Does Salt Keep Spirits Away? (4 Powerful DIY Methods)

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Written by: Tina Caro

Since ancient times, salt has been used for purifying purposes. Its powers and properties come from its crystalline structure and it is the easiest crystal to obtain. Many of you ask why salt is so powerful at keeping spirits away. Let’s see how and why salt works and why it can be the best and easiest protection for you, your home and your energy.

Why is salt so powerful?

Salt is very versatile! Imagine it like a magnet that can gather up all local energies, cleanse them, then release them once they are pure and positive. Isn’t that incredible? But if you use it to create a circle around yourself or your house, for example, it can also become a protection shield! The best thing about salt it is a great instrument used for personal and home protection. It is very effective at cleaning negative energies and blocking and repelling all disturbing energies.

Salt, despite being so common, is a very powerful element. If you want to clean and purify your own home, it is advisable to use fine or coarse natural salt, (for cleaning and magical uses I like coarse sale more), or rock salt (without iodine) which is associated with the forces of the earth and is very useful to achieve balance.

Type of SaltDescription
Sea SaltSea salt is commonly used for its purifying properties and is believed to be effective in repelling negative energies and spirits.
Himalayan SaltHimalayan salt is known for its high mineral content and is believed to have protective and grounding properties when used for spirit warding.
Black SaltBlack salt is a powerful protective salt used in various spiritual practices and is often associated with repelling negative entities and spirits.
Kosher SaltKosher salt, a coarse-grained salt, is also used for cleansing and purifying spaces, making it suitable for spirit warding rituals.
Epsom SaltEpsom salt, rich in magnesium, is sometimes used in spiritual baths or sprinkled around a space to promote relaxation and repel negative energies.
Table 1: Types of Salt for Spirit Warding

How to use salt to keep spirits away?

Salt BarrierSprinkle a line of salt across doorways and windows to create a barrier that spirits are believed to be unable to cross.
Salt CleansingUse saltwater or salt-infused sprays to cleanse a space and remove any negative or unwanted energies, which may discourage spirits.
Salt RitualsPerform rituals involving salt, such as creating protective circles or sigils, to create a sacred space and ward off spirits.
Salt OfferingsPlace bowls of salt as offerings to spirits, as it is believed to create a protective and respectful boundary.
Salt Infused ObjectsKeep salt-infused objects like salt lamps or salt sachets in the space to help create a protective and calming atmosphere.
Table 2: Methods of Using Salt for Spirit Warding

Cleansing your home

Spirits feed themselves with negative energy so cleansing our space is mandatory to keep spirits away! To carry out an effective cleaning of our home, it must be done in two steps. First, we will clean the floor of our house. We will add three handfuls of coarse salt to the cleaning water, and then we will begin to clean our house through the room furthest from the front door.

While we clean, we visualize how the salt absorbs all these energies and traps them in the water, a powerful element of purification. We will change the water as many times as necessary, always adding three handfuls of salt until we finish cleaning the front door of our home.

While cleaning we can recite or decree:

“This space is free of negative energy.
The light floods my home now,
Might spirits stay away from me
My home
My dear ones
So be it!”

At the end of the cleaning, we will take our salt, and we will leave three handfuls of salt in each corner of every room. If it is not possible to leave it in all the corners, leave three handfuls just behind the door.

This salt will act as a protective element, thus preventing the entry of negative energies. The salt must be changed every seven days; it must be swept, untouched, and thrown away, far from your home.

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Protect yourself with salt to keep spirits away

There are cases, moments in which we have been exposed to unwanted energies, toxic people and we feel very charged, lack of energy and we feel that something is not working properly.

A good friend recommended this “express” trick that you can use at any time in case something like this happens to you. All you have to do is take your container of salt and spread it with the help of your hands over your body, emphasizing the most vulnerable chakras and visualizing how the salt absorbs those disturbing energies.

I assure you that it is most effective.


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Salt baths

Salt baths are very good at neutralizing and purifying negative energies in our own bodies.

We will fill our bathtub and we will add 9 tablespoons of coarse salt. You can also put some type of herb that helps this purpose, such as rue, bay leaf, rosemary, even lavender.

It is not a matter of staying in the water for as long as possible, but of taking a bath, visualizing ourselves as comfortable and relaxed, feeling how the water element works together with the other ingredients to help create a moment of relaxation and purity. Our negative energies are being diluted in the water and absorbed by the salt.

When we feel that the process has finished, we get out of the water and rinse the bathtub well.

If you do not have a bathtub, do the same procedure in a bucket, or large container, and after your shower, gradually pour the contents of the container over your entire body, visualizing how it dilutes and absorbs all the energies and goes down the drain.

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Another wonderful way (I personally use!) to keep spirits away with salt

I love to feel safe and to have the right energy around me to protect me and my family from any negative energy or spirit. That’s why I was looking for another way to stay safe and that’s when I discovered the beautiful and amazing Himalayan salt lamps.

These salt lamps not only emit a reassuring orange, red, pink, or whitish glow but also healing negative ions that refresh and purify the air. Himalayan salt is known to increase your energy levels, remove static electricity in the air, and neutralize any allergens and electromagnetic radiation.

It also contributes to a good night’s sleep and improves general mood. These lamps make a great addition to any room and can help increase positive energy levels. I always light my lamp at the end of the day so it can restore the energy and gather any negativity so I can sleep peacefully and safely.

I have to admit that since I use my Himalayan lamp my husband and I sleep way better than we used to, and my husband doesn’t suffer from sleep paralysis anymore! I really think that it’s because of our lamp! Give it a try!

Salt alternatives for spirit warding

White SageWhite sage is a sacred herb used for smudging rituals to cleanse and purify spaces, which can help create an environment that is less inviting to spirits.
Palo SantoPalo santo, a type of wood, is burned during rituals to clear negative energies and create a positive and protective space, which may discourage spirits.
FrankincenseFrankincense resin has been used for centuries in spiritual practices and is believed to repel negative energies, including unwanted spirits.
RosemaryRosemary is known for its cleansing and protective properties and can be burned, used in sprays, or placed in sachets to deter spirits and negative energies.
LavenderLavender is often used for its calming and purifying properties. Its fragrance can create a peaceful atmosphere and may help repel unwanted spirits.
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