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What to Say When Smudging a House? [Different Chants]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Smudging a house is a great way to get rid of negative energies, feel better, and cleanse the atmosphere when it’s dark, heavy, and uneasy.

Did you know that what you say when smudging a house is as important as the type of herbs you use and the ritual you perform?

Today, I want to share with you some ideas and tips to create the perfect chants, prayers, or things to say when smudging a house.

Smudging a house as a law of attraction practice

The goal of smudging is to avoid a stagnation of negative energies and ensure a recirculation of vitality, therefore a deep clean remains. The action of this practice promises to balance the space again, creating harmony and well-being.


  • Smudging is the best way for you to cleanse your house’s energies, protect it from negativity and attract positive vibes to it.
  • Performing chants while smudging can help you maximize the smudging’s effect and will encourage you to work with the energy on a deeper level.

The purifying power of smudging is particularly indicated:

  • in a new house, perhaps when you have just moved;
  • in a closed environment in which there has been a bereavement or a very intense conflict;
  • to rebalance situations of tension between colleagues or family members;
  • if you think your place is haunted;
  • if you are dealing with nightmares and sleep paralysis;
  • in places frequented every day by many people, for example, waiting rooms or public places.
Smudging a House

You can also use it to purify yourself after a difficult moment: to recover your energy balance after a health disorder, bad news, or a particularly intense period of stress. For each situation, besides the common traditional cleansing ritual, you should chant or pray some words in tune with the kind of energy you want to bring in and send a clear message to the forces and energies you want to get rid of.

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Why it is so important what you say when smudging a house?

If you think about it, we are often called to make our wishes and thoughts very clear to the universe so it can be aware of what we want and grant it; plus, because of the law of attraction, when saying something positive you bring positive energy, and when saying something negative, you bring bad, negative energy into your life.

My favorite prayers to chant out loud when smudging a house

For a new house

I consecrate my home to you, Universe, this place where I live with my family.

Many homes become places of disputes over inheritance and debts, complaints, and suffering. Some are the scene of adultery, others turn into places of hatred, revenge, anger, pain, disrespect, serious illness, psychological illness, aggression, and even death.

Sometimes, while building a house, someone, for various reasons, curses the owners or the materials used. This is not good for the home. For this, I ask you to eliminate all this from our house.

If the land on which it is built has been the cause of badly resolved legal disputes and inheritances that may have resulted in deaths, accidents, violence, and aggression, I ask you, my dear Universe, to bless us and remove all this evil from us… so be it.

If some people came over and brought the evil eye to your home

I can sense the evil eye taking over… I don’t want to feed negativity anymore… I know that the enemy takes advantage of these situations to set up his headquarters, but I also know that you have the power to expel all evil from here. This is why I ask you that the devil place himself at your feet and never come back to this house.

Today, I made the decision to consecrate this house to you. I ask that you protect my house and expel all the evil eye that is rooted there and the possible curses that are there.

Please, Universe, expel now, with your power, every evil, every darkness, the spirit of separation, adultery, economic problems, evil spirits of aggression, disobedience, and family blocks (add what bothers you here). These evils are now expelled from this place… our place is free… we are free… so be it.


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If you think your place is haunted

I know a dark presence is here… I can feel it…I can sense it… I honor and respect this entity and I am here to make no harm… I want you to rest in peace… to leave my house and to finally find your way back home… I am open to what the universe has in store for me… If this is a message for me to evolve and improve, I am open to it… I am ready for it… I am open and ready to embrace it… show me how to use and cherish these messages, but let me and my family live in peace…

Might you, entity, find your final rest… go away… disappear… But might this final journey be made from a place of love and understanding… find peace and calmness… might this place be cleansed… might this house be free from any negativity… might we be free… so be it.

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If you are dealing with nightmares or sleep paralysis

May my dreams be sweet and pure… may my sleep be a rejuvenating moment for my body and soul… please Universe… protect me from what’s hidden in the dark… make me feel safe… make me feel supported… no room, no time for fears… no room… no time for tears… may I live my night with the light of my soul to guide my way… so be it.

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Home Clearing

Home Clearing

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How to create your own chant or prayer?

Do you remember when, while creating sigils, I strongly recommended you create your own sentences to shape a unique sigil rich in your energy and your desires? That’s how I want you to face any sort of negativity in your house. Each situation is unique.

Those above are some of the best prayers you can say out loud for some of the most common situations, but I know each house and each person attracts a certain type of energy.

my cleansing kit
Cleansing kit

As you might have noticed, I used many different kind words to refer to the entities and I tried to create a spiral of love and understanding. Why? Because unknown entities can turn against us while smudging if they sense we perform the rituals from a place of anger and discomfort.

Don’t forget, it doesn’t matter what kind of entity you are dealing with, if a soul is hanging in there it is because it hasn’t found peace just yet. So be kind and respectful. This will bring positive energy and open the right doors for the entity to go away. Let me give you some tips to customize and create the perfect chant or prayer for you.

  • Spend some time to really know what you want to say. Grab a pen and a sheet of paper and let your creativity and your intuition roll!
  • You don’t have to learn it by heart, you can read while chanting and it will be totally fine and still effective!
  • Use positive affirmations and be kind.
  • Choose a deity/entity you feel is able to protect you. I refer to the Universe, being an atheist, but you can refer to God, to the Lord, To Lilith, or to any other deity you feel connected to.
  • Try to visualize what you are saying and feel it. Don’t recite those words as if you are reading a grocery list. Be present and truly committed to making it work!
  • Chant out loud! Don’t be shy. Let your words resonate within your space and go out to the universe.
  • Repeat it! Don’t think this is a one-time thing! Most of the time, you need to repeat the ritual and yes, you need to repeat the prayer all over again.

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