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What Does The Fehu Rune Mean? [Upright, Reversed & Uses]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Fehu, the first and most iconic rune, is definitely a great place to start a runic journey by exploring its meanings, its messages, and how to use its energy to change our life. Are you curious to know more about it?

Keep reading this article about the Fehu rune!


In runic divination, the Fehu rune conveys distinct meanings and energies depending on whether it appears in an upright or reversed position.

Upright Fehu represents wealth, material abundance, and prosperity. It signifies financial gain, success in money-related endeavors, and the empowerment to attract resources through one’s actions.

Reversed Fehu may indicate financial concerns, instability, or obstacles to prosperity. It suggests the need for caution in financial matters and a reevaluation of financial goals and strategies.

Overall, Fehu’s interpretation in a rune reading hinges on its orientation and the specific context, guiding individuals toward understanding their relationship with wealth and resources.

What does the Fehu rune mean?

The Fehu rune means abundance. Basically, Fehu is the land of abundance, the earthly paradise, the golden age; it is the warm and protective clothing of the mother, that sense of unity and completeness that man has always sought.

Fehu is the birth of the Audhumla Cow, who by licking ice, creates life and also nourishes it with its milk. It represents lush cornfields, trees laden with fruit, a sea full of fish, children playing and running, and busty women holding life in their lap.

An illustration of the cow Auðumbla licking Búri out of a salty ice-block, from an Icelandic 18th century manuscript.

Fehu represents the first form of nourishment: economic security, which in ancient times included cattle, goats, cows, and sheep.

The rune image resembles an animal with two horns, such as the Audhumla Cow. The Fehu rune is related to the goddess Freya and her brother and lover Freyr. Freya is the Nordic goddess of the Vani lineage, goddess of beauty, love, magic, seduction, and fertility but also of war and death.

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Patroness of sorceresses and diviners, she owns the precious Brisingamen jewel forged by the dwarves. Although unhappy, she cries golden tears for the constant travels of her husband Odhr, a name that has the same root as Odin.

Custom Fehu rune by MagickalSpot
My homemade Fehu rune.

Her animals are the hawk, which she takes the form of to fly between worlds, the cat, an independent animal with sensual movements, a lover of the night and the home, and the sow, fertile and prosperous. The wild boar, in addition to the horse, is instead an animal sacred to Freyr, the sylvan god of nature, its cycles, peace, love, and fertility; for this reason, he is often depicted with an erect phallus.

The Navigator God, he possesses the magical ship Skidbladnir, fast and light, which can be folded and slipped into his pocket, and a sword capable of fighting alone and which increases the power of the warrior. Fehu represents abundance, fertility, and wealth.

It is the moist, enveloping Earth, the maternal womb from which life is born, warm, welcoming, a safe and protected place, devoid of any danger or fear. It is the place where there is no illness, no sadness or need; everything is in abundance, everything is shared with generosity and love.

Fehu is associated with wealth and prosperity, but not monetary or cumulative, the greedy one who piles up goods after goods uselessly. Fehu is the wealth earned through work, it is abundance shared with generosity, it is joy in giving and receiving. When this rune comes out upright, it indicates a good relationship with money and the possibility of being fulfilled, of living in abundance in complete tranquility.

There could be successes in the workplace, a new promotion, or the beginning of a new love story. As for health, it recommends some relaxation, to take some time for yourself but also to share your joy with friends and family.

Fehu meaning if upright

If in the divination phase, this rune comes out upright and if, in the light of the contingent factors, it can present a positive connotation, it means that money or possessions are looming on the horizon. This could be a win in a game, a gift that the querent is about to receive, or sentimental or even of spiritual achievements of fulfilled ambitions.

WealthUpright Fehu represents material wealth, abundance, and financial prosperity.
PossessionsIt symbolizes material possessions, resources, and the value we place on material goods.
SuccessUpright Fehu signifies success, achievement, and the rewards of hard work and effort.
GrowthIt represents growth, expansion, and the potential for increased opportunities and abundance.
EnergyUpright Fehu embodies vital energy, drive, and the power to manifest desires and goals in the material world.
ProductivityIt signifies productivity, resourcefulness, and the ability to create and generate wealth and abundance.
Material SecurityUpright Fehu represents material security, stability, and the ability to meet one’s basic needs.
Table 1: Upright Fehu Meanings and Uses

It also speaks of generosity and is related to the desire to share one’s possessions with others; it represents the spirit of sacrifice, solidarity, altruism, and inner peace. Ultimately, you will see your desires fulfilled, but it recommends learning to share your fortune to preserve your spiritual well-being as well.

Fehu meaning if reversed

If, on the other hand, the rune is upside down, it can be interpreted as a warning that requires you to not indulge in whims or reckless expenses in order not to jeopardize your safety and future, or as a proposal to reflect on life and how, despite your social and professional successes, you can sometimes feel frustrated.

Fehu rune reversed by MagickalSpot
Fehu rune reversed

Fehu advises investigating the causes of the malaise (perhaps the consultant is not satisfied with the work he does, he feels the need to see an objective reached whose realization has been postponed for too long, or he feels the need to devote more time to himself, his family, and his aspirations).

Financial LossReversed Fehu indicates financial loss, instability, or a setback in material matters.
GreedIt symbolizes greed, overindulgence, or an unhealthy attachment to material possessions.
Lack of ResourcesReversed Fehu signifies a lack of resources or opportunities, financial struggles, or poverty.
MismanagementIt represents poor financial management, wastefulness, or the need to reassess one’s priorities.
Blocked AbundanceReversed Fehu suggests blocked abundance, obstacles to wealth creation, or a lack of growth and progress.
Unbalanced FocusIt signifies an imbalance between material and spiritual aspects of life, neglecting one’s spiritual well-being.
Financial InsecurityReversed Fehu represents financial insecurity, dependence on external resources, or a lack of stability.
Table 2: Reversed Fehu Meanings and Uses

Fehu meaning in love, work, and health

Love: announces the enjoyment of pleasant moments of love and unexpected and exciting sentimental experiences.

Work: meetings, interviews, and new projects open up attractive professional prospects and interesting opportunities in the economic field.

Health: indicates that you are in good health and recommends, to preserve it, to take care of your diet and to find free time to rest.

How to work with the energy of the Kenaz rune?

The special message from Fehu rune to you

  • Delegate your energy to another, transfer power or projection; the sending rune
  • Drawing gravity in the personal sphere
  • Promotion of personal and social development, change of important circumstances
  • Increase in personal monetary wealth
  • The mind and presence of the beginner as a tool to consciously create a new beginning
Fehu rune from my collection

Fehu rune magical uses

  • Attracts prosperity and abundance
  • Protects goods and loved ones
  • Helps strengthen the start of a job or a romantic relationship
  • Teaches you to be more generous and to love life
  • Strengthens psychic powers

Fehu rune associations

Norse MythologyFehu is associated with Freyr, the Norse god of fertility, wealth, and prosperity.
Elemental ConnectionFehu is connected to the element of Earth, symbolizing stability, groundedness, and material manifestation.
Astrological SignIt is linked to the zodiac sign of Taurus, representing practicality, determination, and financial stability.
Chakra AssociationFehu is associated with the Root Chakra, representing a sense of safety, security, and grounding.
Numerological ValueIn the Elder Futhark runic alphabet, Fehu has a numerical value of 1.
Magickal UseFehu is used in runic magick for attracting wealth, abundance, and financial opportunities.
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