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Tree Symbolism

3 Trees that Symbolize Family & Connecting With Them

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Written by: Tina Caro

Would you like to bring more loving and caring energies into your family life? There are so many ways to do so but you might find it difficult when you are new to magic and to the witchy world! But did you know that you can connect with trees that symbolize family?

With this article, I will show you the top 3 trees that symbolize family, how to connect with them and how to use their energy to be happier than ever. Let’s begin!


Magnolia trees, with their stunning blooms and long lifespan, symbolize the enduring bonds of family and can serve as a reminder of the strength and beauty of those connections.

Apple trees, known for their fruitful abundance, represent the nurturing and sustenance that families provide. Planting an apple tree can be a tangible way to foster family togetherness and growth.

“A tree of Life,” a universal symbol across cultures, embodies the interconnectedness of all living beings. Connecting with such a tree can deepen your understanding of family as a part of the larger web of life.

Spending time under a family-symbolic tree allows you to absorb its energy and gain a sense of rootedness, fostering a stronger connection to your loved ones.

A list of trees that symbolize family


Magnolias are very beautiful. They have elliptical, dark green leaves and beautiful large, vibrant flowers, which can be white or pink and have an intense fragrance.

In Europe, the first Magnolia plants were grown in greenhouses because they were considered fragile and not adaptable. It soon became the first largest and longest-living outdoor plant grown in the Old Continent.

The first specimen grown overseas lasted well over 100 years. As symbolism and meaning, the Magnolia is a symbol of solid roots. The legend tells that originally the Magnolia was a plant formed by “two magnolias”, the external and internal magnolia. These two magnolias represent the parents generating new life.

Apple tree

The apple tree plays a leading role in history, especially in Celtic culture, according to which every tree that lives on earth has a double function: on the one hand, it is an emblem of magical powers, on the other, it is a home for the fairies that populate the woods and forests.

As a symbol of immortality, fertility, purity, and motherhood, the apple tree was used by the Celts to make the magic wands of the Druids – the legendary priestly caste – and its trunk, represented in the female form, was often burned in fertility rites and in winter festivals. These events solicited the return of spring and wished for the continuation of the family.

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A tree of Life

tree of life neklace
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This symbol, which we nowadays see in jewelry and other household items, is taken from a real tree native to Yemen. The tree of life is made up of roots that are firm and bury deep into the soil: in this sense, the tree reflects family, the point of origin and departure of each, a solid and indissoluble bond.

In the tree of life, there are also the usual and resistant trunk, support of numerous branches and the leaves, symbol of prosperity.

The tree of life, therefore, interlinks the power of generating life from which branches and leaves grow and the richness of the fruit generated, a symbol of abundance. Due to its strong appeal to stability and roots, the tree of life is closely linked to the concept of family, the solid basis of each individual. It is a symbol that reminds us how, even if storms can cause leaves to fall, the trunk and roots remain firm, together.

It is a wonderful symbol of hope and strength, also linked to the union between different generations: the older ones in the roots, the younger ones in the leaves.

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Why and how should I connect with trees that symbolize family?

You should connect with trees that symbolize family if you would like to honor your family or simply if you would like to attract more loving caring energy around you and your dear ones. It is ideal for special family occasions such as weddings or birthdays.

You can connect with trees that symbolize family as you wish. These are not set rules you must follow but suggestions for creating a bond with the tree you choose.

Spend some time under that tree

If you have the chance to spend some time under a tree that symbolizes family this might be wonderful! You can go there if your family needs some guidance, maybe if you and your family have been struggling lately. You can spend some time under it while reflecting on current events, asking that tree for some special support to work things out!

Meditate while visualizing that tree

If you don’t have the chance to spend some time nearby a tree that symbolizes family, you can rely on meditation! Relax, take a seat, close your eyes and visualize your favored tree. Now it’s time to visualize that tree, letting its loving supporting energy spread all over you and your family. Feel brand new after this!

Giving a tree as a gift

If you know a family that has been struggling lately, you might give a tree that symbolizes family as a special gift. If you don’t want to give a real tree to this family because, for example, they don’t have a garden or enough space to plant it and take care of it, don’t worry! You can give this family a tree of life jewel, or any other item representing it! It’s a great gift idea also if a family has a baby on the way. They can plant a tree when the baby arrives and watch them grow together!


Say a prayer to that tree to help your family find balance and peace

If you are into prayers and you want to attract more positive energy for your family, you can chant a prayer for it out loud, adding a few sentences to ask the tree you’ve chosen to guide you along the way.

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Make it part of a spell or a ritual

If you want to cast a spell or perform a ritual to help your family deal with something or maybe you are trying to protect your family from negative energy, you can use a tree as a totem to attract happier energies around you and the family members.

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