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What Happens When you Put Salt in the Corners of Your House?

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Written by: Tina Caro

In magic, there is a concept that is very important and that, many times, is the key to everything. It is about energy, which in turn is divided into good or positive energies and bad or negative energies. Both one and the other can be noticed at home. Normally, esoteric people or people who believe in esotericism do not usually worry about good energies because, obviously and as their name suggests, they are beneficial.

However, bad energies are more worrisome. If you notice them in your house and want to dissipate them, there are several ways to eliminate them so that you have a home free of bad energy. With this article, I want to explain what happens when you put salt in the corners of your house. And why with salt?

The key is that it is the best and most effective product to eliminate them quickly. But it still has many more secrets.


Placing salt in the corners of your house is a practice associated with spiritual or folk beliefs.

It is believed to serve various purposes, such as protection against negative energies, purification of the space, and warding off malevolent spirits.

Salt is seen as a purifying agent that cleanses and creates a protective barrier.

Some believe it symbolizes boundary-setting and personal space protection.

The effectiveness of this practice varies based on personal belief and intent, with some finding it spiritually comforting.

Salt, a versatile ingredient

Every time we add those little white crystals to our food we think about its rich flavor, but there is so much we don’t know about salt!

For example, did you know that it is a rock? Yes, edible, but rock in the end. It is extracted from seas and mountains and is possibly the oldest condiment used by man. Its use has been so vital that it has marked the development of human history: it has been the object of wars, monopolies, taxes, it has even been used as a bargaining chip.

Sea salt is the salt from the evaporation of seawater, as opposed to rock salt extracted from landmines. The salt flats are the centers of excellence for the production of sea salt. Sea salt or sea salt dries naturally in the sun. Salt has been used since time immemorial in protective rituals, and not only by pagans but also within Christianity.

Salt TypeProperties and Benefits
Sea SaltPurification, cleansing, and protection
Himalayan SaltHarmonizing energy, promoting balance and wellness
Epsom SaltRelaxation, stress relief, and purification
Black SaltAbsorbing and dispelling negative energy
Kosher SaltCleansing, purification, and spiritual rituals
Rock SaltProtection against negative influences
Table 1: Types of Salt and Their Properties

Since the dawn of societies, salt was used as an element to fight against the forces of evil. The Greeks and Romans did the same, on the other hand, the Christian monks sprayed the bell towers with salt to bless them and drive away demons, as did the Japanese inside their houses. Furthermore, the Jews ensured the purity of their offerings by using salt.

Did you know, for example, that church bells were anointed with salt and water? This was to bless them and implore God to disperse the evil spirits. It is said that the use of salt as a source of protection was inherited from the Romans, who used it to drive away negativity. The custom of throwing salt over the left shoulder to prevent bad luck dates back to those times.

So, if you are interested in eliminating those bad energies from your house or from yourself, you should consider putting salt in the corners of your house.

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Why does sea salt cleanse the house of bad energy?

In esotericism, traditionally and since ancient times, sea salt has been used to clean bad energies from both people and places. No rock is a better conductor of energy than sea salt, which allows it to attract good vibrations, apart from favoring the exit of bad energies. That’s the reason why sea salt is widely used in energy cleansing rituals, where it is usually mixed with other equally purifying products.

However, although its mere presence in the home is already beneficial, it is very important to know how to use it properly to clean the house of bad energy.

What happens when you put salt in the corners of your house?

  • It wards off bad luck; Adding a handful of sea salt to the corners of a room where people come over and spend more time helps keep the evil eye and bad luck away.
  • It absorbs negativity and prevents you from having nightmares; pour a little sea or coarse salt in a bowl or small glass container and place it in the corners of your bedroom to sleep better and nightmare free; When the water evaporates, throw away the salt and replace it.
  • It protects the whole house; if you place some salt in the extreme corners of your house you will create a protective shield to keep negative energies away.
  • It refreshes the energy around you and attracts prosperity; if you create small fabric bags with salt and place them in each corner of your house you will be ready to refresh the energy around you. You can even bring one of these small bags with you so you will feel protected, positive and more in tune with some light energy. It is also a great way to attract prosperity and abundance.
Salt PlacementPurpose and Effect
Corners of RoomsAbsorbs negative energy, promotes positive energy
DoorwaysActs as a protective barrier against negative forces
WindowsillsPrevents negative energy from entering the house
ThresholdsEstablishes boundaries, keeps negative energy out
Near AppliancesNeutralizes electromagnetic radiation
Table 2: Salt Placement and Purposes

A little ritual to upgrade the practice

A very simple energy cleaning practice to protect the home is the following:

In a corner of the living room (as supposedly is the place where you spend most of your time at home), behind the door, place half a fresh lemon with a handful of coarse salt on top. This will absorb the bad vibe (if any).

The best thing to do is to keep it clean for a week at least, if the lemon and salt are black within a week, throw them away, always outside the house, bury them if you can, and replace it with a new one until it is clean for a week at least.


And remember that tradition says that when there is salt in a house, there will always be money. Do not worry if you have high blood pressure, you do not need to consume it at meals, but do not forget to have it in the pantry to attract prosperity.

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Which salt should I use?

You can use coarse salt. Some people love to use Pink Himalayan Salt, but as it is very expensive and not so easy to find, coarse salt is the best, more convenient, and more practical ingredient to rely on to protect your house from any negative energy.

When should I put salt in the corners of my house?

You can do it when you need it the most. If you feel very uncomfortable with yourself and not safe at home and you feel you need some extra protection. Boom! There you have it. That’s the perfect time to put salt in the corners of your house and let the salt do its magic to give your protection and even attract prosperity.

Can I do something else to boost the salt’s effects?

Yes! After placing salt in the corners of your house you can chant a prayer for blessing a house like this one. If after all this you still sense something is off, you can give some deep cleansing or smudging a try.

If you think some negative energy is around you and it is too powerful to handle with just salt or homemade cleansing rituals, I can help you! Don’t forget you can rely on my professional spell casting services!

Tina Caro

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