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Combinations of Bindrunes for Family (Tips)

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Written by: Tina Caro

Bindrunes for a family are a potent tool you can use to generate positive and healthy energy around you and your loved ones.

How to bind these runes?

To bind familial runes, you just need to create one big rune using the individual runes you like the most. Keep in mind that the runes below are just examples: you can create countless rune combinations to suit your particular needs.

How and why should you decide which runes should be bound for a family?

I decided to use runes that enhance positive, healthy energies. You can create something tailored to the situations you and your loved ones have been dealing with lately.

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Combinations of runes

Jera + Ansuz

This bindrune will ease any miscommunication in the family.

jeraa and ansuz
Copyright: Tina Caro


  • General divination meaning: harvest, reward, joy, change, development, justice
  • Magical use: promotes happiness within the family, helps in the cultivation of plants and in the breeding of animals, fertility, peace, harmony, concludes events and brings luck if drawn on the front door in Yule.
  • Element: earth
  • Letter: G – Y
  • Plant: cornflower, oak, rosemary, wheat, barley, oats
  • Stone: yellow zircon, moss agate, carnelian
  • Number: 4


  • General divination meaning: communication, inspiration, intuition, creativity, prophecy, wisdom
  • Magical use: luck, attracts divine benevolence, favor success in communication (both written and oral), promotes creativity in art, increases the power of personal magic, increases wisdom and intuition
  • Element: air
  • Letter: A
  • Plant: purple convolvulus, ash, sassafras, laurel
  • Stone: eagle eye, emerald, lapis lazuli
  • Number: 4

Eihwaz + Berkana + Othala

This bindrune is a wonderful tool for removing any negative energy between you and your family members. It brings peace and harmony while honoring your ancestors and roots.

Copyright: Tina Caro


  • General divination meaning: courage, strength, death, rebirth
  • Magical use: protection from evil, removal of negative energies, removal of obstacles, increases willpower, increases personal power, helps to resolve stagnant situations
  • Element: earth
  • Letter: Ϊ
  • Plant: yew, lilac
  • Stone: emerald, topaz, smoky quartz


  • General divination meaning: motherhood, growth, new beginnings, fertility, renewal, healing, family
  • Magical use: healing, fertility, bring ideas to fulfillment, femininity, love
  • Element: earth
  • Letter: B
  • Plant: birch, beautiful at night, pinecones
  • Stone: emerald, moonstone
  • Number: 2


  • General divination meaning: home, ancestors, property, material wealth, help, family, gain
  • Magical use: favors trade and every situation in which there are two or more people involved
  • Element: earth
  • Letter: O
  • Plant: snowdrop, hawthorn, clover, elderberry
  • Stone: brown zircon, fluorite, ruby
  • Number: 7

You can add the Fehu rune if you need to solve an issue or need to send positive wealthy energy your family’s way.

EIHWAZ and BERKANA and OTHALA and fehu
Copyright: Tina Caro

Other combinations for specific family goals

Family GoalBindrunesDescription
Strengthening BondsEihwaz + GeboEihwaz promotes trust and stability, while Gebo fosters reciprocity
Emotional HarmonyLaguz + EhwazLaguz promotes emotional balance, while Ehwaz enhances cooperation
Protection and SafetyAlgiz + TiwazAlgiz provides protection, while Tiwaz invokes warrior-like energy
Nurturing RelationshipsBerkana + IsaBerkana nurtures growth and love, while Isa promotes introspection
Abundance and ProsperityFehu + Jera + OthalaFehu attracts wealth, Jera symbolizes harvest, Othala invokes ancestors

How to activate the bindrunes?

You can activate them using one or more elements of each rune. For example, crystals, plants and prayers can be used to activate them.

To enhance the activation, you can trace a circle around the bindrune while visualizing your family, while saying aloud: “WE LIVE IN HARMONY”

Depending on your desire, you can also chant things like “I WILL START A FAMILY or MY FAMILY WILL PROSPER.”

How to use these bindrunes?

You can use them:

  • As a talisman: leave it on display at home to let the harmonious energy flow through your home
  • As a talisman for you to give as a gift to other family members
  • As part of a prayer for family
  • As part of a spell for peace and harmony within the family
  • Before an important family gathering or event to attract positivity and joy
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