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Meaning of the Eihwaz Rune: Love, Work, & Health

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Written by: Tina Caro

Do you want to know what the Eihwaz rune wants us to know about ourselves and our lives while learning all we need to know about its symbolism and history?

Keep reading this article to have all the answers!

What does the Eihwaz rune mean?

The Eihwaz rune means resistance. It symbolizes the synthesis between antithetical character inclinations, such as in the case of excesses of anger that merge with spiritual meditation, of low instincts that combine with sensitivity, of brutality that becomes one with inertia, etc.

When you are confronted with the problems of the past, you must not take on those burdens you are not fully convinced of but be true to yourself. The Eihwaz rune alludes to the possibilities that open up when a new path is undertaken. It frequently heralds a waiting period. Maintain a resolute attitude and always look towards the future.

With this rune, we bring awareness to the process of life, death, and rebirth; it teaches that every time we accept death we love life more, that every time we accept destiny we become stronger, and that every time we understand our limits, we earn more freedom.

Custom Eihwaz rune by MagickalSpot
My homemade Eihwaz rune.

It is the rune of initiation into the Shamanic Journey and entry into the Mystery of Life. The experience of life, positive or negative, forges the character and makes it unique, authentic, and capable of loving. But not everything is rational and understandable; some things must be accepted for what they can be when they go beyond appearances. With Eihwaz, we are called to heal the wounds of our soul through a journey between the worlds, through the various layers of consciousness that make up individual and collective reality.

You have to become a shaman, learn to dance between worlds, to transform bears or wolves, to use the medicine of fire and runes, to enter a trance, and to communicate with the gods. The symbol of this rune recalls the connection that the upper world has with the lower one, two hooks that hold the two worlds together, a bridge to cross.

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Eihwaz is associated with the yew tree, which is similar to cypress, tall and straight, long-lived and resistant; it has also been renamed as one of the trees of Death as it is often used in cemeteries and, among other things, was used to create arrows. It is poisonous, the poison taken from toxic fruits.

Also, for this reason, the rune is connected to the skier god Ullr, an important and often underestimated divinity. Worshipped in various places, Ullr was the hunter god, the most skilled in skiing and bow hunting, and no one was able to compete with him in the winter world.

The extraction of this rune indicates resistance, a new beginning, or an important change. It is associated with conscience, defense, and spirituality. It indicates that one must have patience, perseverance, and consistency.

Eihwaz represents the ability to transform adversity into something positive, the ability to always find new solutions to problems. As the hardness of wood becomes a property once the appropriate use is understood, so the difficulty becomes a tool, an opportunity to grow and achieve one’s goals; by overcoming the fear of annihilation and death, one can come into contact with their own inner strength.

There is a lesson to be learned, a sacrifice to be made; it is necessary to die in order to be reborn, to abandon the old patterns to create new ones. Eihwaz extracted in consultation regarding love suggests being more spontaneous and dedicating some time to the loved one, it is necessary to enrich the relationship or, if you are looking for love, to be more natural and less apprehensive.

In the workplace, however, there is a need for greater organization or, better yet, a new organization, to try new strategies and change some schemes, but always with caution. Eihwaz in health indicates fatigue of the body and mind, probably due to too much stress and a bad mood.

The best thing is to try to minimize these two factors of malaise.

Eihwaz meaning if upright

When this rune shows up, it must always be interpreted in the same way, since it does not have a reverse: we are in an age of changes. Surely we will have to abandon ideas, beliefs, and lifestyles that have become old, that no longer adapt to ourselves, and adopt new ones. If you refuse to do this, it will affect your own growth and future improvements, for yourself and for others.

Eihwaz recommends not being afraid and awakening your desire for adventure but also invites you to be cautious and keep your abilities and possibilities in mind. Common sense and prudence are always excellent travel companions in life.

StabilityEihwaz represents stability, resilience, and inner strength
TransformationIt symbolizes the transformative power of endurance and growth
ProtectionEihwaz offers protection from external challenges and obstacles
ConnectionThe rune signifies the connection between the earthly and spiritual realms
BalanceEihwaz represents the balance between opposing forces and energies
EnduranceIt signifies the ability to endure hardships and overcome obstacles
HealingEihwaz represents healing and rejuvenation, both physically and spiritually
Table 1: Interpretations of the Eihwaz Rune

It is certainly difficult to tear yourself away from what is familiar, however dissatisfied or distressed you may feel, as it is frightening to not know what a new relationship holds, or a change of job or residence, and so on.

But when you take the risk when you dare, the satisfaction is immense and, whether you are successful or not, you will give your life a new atmosphere.

You will learn amazing things, you will meet people who will introduce you to new environments, you will abandon outdated ideas and you will feel better, more confident, and stronger.

Eihwaz meaning in love, work, and health

Love: the rune recommends being more spontaneous with your partner, sharing more moments of leisure. Laughing together and at the same things helps us to be more united and enrich the relationship.

StabilityEihwaz rune signifies stability in relationships and love
CommitmentIt represents commitment and long-lasting partnerships
GrowthEihwaz encourages personal growth within relationships
TrustThe rune promotes trust and the ability to weather challenges
TransformationIt signifies the transformative power of love and connection
BalanceEihwaz rune promotes a balanced and harmonious love life
Table 2: Eihwaz Rune and Love

Work: we are experiencing a time of change. Perhaps the system followed so far is being questioned or new strategies are proposed.

The rune recommends being receptive and also reasonable when starting any new project.

StabilityEihwaz rune signifies stability and security in the workplace
EnduranceIt represents the ability to endure challenges in your career
GrowthEihwaz encourages personal and professional growth
ResilienceThe rune promotes resilience and adaptability in work
ProtectionIt offers protection from negative energies and setbacks
TransformationEihwaz signifies the potential for transformative career changes
Table 3: Eihwaz Rune and Work/Career

Health: one’s mood can be compromised by a certain physical discomfort (fatigue, headache, and the like). Eihwaz warns that in these circumstances, it is dangerous to get carried away by one’s bad mood. The best thing is to take care of yourself and wait for the right moment to act.

HealingEihwaz rune represents healing and rejuvenation of the body
EnduranceIt signifies the ability to endure physical and mental challenges
ProtectionThe rune offers protection from illness and negative influences
BalanceEihwaz promotes the balance of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being
TransformationIt signifies the potential for transformative healing experiences
ResilienceEihwaz rune encourages resilience and recovery in health matters
Table 4: Eihwaz Rune and Health

How to work with the energy of the Eihwaz rune?

The special message from Eihwaz rune to you

  • Initiation into the wisdom of the world tree (Yggdrasil) and hvel (chakras)
  • Liberation from the fear of death
  • Development of spiritual endurance and the hard will to gain initiative
  • Spiritual vision
  • Communication between the levels of reality: the worlds or Yggdrasil
Eihwaz rune from my collection

Eihwaz rune magical uses

  • It supports you in making appropriate and wise choices.
  • It helps overcome conflicts between the material and spiritual world.
  • It promotes tenacity and endurance.
  • It helps turn problems into opportunities.
  • It recognizes the mysteries of rebirth.
  • It stimulates spiritual visions, journeys between worlds, and creativity.
  • Use it as an amulet against curses, deceptions, and scams.
  • It helps to bring back memories of past lives.
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