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How do You Remove a Spirit From a House? [A Powerful Method]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Often, there are situations within houses that make it difficult to live peacefully. The reasons can vary. Some believe that houses can retain some sort of record, in the form of a photo or image, of other people who have lived there in the past.

This can sometimes cause disturbing ailments for current occupants. These are not real ‘ghosts’, but simply a sort of photographic image that is left on the fabric of the building itself.

A simple cleaning sometimes manages to eliminate this impression in the same way in which a videotape can be erased and overwritten.

At other times, it is a true ghost infestation where someone has died, either in the house or in the place where it is built. They are somehow connected with the place and unable to find rest or to go to the Light.

Let’s see with this article how to know if your house is haunted and how to remove the spirit from your house.


Detecting paranormal activity in your house can involve unusual phenomena like unexplained smells, mysterious sounds, erratic lights, nervous pet behavior, and sudden cold spots, all of which are potential indicators of a spirit’s presence.

To effectively remove a spirit from your house, you can perform rituals such as smudging with sage, creating protective barriers with salt, and communicating with the spirit through respectful conversation or meditation, all while maintaining a calm and confident demeanor.

Additional tips for spirit removal include enlisting the help of experienced practitioners, using divination tools like pendulums or tarot cards to gain insights, and keeping a journal to document your experiences and track the spirit’s behavior.

After successfully removing the spirit, it’s essential to perform aftercare by sealing any remaining energy portals, cleansing and purifying your space.

Is my house haunted?

Knowing if your house is truly haunted by a spirit needs some testing. Here are the main things you need to keep in mind to find out if that’s the case.

Signs of Spirit PresenceDescription
Unexplained noisesHearing footsteps, knocking, or voices without a clear source
Objects moving or being displacedItems being moved or thrown without any physical cause
Cold spots or changes in temperatureSudden drops in temperature in specific areas of the house
Feelings of being watched or presenceSensations of being observed or someone else in the room
Electrical disturbances or flickering lightsLights turning on or off, appliances malfunctioning unexpectedly
Table 1: Signs of a Spirit Presence

Investigate the Physical Signals

Look for shadows and figures. If you’ve ever seen something apparently inexplicable in the house, it could indicate the presence of infesting spirits. You could perceive things out of the corner of your eye, like dark shadows or even shadows of figures that look like people or animals.

Remember, however, that peripheral vision is not always reliable; if you seem to glimpse a spirit, it could only be an optical effect.

You can turn on a video camera in the house when you are away to record possible unusual shadows.

Pay attention to abnormal or unexplained smells

Some people think that ghosts leave a strange smell that has no clear origin. Sulfur and bad smells are often associated with ghost infestations; however, you may also smell food smells or perfumes.

astral projection demons

Eliminate other sources of bad smells before thinking that they are paranormal phenomena. Try to follow the trail to find its origin or pay attention if you have left a window open; an unusual smell may also come from outside.

Listen to unusual noises

People who believe they live in haunted houses often report hearing strange noises; you may catch inexplicable footsteps, scrapings, music, or even soft voices. Keep in mind that unusual noises may come from open windows or even from the neighbor’s TV, therefore you do not necessarily have to attribute them to the presence of ghosts without having first sought more plausible explanations.

The sounds of scratches and footsteps could be attributable to mice, rats, or even insects; it might be useful to contact a specialized company that deals with pest control to find or deny the presence of possible animals in the house and proceed with the necessary treatments.

If you wish, you can also activate a recorder to capture noise.

Be careful if the lights turn on and off

The lights may flash due to brief electricity outages; however, if the phenomenon is frequent, there may be other explanations. If this intermittent phenomenon continues without valid reasons, it could actually be a ghost infestation.

There are other problems that can cause the lights to flash, such as loose bulbs or problems in the circuit or electrical panel; if your home is often subject to these disturbances, you should contact an electrician.


See if pets behave nervously

If you have any pets in your home, an unusual attitude could be a sign of paranormal beings. Animals could easily get scared for no apparent reason or keep their gaze fixed on something you are unable to see. For example, if your dog suddenly starts barking towards a corner of the house, it may have seen a ghost or spirit.

If an animal has unusual behavior, particularly if it vocalizes excessively, it could also indicate that it is experiencing pain; take it to the vet before thinking that this indicates the presence of spirits.

Note any cold spots in the house or changes in temperature

Some people believe that ghosts can cause a drop in temperature; if you notice that some corner of the house is colder than normal, even if there are no obvious drafts, it could be a sign of a paranormal infestation.

However, it is advisable to proceed with a thorough inspection for the presence of cracks in the doors or if there are open windows near the cold areas; the cause of these cold areas could also be attributable to drafts.

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More Information

What do you need to know?

Before starting the spiritual cleansing process, there are several important steps that should not be ignored:

  • Thoroughly clean the house of garbage and unnecessary objects (physically). Give what you don’t need to those who can use it or have a sale in your garage and give others what remains (as long as it is in good condition, of course).Many times, spiritual restlessness is the consequence of a disordered home.
  • Clean your home, top to bottom literally: from the ceilings and attic to the basement.Wash the walls (diluting vinegar or lemon in water is easiest and fastest), vacuum, clean the carpets… and don’t forget those various storage places like the garage and the closets.
  • Air the house for several days, if possible. With all the windows and doors now clean and fresh, the fans and ducts free of dust and mildew, you can literally say that you threw the old air out and brought fresh air into your home.After that, if bad weather is expected for a couple of days, take advantage of the time to clean… then let the air of the house renew itself during the following well-ventilated days.
    Turn off the air conditioner and open everything you can.

It is a good idea to do it twice a year (in spring and autumn).

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Precautions and preparation

Precautions and PreparationDescription
Mental and Emotional PreparednessEnsure you are mentally and emotionally grounded before proceeding
Protective MeasuresConsider wearing or carrying protective talismans or crystals
Gather Necessary ToolsPrepare items such as candles, salt, herbs, and cleansing tools
Inform OthersLet family members or residents know about the intention to remove the spirit
Seek Professional Help (optional)Consider consulting a professional spiritual practitioner or paranormal investigator

Here’s how to remove a spirit from a house

First, you’ll need few things:

  • Small night lights or white candles (enough for each room)
  • Incense
  • Mixture of loaded water and salt (separate bowls with a small amount of water in one and simple salt in the other)
  • Prayer or ritual
  • A positive mindset

Gently pour water into the salt, and say a prayer or invocation.

Here’s one universal example:

“May the mixture of elements of pure salt preserve holiness and may holy water purify this space in the name of…” (add your own prayer here or end the invocation with any divinity you believe in).

Do this ritual in a sacred and meaningful way, with the awareness of creating a powerful medicine to purify and heal your home.

Take this holy water and, using your fingers or a small brush, spray it around the walls of each room, on every door and every window. Make sure it’s distributed everywhere.

Pour in the remaining salt and water mixture by making a line in front of any door that leads in and out of the building. As you do so, make sure you recite the names of everyone who lives in the house and who you wish to freely pass in and out, including all animals. This allows them to move easily across the boundaries you are tracing.

Go back inside the house and in each room light a small white candle and incense. Let them burn until the end.

Put a bouquet of fresh flowers in the main room of the house.

A few additional tips

  • Always clean with fresh flowers, scented oils, or incense after a quarrel at home.
  • Make sure to completely send these energies out before placing the salt above the thresholds, because you could accidentally keep them inside.
  • If you perceive something very disruptive or frightening for you in some way, then it is better to invite someone who is an expert in exorcism, because that is what should be done. This is often the case with a house built on an ancient burial site where spirits are disturbed and angry.

Aftercare and follow-up

Aftercare and Follow-UpDescription
Grounding and RebalancingPractice grounding techniques and self-care after the process
Cleansing and Blessing the SpacePerform a final cleansing and blessing to restore positive energy
Maintenance PracticesImplement regular energetic maintenance practices, such as smudging or cleansing
Seeking Professional Assistance (if needed)If the spirit persists or the situation worsens, consider seeking professional help


You may not want to remove some spirits present in your home. For example, it has been shown in some scenarios that certain persistent spirits actually clean the water in the home, feeding on the toxins of the water supply.

This was demonstrated by a particular example in which a family died after a ghost had been removed. You must be sure you know what effects spirits are having on your environment before taking any action.

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