6 Potent Herbs for Motivation Magic [+ a Recipe]

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Written by: Tina Caro

We can easily lose motivation when it comes to work, study but even facing our daily life. What can we do when this happens? How can we boost our motivation with some natural remedies like herbs for motivation magic?

Let’s look at it together in this article with some very useful tips to use nature as the perfect ally to go through our days with great energy and motivation.

What is motivation?

Motivation is the emotion that initiates, guides, and maintains our behavior. It is heading towards goals and is why we do what we do.

Why is it so important?

Everyone would like to be “more motivated” … But have you ever wondered why “being motivated” is so important for many?

There are at least two basic reasons.

  • First, I would call it more “practical”: we want to be motivated because this makes things easier.
  • The second, I would call it more “cosmic”: we need to be motivated, in order not to get depressed and to give meaning to life.
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Most powerful herbs for motivation magic


Maca is a natural tonic and energizer that grows in the high areas of the Andes. Local Peruvian populations use it as an aphrodisiac and superfood, making maca a staple food in their diet. As a result, maca is a viable plant for the people of Peru, both economically and culturally.

The use of maca dates back to the Inca Empire, where it was reserved for the leaders of society and used as a prize given to famous warriors to enhance their fighting skills. However, maca has become a popular dietary supplement in Western societies. The root of the maca plant is what mainly interests us.

Its all-around effects go hand in hand with the abundance of vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial acids.

Everyone may not appreciate the taste of maca root, but in powder form, it can easily be added to smoothies or oatmeal to make perfect desserts.

Yerba maté

Yerba maté is nature’s response to the demand for energy drinks. It is comparable to tea and coffee because its infusion has an energizing and stimulating effect, with a flavor similar to green tea.

Its effects are quite extraordinary. The Ilex paraguariensis tree from South America has leaves and stems that can be infused to produce maté grass. This discovery of the Guaranì tribes took off and is now available in our online shop. Yerba mate can improve your mood with the properties of caffeine, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Keep in mind that large quantities can result in more frequent bathroom visits. A few heaped teaspoons left to infuse for 3–4 minutes, is all you need.


Guayusa is among the noteworthy herbs discovered by indigenous tribes in South America. Guayusa thrives in Ecuadorian rain forests thanks to the protective shade of larger trees.

The Amazonian holly tree from which it originates (Ilex guayusa) gives the leaves amino acids, antioxidants, and chemicals similar to those of the yerba mate. Compared to yerba mate, the taste of guayusa is significantly softer and less bitter.

Farmers harvest plants and sell them on markets, generating income and preserving the balance of the rainforest. For over 2000 years, guayusa has been sold in the markets of Colombia and Ecuador.


You probably know the name Guarana from the dozens of energy drinks available today. It is in fact one of the main ingredients. Its seeds have a very high caffeine content, which makes it a much-desired product from the instant energy market.

Although the high caffeine content of guarana seeds may be beneficial to humans, the original intention was to use caffeine as a toxin to repel herbivores. Guarana has a bitter and sour taste, so it is better to dissolve it in water to slightly mitigate its taste. The Tupi and Guaraní populations use guarana seeds to create a special type of bread, which is then grated and added to hot water with sugar.

Guarana is also believed to have an antioxidant profile similar to green tea, and that it can improve concentration, mood, and libido.


Ginseng has been used for centuries in both Asia and the United States. Probably the most popular herbal supplement in the world, much of its popularity comes from ancient China. Ginseng panax, the autochthonous species, has been used as a general tonic for thousands of years.

But its popularity comes at a price. Too much wild ginseng has been harvested and consequently, there are those who pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to harvest wild ginseng.

Although this may seem like an incredible price to pay, many believe that there is a significant difference between wild ginseng and cultivated varieties.

This plant is considered a good supplement to support or improve a healthy lifestyle thanks to its stimulating effects. It is possible to buy cheaper varieties, grown in America, but again many believe that they are inferior to Asian ginseng.

Regardless of where ginseng comes from (or how much you pay for it), the plant is widely studied, with dozens of researches that prove its energizing effect.

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Rhodiola rosea

Rhodiola rosea, also known as “golden root”, has long been appreciated in Scandinavian countries for its energizing qualities. The Vikings used it because they believed it increased resistance, and it was also sought after by Chinese emperors who wanted to use it in their elixirs.

It is a rustic plant that can thrive in cold and hostile places. Some believe they can take advantage of these features by consuming it, as long as you don’t mind its bitter taste. The leaves and sprouts are usually eaten fresh, but their flavor can be very intense.

In Russia, it is used for various applications, while in China it is considered as a daily supplement to help professional athletes in training and to increase endurance. Its ability to improve mood makes it a perfect choice for anyone who wants to strengthen their natural energy reserves.

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How can herbs for motivation magic help?

They can help thanks to their energetic properties and their natural composition ready to boost this basic element into your life. How can I use herbs for motivation magic? Easy!


You can create some homemade potions, very similar to teas, use them as an ingredient for some spell, add a little ritual to focus on the goal you want to accomplish and in which areas you need some extra motivation, and you are done!

Magickal shower with guarana and ginseng

This ritual is amazing to spend some time all by yourself while using herbs for motivation magic. You will need a few ingredients:

  • Guarana
  • Ginseng
  • A body cream

On a night of a new moon create a body potion using the body cream and adding guarana and ginseng.

Light up a yellow candle and say these words:

“May these herbs do their magic
May I be motivated
May I be dedicated
So be it”

Visualize yourself motivated and ready to rock your challenge with a focused mindset and a successful attitude. Take the shower while visualizing yourself this way back again and before finishing up say those words again out loud.

Let the candle burn completely. This little ritual is amazing to let these herbs shower you with motivation and the right energy to get what you want!

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