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A List of Herbs for Protection Bath [Recipes Included]

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Written by: Tina Caro

This is one of my favorite practices I could never give up, a protection bath. I love it and it is something we all can do in our lives, to protect ourselves from negative energy and to cleanse our spirit. Today I will show you my best herbs for protection baths, I will also share some of my personal recipes for a wonderful rejuvenating protection bath.


A protection bath with herbs is essential for spiritual and energetic cleansing.

The best herbs for protection baths include Rosemary, Sage, Lavender, Laurel, Mallow, Chamomile, and Parsley.

To prepare a protection bath with herbs, you’ll need to gather the selected herbs, infuse them in hot water, strain, and add to your bathwater.

Popular protection bath recipes include combinations of Rosemary, Sage, and Lavender or Sage, Laurel, and Mallow, among others.

Why a purification bath with herbs is needed?

The purification bath is a quite simple and effective practice, it is useful to both purge any negative energies and to dissolve any accumulations of energy residues that begin to weigh on us by preventing and hindering the cyclical regeneration of our energy.

The ideal situation would be to always bathe before any ritual or celebration, before any holidays, but also simply to take one after a bad day or during times when we feel that our environment is full of energies that are not keeping with your spiritual and personal growth.

We can use it even after the most complex rituals, to make sure we leave our external and internal energy spaces clear of any lingering energies.

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Best herbs for protection baths

Laurel or Laurus has magickal properties related to a purification theme, in fact for spells that use magick herbs, it is used to eliminate negative energies from work environments and to promote strength. Therefore, it is to be counted among the magickal herbs of protection and strengthening.


If we think of a laurel wreath as a sign of prestige and strength, then laurel could be used to achieve knowledge and luck in your career or in your studies.

Magick properties of hypericum have been known since ancient times, as the herb drives out devils. St. John’s wort can also be used to keep away spirits and demons.

Saint John’s Fire with festivities in front of a Christian calvary shrine in Brittany, 1893

Among the spells with magickal herbs, rosemary is among those magickal plants that take away melancholy, but not only for that purpose but to keep away curses. A branch of this magickal plant is placed under the bed or under the pillow.

As a protective herb, on the other hand, it is slowly burned in the place where the spell is going to be used. The magickal properties of rosemary are truly countless and can be used at your discretion.

It is said, but we do not recommend this, to eat any magickal herb without any necessary information, that chewing its flowers (violet lilac) can ward off bad memories, but I advise you to research thoroughly any effects that a herb may have on you if ingested.

RosemaryProtection, purification, warding off negativity, clarity, and mental strength.
BasilProtection, banishing negativity, attracting positive energy, and promoting mental clarity.
SagePurification, cleansing, dispelling negative energy, and providing spiritual protection.
LavenderCalming, soothing, protection, and promoting inner peace.
MugwortPsychic protection, divination, warding off evil spirits, and enhancing dream experiences.
Bay LeavesProtection, success, strength, and breaking hexes or curses.
FrankincenseSpiritual purification, banishing negative energy, and connecting with higher realms.
MyrrhProtection, purifying energy, banishing negativity, and enhancing spiritual connection.
EucalyptusCleansing, purification, protection, and relieving mental and emotional stress.
JuniperProtection against negativity, purification, and promoting positive energy.
Table 1: Protective Herbs and their Properties

How to prepare a protection bath with herbs?

There are several recipes for this practice, each person usually develops their own recipes over time, by tweaking original ones until they find one most suited to their personal characteristics and needs. In general, however, the preparation method does not vary that much.

Here is what you need:

  • A mortar and pestle
  • A piece of cloth (preferably cotton or linen, so that the texture of the fabric is not excessively dense)
  • Salt
  • Herbs
mortar and pestle

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The aim is to create a bag that you will soak in the hot water of the tub, or that you can use as a sponge in the hot shower.

My favorite recipes with herbs for protection bath

Rosemary, Sage and Lavender

This is the simplest recipe, these three spices can often be found in the home. Sage is an excellent cure-all when it comes to purification. Rosemary helps to purify ourselves and provides us with a little protection, encouraging our resistance for energy storage.

Finally, lavender, which with its sweet aroma helps us to ensure that our energy recycling is oriented towards the reception of purely positive energy, thus helping us to keep negativity away.

Sage, Laurel and Mallow

We have talked about the wonderful properties of sage. Laurel has strong healing properties, so it will help heal our spirit and let go of whatever prevents our energy recycling. Mallow is an extraordinary plant, it not only strengthens our defenses and our protections but also helps remove any type of negative energy that is stuck on us.

Rosemary, Chamomile and Parsley

We have already talked about rosemary and the healing properties of chamomile are well known. Chamomile also helps us to relax and makes energy recycling easier. Parsley strengthens our defenses and has important purifying powers.

These are three mixtures that I regularly use, they are simple recipes since they are composed of herbs that you may find in your pantry.

Note: Before using any type of herbs, remember to consider any possible intolerances and allergies, to avoid any unpleasantness or inconveniences.

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How to do a protection bath with herbs

The ideal situation would be to dedicate yourself to a purification bath at least three times during the cycle shown below.

Day 1 – Take a purification bath/shower on the day you start the purification cycle, if possible, as soon as you wake up in the morning. It will be like doing the first skimming of any energy residues that may have stuck to you and you will give a strong first input to the purification process.

Day 4 – Repeat the Day 1 process on the 4th day of the purification cycle, you are now in the middle of your path to finally clean up the energy space on your body and prepare to welcome new and clean energy.

Day 7 – Finally, repeat the process on day 7, do this before going to sleep, at the end of the purification cycle, so it will open the doors of your sacred temple with new clean energy and begin the regeneration process.

This practice will help you rid yourself of negative or excess energy residues and giving you a boost to your energy regeneration cycle. This will remove anything that is weighing you down and will make room for new clean energy.

Tina Caro

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