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What Does The Ansuz Rune Mean? [Upright, Reversed & Uses]

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Written by: Tina Caro

The Ansuz rune is rich in symbolism and special messages and it truly is filled with some fresh incredible energy we can use in our everyday life to live it at its best. Let’s learn more about the Ansuz rune while unveiling its meaning and its magic.


The Ansuz rune carries diverse meanings and applications in runic divination, with distinct interpretations when upright and reversed.

In its upright position, Ansuz represents effective communication, wisdom, and divine inspiration, encouraging clear expression of thoughts and the reception of spiritual insights. It signifies the importance of seeking divine guidance and suggests that words have the power to shape favorable outcomes.

However, when reversed, Ansuz warns of potential miscommunication, blocked intuitive insights, and the need for introspection to overcome mental obstacles.

Its usage in runic magic and divination includes invoking clear communication and seeking spiritual guidance.

What does the Ansuz rune mean?

The Ansuz rune means rationality. This rune is related to a rational person, or a person who loves dialogue and the exchange of opinions or even a subject in search of something.

During a divination reading, the consultant will always meet new people who will help her/him to evolve. She/he will have to be prepared for any deceptions and to be aware that cultivating her/his talents takes a very long time.

With Uruz we made contact with our dark side and with Thurisaz we took up the sword and fought against ourselves, against our indomitable impulses and instincts. Now we are tired and exhausted, we feel weak and sick, fears grow and our mind falters.

Custom Ansuz rune by MagickalSpot
My homemade Ansuz rune.

With Ansuz, we become aware of our emptiness, of our loneliness and we are now willing to seek help, to let ourselves be guided. Ansuz is the appearance of a guide in our life in the most difficult moment; it is a ray of sunshine that forcefully pierces the thick blanket of clouds, lighting the way, guiding us to the end of the rainbow where we will find the treasure. For this reason, the rune symbol appears to be a stylized rainbow or two friendly arms offering help.

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Ansuz can be our weapons master, a wise old man, a father or grandfather, or a traveler met on the street, under whose likeness the traveling god, Odin, is hidden. Tired, dirty, and exhausted, now we finally have support, warm and sure words that tell us that we can rest. Ansuz heals wounds, refreshes the soul, and invigorates us; it is the swarm of the spirit that can manifest itself in various forms, as a beggar but also as an illness, or good or bad luck.

The Call always implies a sacrifice without which there is no salvation; the price must be paid with one’s own blood. We must hang on to the cosmic tree Yggdrasil like Odin, leaving for a period everything we love such as friends and family. We are taken for insane, but we are hung up, hurt; we faint, we are delirious, we hear voices, and we talk in a disjointed way. Then the runes begin to appear, they flow before us in a dream, showing us all their symbols and the messages they can transmit to us.

Ansuz is the rune of Odin, lord of the Norse gods, known by numerous names, including Odin, Woden, Wotan, and Godan; he is the god of war, magic, wisdom, diplomacy, and poetry. He decided to sacrifice an eye to get the knowledge at the source of Udr, at the roots of Yggdrasil, the pivotal ash tree of the universe; he hung on its branches for nine days and nine nights to receive the secret of the runes.

Odin-and-Frigga s
Odin and Frigga

He is always accompanied by two ravens, Huginn, thought, and Muninn, memory, which he sends around the world to investigate on his behalf, and by two wolves that devour whatever food is offered to him, since the god lives only by drinking wine. In battle, he wields Gungnir, the spear that never misses, and rides the eight-legged horse Sleipnir.

One of the most singular manifestations of Odin is that of the wanderer, an old beggar with frayed clothes, gray hair, and a long beard, dressed in an old cloak and a hat pulled over one eye, thus embodying the archetype of the old sage, the spirit who appears in situations where cunning and intelligent help is needed.

Ansuz is the rune of the Call, it is the voice of Odin that advises and inspires. Ansuz is the soul, the spirit, so much so that its name derives from the Indo-European root ansu-, meaning spirit.

It is mental clarity, knowledge, and communication skills. Fehu is the material help that comes from nature, Uruz is our inner strength, Thurisaz the ability to defend ourselves, and Ansuz is the help that comes from the divine, the inner guide that nourishes and supports us on our journey.

Ansuz meaning if upright

Ansuz recalls that answers are found in oneself and in nature. It is enough to pay attention to what is happening and stop to interpret the signals of all the elements that are part of one’s reality.

This rune recommends illuminating one’s confusion by seeking information and expanding one’s knowledge. Many times, we get stuck just because we don’t know that there are other possibilities, other paths to take. This rune encourages us to discover every seemingly hidden way.

InterpretationUpright MeaningReversed Meaning
WisdomSymbolizes clear communication and knowledge.Signifies confusion or misunderstandings.
Divine InspirationRepresents divine messages and insights.Indicates a lack of inspiration or guidance.
CommunicationEmphasizes effective verbal and written skills.Suggests difficulties in expressing oneself.
Odin’s InfluenceReflects the wisdom and power of Odin.Represents a disconnection from spiritual guidance.
IntuitionHighlights the importance of trusting one’s instincts.Indicates a lack of intuition or inner guidance.
EnlightenmentSignifies spiritual awakening and higher consciousness.Implies a state of ignorance or closed-mindedness.
Table 1: Ansuz upright and reversed meaning

Ansuz meaning if reversed

If Ansuz appears up upside down, it warns you that you are making a mistake: an arrogant attitude prevents you from listening and will not help you find the answers you are looking for.

Not listening to the advice of others, despising them, or being intolerant of other people’s opinions is not a smart way to act.

Ansuz rune reversed by MagickalSpot
Ansuz rune reversed

You are looking for help, so it is better to be humble and not think you already know the truth. Ansuz recommends learning from your own experience and avoiding repeatedly falling into the same mistakes.

Ansuz meaning in love, work, and health

Love: we must consider the mistakes made in the past and avoid repeating them. In this way, you will try to overcome problems in a different way, always with the aim of increasing the love for your partner.


Work: new opportunities arise (travel, interviews, or advancements). However, one must be responsible and carry out the commitments already made. That’s why Ansuz recommends organizing time well and setting one’s priorities.

Health: you need to save energy, perhaps because you are experiencing a moment of transition or you have problems whose resolution requires maximum effort. The best thing is to get enough rest to allow the body to recover energy.

How to work with the energy of the Ansuz rune?

  • Wear the Ansuz rune or bring it with you if you feel a bit confused and stressed out.
  • Meditate with the Ansuz rune between your hands to help you find focus.
  • Place it on your altar to honor the dead.

The special message from Ansuz rune to you

  • All powers to name and conceptualize
  • Convincing and magnetic speech and writing and the power of suggestion and hypnosis
  • Acquisition of creative wisdom, inspiration, ecstasy, and divine communication
  • Reason, analysis, and good advice
  • Connection and networking
  • Listen to yourself and your particular inner voice
Ansuz rune from my collection

Kenaz rune magical uses

  • Acquire new creative skills, inspiration.
  • Useful to connect with spirit guides.
  • Clarity and mental clarity.
  • Ecstasy and communication with the divine.
  • Increase of communication and expressive skills.
  • Help you stay connected with your evolutionary task.

Other uses and applications of the Ansuz rune

MeditationUse the Ansuz rune to enhance communication with your higher self or spiritual guides.
Writing and SpeakingIncorporate the Ansuz rune in your writing or speaking practices to improve clarity and eloquence.
DivinationInclude the Ansuz rune in your divination rituals to gain insights and wisdom.
SpellworkIntegrate the Ansuz rune into spellcasting to enhance the power of your intentions.
Talisman or AmuletWear or carry the Ansuz rune as a protective talisman or amulet to promote effective communication and knowledge.
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