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10 Powerful Jasmine Magical Properties [Devil’s Flower]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Let’s learn more about jasmine’s magical properties, magickal uses, and history.


Jasmine has ancient origins, dating back to Persia and India, where it was cherished for its powerful magical properties.

The magical properties of jasmine include enhancing psychic abilities, attracting love and wealth, and promoting prophetic dreams.

It is often used in rituals to invoke spiritual protection, cleanse energy, and connect with the divine.

Jasmine’s association with love is not only romantic; it can also deepen self-love and foster harmony in relationships.

Jasmine’s Magickal Origins

Since ancient times jasmine was known to the Greeks and Romans who used it during banquets.

While in Egypt ancient traces have been found on the mummy of a pharaoh in the necropolis of Deir-el-Bahri.

The jasmine, a native plant of the Malabar in the East Indies, was imported into Europe by Spanish navigators in an unspecified period between 1524 and 1528.

An Italian legend:

Jasmine has a long history in Italy as it seems that it existed even before that time, and this is demonstrated by a figure of these well-designed and colorful flowers found in the Code by the Rinio “Liber de Simplicibus” written in 1415.

The first to have some specimens of it was Cosimo I de’ Medici, known as the “Great Devil”.

Cosimo de’ Medici by Britannica

He became so fascinated by this flower, that if he wanted to be the only possessor of it, he strictly forbade his gardeners to give them even a single plant and reproduce it in many specimens.

This order was devotedly respected for many years.

In the end, a young gardener wanted to present a gift to his fiancée on her birthday, so he gave her a sprig of jasmine.

The girl liked it very much and was sorry that such a beautiful flower would die so soon, so she put it in the ground to keep it alive.

Jasmine remained green throughout the year, and in the following spring, it blossomed. He made a vast fortune with selling these flowers.

That’s how this gardener became the father, of a large part of the jasmines we own!

In memory of this event, some Italian girls used to wear a bouquet of jasmine on their wedding day.

It is still said that “a girl worthy of wearing that bouquet is rich enough to make her husband’s fortune.”

Jasmine Magical Properties and Uses

  1. If you burn flowers in the room before going to bed, it will encourage the mediumistic dreams, and this will attract prosperity.
  2. Some statements show that meditating under the influence of the scent of jasmine helps to alter consciousness.
  3. Old traditions tell that adding a few jasmine flowers in a honey jar gives a mixture that can make anyone fall in love with it.
  4. To ward off the sadness of love, take three large handfuls of jasmine petals and place them under the hot water that goes down into the tub or shower, on your body.
  5. Jasmine essential oil is used to evoke angelic powers or as an offering to the fairies.
  6. As a talisman to find love, it is possible to make a red cotton bag and insert three bay leaves, a handful of jasmine petals, a red thread, and pink quartz. Then you should always carry it with you.
  7. White jasmine is a symbol of kindness. Yellow jasmine is a sign of happiness. The red jasmine of the Indies expresses the desire to give and receive attention. Nocturnal jasmine represents shyness.
  8. Jasmine is used for love and protection. The dried jasmine flowers are added to the sachets, and the incense to attract spiritual love.
  9. Flowers will bring wealth and money if carried, burned, or powdered. Its incredible aroma is soothing and helps lift your spirits.
  10. Through sleep, jasmine is said to predict good fortune and good news for lovers.
  11. Keeping quartz crystals and jasmine herb together promotes new creative ideas.

Uses in Rituals

It is ideal when you want to evoke the feminine properties of the moon (fertility, healing, peace, prophetic dreams).

Here are a few tips!

To strengthen existing relationships by fostering positivity, place a drop of jasmine essential oil on a piece of clean cloth and inhale it while visualizing the positive benefits you want to bring to your existing relationship, imagining strength and happiness.


You can also use essential jasmine oil.

Magickal UseDescription
Love SpellsJasmine is often used in love spells, charms, and rituals to attract love and strengthen relationships.
Prosperity SpellsIt is used in prosperity spells and rituals to attract wealth, abundance, and financial success.
Protection SpellsJasmine is incorporated into protection spells and rituals to ward off negative energies and evil forces.
Healing RitualsIt is used in healing rituals and spells to promote physical and emotional well-being.
Meditation AidJasmine is often used as an aid in meditation to enhance spiritual connection and psychic abilities.
Beauty SpellsIt is used in beauty spells and rituals to enhance physical appearance and promote youthfulness.
Dreamwork and DivinationJasmine is incorporated into dreamwork and divination practices to enhance insight and intuition.
Energy CleansingIt is used for energy cleansing and purifying rituals to remove negativity and create a sacred space.
Ritual BathJasmine-infused baths are used for relaxation, self-care, and promoting a sense of peace and harmony.
Ritual OfferingsJasmine flowers or essential oil can be offered as a sacred offering to deities or spirits.
Table 1: Jasmine Magickal Uses

Love Spell with Jasmine

If you are in love with someone with whom you have just started a relationship and would like your relationship to intensify and strengthen, you should perform this spell.

The ritual that I propose serves precisely to bind a person to you.

It is a very useful personal ritual of red magic even if it is effortless to perform.

Perform the ritual on a crescent moon.

Things you need

  • A mirror
  • A container
  • Jasmine flowers
  • Hot water

Before proceeding, always ensure that you will not be disturbed during the execution of the ritual.

This is very important for correctly executing the phases I will explain.

Also, in this way, you could relax and connect with the right energies necessary to achieve your goal.

How it’s done

First, take a container and, after filling it with hot water, add jasmine until you begin to feel a strong and intense flower fragrance.

Inhale this essence as much as possible and in the meantime, fix your reflection in the mirror.

Doing this, say the name of the person you want to bind to you six times adding the following words:
“(name of the beloved) stay with me, stay with the only one who loves you.”

This spell will strengthen the feeling between you and the person in your heart.

Perform the jasmine love spell whenever you feel your relationship is weak or on the rocks.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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