4 Powerful Money Spells with Crystals [Jade, Malachite…]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Crystals are fascinating and beautiful to have in our witchy craft. They are versatile and used for many different reasons, and today we are going to dive into the best ways to use them to achieve financial happiness we desire. Let’s take a look at my favorite money spells with crystals.


  • Combining spells with crystals is a perfect way to attract abundance and wealth your way.
  • Certain crystals contain innate energy that is perfect for attracting wealth.
  • Often these crystals are also used as talisman to attracts more money.

10 crystals to attract wealth

Green Jade

This crystal has been used for thousands of years in different parts of Asia for good luck and abundance. This beautiful green stone is amazing to attract money into your life. It is also great to guide you towards the desired outcome.

Green Aventurine

This stone not only heals and brings good luck, but it is also one of the most powerful crystals for prosperity. This stone will bring wealth and luck, and it also fills you with happiness. It also works great when you need a second chance.


This powerful crystal resonates with growth, not only financial but also spiritual. It will help your business grow and ensures that your plans will be profitable and fruitful. Peridot is one of the most powerful crystals for attracting money. It works great when you want to increase your income or wealth


This beautiful crystal not only brings prosperity but also a success. It is one of the best crystals for attracting business success. Allow your company and projects to grow and attract wealth. By resonating success and prosperity, Malachite will attract your life situations and people who will improve your financial status.


This breathtaking red crystal resonates with money and abundance. In addition to being one of the most powerful love crystals. This stone became popular as the lucky punters’ stone. For its resonance with luck. But it is also extremely popular with businessmen.


Olivine attracts material wealth, but only when there is hard and profitable work behind it.


It is said that it is enough to wear it to attract wealth. It is a good luck charm in regard to finding good job opportunities.

Citrine quartz

This is perhaps one of the best-known stones when it comes to attracting material wealth and money into one’s life. It will assist in the success during the start of a new business project, help to maintain a good job and growth. This stone brings wealth and success in life. Put a Citrine in your wallet to attract money.


Amber is the perfect stone if you are feeling a little bit down or you find yourself uninspired at work. In practice, it helps you put the right amount of commitment into what you do, this will consequently cause greater economic income.

Tiger eye

Put a small Tiger Eye in your wallet. It helps you never run out of money but remember to also leave some coins inside.


How to use these crystals to attract money?

You can cast money spells with them, wear these crystals, or place them in various places in your home or office to attract prosperity. They are also excellent as an amulet.

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How can I activate my crystals to cast a money spell?

You can activate your crystals to cast a money spell in different ways. I love to leave my crystals out on a night of the New Moon, to let them recharge and get ready for use.

I consider each spellcasting like a new adventure we embark on together, so a new beginning with fresh energy is preferable to let them spread their properties and let the magick happen.

Where do I buy them?

There are many different stores around the world. I think it is better to buy them in person, so you can feel a connection to the stone you are going to use for your spells and rituals, but, if you can’t buy it in person, you can buy them online.

Try to buy raw crystals and high-quality products, it is even better if they come with a certificate of guarantee. Please note that you should consecrate your crystals, no matter where you buy them.

Do not forget to spend time with them, to let your energy and your soul connect with them, so you and the gem can become one. Being in tune with your magickal tools is mandatory for successful and amazing casting experiences.

What is the perfect crystal for me?

I gave you some of the properties of various crystals you can use to cast money spells, but you know what feels best. If you find yourself driven by one crystal, in particular, you can definitely use that one for your spell. Follow your intuition.

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A list of money spells with crystals

Money spell with Green Aventurine

Money spell with green aventurine v2

You must know that to cast this spell, it must be done at night, with the New Moon or in the first quarter. You should also do it in a quiet place, away from noise or distractions. You must be alone.

Firstly, we need to focus, with a positive attitude, on how we want to see ourselves in the future. Visualize that the economy no longer affects you because everything financially is fantastic.

Difficulty: Advanced
Effectiveness: 4/5


  • 2 Green candles
  • Patchouli – Patchouli essential oil
  • A small coin
  • The same number of Green Aventurine stones (as coins)
  • A lighter

How it’s done:

You need to rub one of the green candles with patchouli essential oil, while visualizing yourself with the success you always wanted to have in your life.

Place on the altar (if you don’t have a regular altar, a simple plain light table will do), the lit green candle.

Next, place the coins and the stones around the candle. Say loud and clear, three times:

“I (your name) invoke the power of the four elements,
Water, Fire, Earth and Air.
Bring me all the money I need and want.
Without harming anyone and for the supreme good.
So be it”.

Now light the other green candle and as it is consumed, continually observe it, with your future abundant wealthy mentality until it is consumed in its entirety. If it is possible, hide the remains in your garden or inside your home. You must carry the coins and green aventurine stones in your pocket, wallet, or purse. Now you just need to wait for the success to manifest.

New Moon money spell with Malachite

new moon Money spell with malachite

This New Moon money spell with Malachite is a great way to attract wealth while using Malachite, one of the best crystals related to money and prosperity.

Difficulty: Advanced
Effectiveness: 3/5


  • A sheet of paper (Of the color of your currency you want to attract)
  • A pen
  • A malachite stone
  • A raw orange (For its juice, do it homemade, don’t buy a premade orange juice, as the raw fruit is rich in properties and filled with natural magick)
  • A lighter or matches

How it’s done:

First, think of a sum of money that will meet your financial needs immediately, which you will write down on a piece of paper of the same color as the currency in use in your country. On the back of the sheet, write your full name and your address, if you currently do not have a definitive address write your date of birth.

This is to ensure that spirits are not confused with another person with the same name.

Take the piece of paper and dip it in the orange juice, then let it dry. Once dry, take the stone in your hand and place it at the base of your spine and say it aloud:

“I open myself to this center and receive all future wealth”.

At the base of the spine is a psychic energy center known as the chakra, which has a direct influence on finances. Keep a lighter or matches handy and say aloud:

“Spirits of distant lands, come here to me today,
quickly cross the universe to be here.
Spirits of money, I invoke you to fulfill my will, listen to my cry and my words.
Powerful spirits of money, grant me what I ask of you.
With the power of the spirits of money, so be it.”

Take the piece of paper and set it on fire from a corner. Once it starts to burn, place it in an ashtray, and let it burn.

Next, take the ash and place it in front of the door, bring the stone with you as an amulet.

It will not take long to receive what you have requested. This spell will allow you to change your financial future.

Money spell with a Jade

New Moon money spell with jade

This is an effective ritual to attract wealth that needs to be done on a Thursday, as its energy attracts even more wealth in your life.

Difficulty: Advanced
Effectiveness: 4/5


  • 1 Green rope
  • 1 Golden cord
  • A handful of golden glitter
  • 1 Green bag
  • 1 Jade stone
  • 1 Golden coin
  • 1 Green candle
  • 1 Cinnamon incense
  • 1 Bottle of pine essence

How it’s done:

On a Thursday night, take the green candle and light it, then light the cinnamon incense.

Take the string and make 7 knots, visualize the candle in your mind and imagine getting rich, while making the knots say:

“May the forces of this magickal night give me enough energy for the money to come to me.”

Once the request is made, take the glitter and throw it in the air so that it falls on you and then say:

“That this brilliant land is the guide to money”

Now place the string tied with the 7 knots inside the bag, also the small ball made with the yellow candle, and the rest of the glitter. And say:

“Sign that highlights prosperity and powers in this magickal night,
you make my little bag of money overflow so that it gives me economic wealth,
so that my life is full of tranquility and happiness,
thanks to the energy inside of this bag! So be it.”

Let the candle burn until it goes out, then place the stone inside the bag together with a coin.

Close the bag with the green rope.

The bag can now be worn as a money amulet or can be placed under a pillow or mattress.

Money spell with Peridot

Money spell with peridot

If you have a business and you want to boost its earnings, this spell is definitely the right one to perform.

Difficulty: Beginner-friendly
Effectiveness: 3/5


  • 1 Peridot crystal
  • 1 Green candle
  • 7 Basil leaves
  • A small bag (Green would be best, but if you don’t have one, choose a color you like)

How it’s done:

On a Thursday night create a small altar with these ingredients.

Place the candle at the center, put the 7 basil leaves around the candle to create a circle while keeping the peridot crystal in your hands.

Close your eyes and take a few moments to visualize your business and yourself at your best.

Imagine what you would like to achieve in the future. It can be a desired earning, a special accomplishment, even a prize, imagine it, and feel a sense of fulfillment and joy coming from this vision.

Now open your eyes and with your Peridot in your right hands make counterclockwise circles around the candle and say these words:

“My vision is alive
My dream is unveiled
My business is at is best
Please universe do the rest.”

Let the candle burn and put the basil leaves and the Peridot crystal in the small bag. Place the bag in your office as an amulet to attract the success and the money you wished for.

Final thoughts

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