The simplest way is to open the bag, thank the forces put in place in its creation, burn all its parts, and then scatter the ashes. The first thing to do, before proceeding with the spell, is to establish its purpose. It must be a desire or a real need to have a good charge of emotional energy at the base.

Having established this obvious but vital point, we begin to establish the ingredients based on their purposes.

Choosing the right color is important

The first indispensable ingredient for making magic bags is the fabric with which it will be woven. Natural fabrics are always preferred; traditionally flannel, silk, or hemp are among the favorites.

The simplest and most common bags are made with a square or a triangle of fabric, which, after being filled, will be knotted with a ribbon. At other times, on the other hand, we prefer to sew real bags, or we make cushions to be stuffed.

In the latter case, a particular shape is often chosen that is in harmony with its goal: e.g. stars, hearts, or human figures. The choice of fabric and ribbon is not accidental. It is based on a precise rule: colors. In magic, the different colors are associated with certain astrological and psychological vibrations.

Here is a shortlist which shows the main correspondences between the colors and their main magic purposes.

Correspondences for charm bags

IntentCorresponding Herbs
LoveRose petals, lavender, jasmine
ProtectionSage, black tourmaline, bay leaves
ProsperityCinnamon, basil, green aventurine
HealingChamomile, rosemary, clear quartz
LuckClove, chamomile, citrine
SuccessBay leaves, orange peel, tiger’s eye

Colors of matches explained

WHITE: for every purpose, white magic, harmony, peace, children, travel spirituality, purity. Color of the Moon.

RED: associated with the planet Mars, Aries, the Sun, and blood.
It represents dynamic energy, vitality, strength, vigor, warmth, fire, passion, love, anger, and aggression.

ORANGE: symbolizes the energy in progress and serves twofold as sadness and joy. Victory. It is also considered to be an association of yellow and red.

YELLOW: Symbolizes spiritual light, success, victory, air. It favors all that is intellectual, ideas, luck.

GREEN: Symbolizes plant life, the fertility of the earth, and water. Green is a perfect balance of warm and cold tones. It brings serenity, joy, pleasure. Favorable for love affairs, for bringing peace, health, abundance, and contentment.

BLUE: Blue is the color of the sky and the sea and can be divided into two complementary aspects: blue and light blue.
~ The celestial is associated with the day and the light; it is a color that brings serenity, stability, dynamic and balanced energy. Dispels evil forces.
~ Blue is the color of the night and of the depths; it represents rest, detachment, introspection, the guide of disembodied entities, and searching in the “deep”.

PURPLE: It is the color of meditations, arduous questions, mysticism, and contact with the spirits of the dead. Like green, it is a perfect combination of warm and cold tones.

BLACK: The brown tones are considered fertility carriers as they symbolize the darkness of the womb and gestation, the sea, and moist and fertile land. On the negative side is the color of putrefaction, mental darkness, anger, and evil. It is widely used in protection bags or black magic.

GOLD and SILVER: they are the colors of the Sun and Moon, they spread material and spiritual well-being. They are also used to increase thaumaturgical power.

PINK: considered a color in itself, in magic it is used for all those issues concerning work on emotions, love, affection, dreams. It is also very common in all spells aimed at removing negative energies and curses from homes and people. It also has a mild protective quality and the stimulating action of spirituality.

MIXED COLORS: When choosing this type of fabric, the dominant color is considered as the one related to the purpose of the magic, while the others can be considered as facets and additions to characterize the type of energy. They are usually suitable for spirituality, divination, protection, good luck, and to confuse negative energies such as the evil eye.

Charm bag spell for protection

This spell may appear to be simple to perform, but it must be remembered that efficacy is not in the gestures and tools but in the ritual and ability of the Witch to know how to instill power in objects.


Salt has a very ancient magical history and is one of the best ingredients in the magic of protection (from negativity, black magic, and envy) and purification; the same can be said of the charm bags.

Perfect timing for this spell:

No precise moment is needed for this spell; daytime and nighttime hours are fine, any day and at any moon phase.

However, choosing the most appropriate matches for your personal purpose is good. It is important to remember the moon phase because you need to reload the amulet monthly (an idea can be the date of the full moon, easy to remember and locate on the calendars).

For this spell you need:

  • a white candle
  • coarse sea salt or rock salt
  • red, black, or white fabric, possibly natural. The choice of colors is important.
  • needle and thread (the thread will be the same color as the fabric)
  • incense of grains, olive, juniper, or rosemary
  • water

The ritual:

Gather everything you need, proceed with a personal purification, and, if you are used to doing so, draw a magic circle, and set up the operational altar.

First, light the candle to recall the spiritual Light and protect yourself from dark and negative forces.

Cut out a square of fabric (previously washed in salt or consecrated water) and sew it to form a bag or a small pad, taking care to leave an opening. It must be hand-embroidered by the person performing the ritual, so you need to arm yourself with patience and focus on the purpose of the spell while performing this operation.

It may be helpful to chant prayers or sing a song of power to accompany the work.

Weaving, sewing, and embroidery are closely linked to witchcraft from time immemorial: in ancient times, a weaver was also an enchantress and many goddesses of magic were also the protectors of yarn (e.g. Isis).

The Goddess of Fertility Isis (Picture: Ask Aladdin)

Consider that this bag will be worn by the person who will benefit from it, so it must not be too large or flashy; a square of a few centimeters like the one in the picture will be fine. When it’s ready, put it aside.

Now, light the incense and direct the smoke onto the salt. Once this is done, with your hands, mix it by reciting prayers and focusing on your protection purpose. Put this salt in the bag when you feel it is sufficiently charged. You can sew the open part to completely close the amulet.

For the consecration, suitable candles and incense must be chosen. Choose the color of the candles based on the meaning of each written above. The incense is used as the aromas of plants inside the bags.

Feeling your hands on it, take the fetish and visualize the energy entering the bag while maintaining the mental image of desire.

Afterward, when the concentration has weakened, proceed to pass the fetish through the energies of the four elements as follows. Pass the bag into the incense fumes and say:

“This charm bag is consecrated with the powers of the air.”

Then I pass it on the candle flame, saying:

“This charm bag is consecrated with the powers of fire.”

Then I spray it with a little consecrated water and repeat:

“This charm bag is consecrated with the powers of water.”

Then touch the bag to the salt, saying:

“This charm bag is consecrated with the powers of the Earth.”


“This consecrated charm bag will serve (name of the beneficiary) so that (declare the purpose)”.

From this moment on, I will always carry this amulet with me until my wish is fulfilled. Then, if I feel it worked, I will proceed with its destruction by burying or burning it.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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