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By Witchipedia, Crystals and Minerals

Lapis Lazuli: Folklore, Correspondences, & Magical Uses

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Written by: Dawn Black (Witchipedia)


Reviewed by: Tina Caro

Lapis lazuli is a silicate of sodium, calcium, and aluminum with sulfur in the pyrite inclusions. It can be found in Afghanistan, Russia, Egypt, the Middle East, the United States, and Chile.

It’s powerfully linked to self-awareness, truth, and wisdom, and has been highly prized since ancient times for its beautifully rich royal-blue shade.


Lapis Lazuli is a captivating gemstone with rich blue hues and golden specks.

It’s available in various varieties, but the most sought-after is the deep blue Afghan Lapis Lazuli.

This gem has a history of being associated with royalty and spirituality.

In healing, it’s believed to enhance self-expression and inner peace, while in magic, Lapis Lazuli is valued for its ability to stimulate psychic abilities and spiritual insight, making it a potent tool for those on a spiritual journey or seeking enlightenment.

Lapis Lazuli in History and Folklore

Lapis lazuli features in some of the world’s oldest legends and myths. The story of the Sumerian goddess of love, Inanna, which potentially dates as far back as 4000 BCE, tells of this deity’s descent to and return from the underworld.

holding lapis lazuli by tina caro magickal spot
Copyright: Tina Caro

According to the myth, when Inanna entered the underworld she bore several insignia, including a necklace and rod made of lapis lazuli.

In ancient Sumer culture, it was believed that the soul of a deity could reside within this very special gemstone.

Lapis lazuli has been used in Egypt and Sumeria as eye shadow and in protective amulets and other jewelry.

Romans ingested the ground lapis powder in food and drink as an aphrodisiac and as an antidote to poison. The ring that the angel presented to King Solomon to control his demon legion of workers was made of lapis lazuli.


Lapis lazuli is traditionally associated with the third eye and throat chakras and is one of the birthstones of December.

It can be used as an effective conduit for channeling wisdom, truth, and good judgment, and can promote the desire for learning and knowledge.

According to early Christian tradition, the lapis lazuli was viewed as the stone of the Virgin Mary.

It’s also believed that the many references to “sapphire” in the New Testament actually refer to lapis lazuli, as sapphire was unknown before the Roman Empire.

Lapis Lazuli Correspondences

Video about the symbolic meaning of Lapis Lazuli

Healing and Magickal Uses of Lapis Lazuli

Lapis can be used to attract spiritual love and infuse fidelity in a relationship. It is also used to strengthen psychic awareness and intuition.

Lapis helps to disconnect the conscious and subconscious mind and boosts intuition. Lapis lazuli is a very protective stone.


Lapis helps relieve headaches and migraines, eases eyestrain and calms the nervous system. It is also used to help reduce inflammation. Do not use to make a traditional elixir due to the sulfur content of the stone.


It also acts quickly to release stress and promote a deep sense of peace. Lapis lazuli is particularly useful in bringing clarity and objectivity, and helping us to confront the truth with bravery and strength.


It’s believed that lapis lazuli allows contact with spiritual guardians, and is able to block psychic attacks and return them to their source. The stone can be used, too, to reverse or provide

Magickal UseDescription
Third Eye ActivationStimulates the Third Eye chakra for insight
ProtectionShields against negative energies and psychic attacks
ManifestationAssists in manifesting desires and intentions
Dream WorkEnhances dream recall and lucid dreaming
Table: Magickal Uses of Lapis Lazuli
lapis lazuli altar by tina caro magickal spot
Copyright: Tina Caro

Care and Cleansing

You can charge your lapis lazuli by placing it in the company of other stones that are particularly friendly to its energy. These include turquoise, black onyx, emerald, and jade.

Simple Ways to Use Lapis Lazuli in Your Daily Practice

As a crystal that is keen to help you realize your full spiritual and personal power, lapis lazuli would love to be a part of your daily life. Here are some easy, peaceful ways to welcome it with open arms.

Calm Communication

Lapis lazuli is great for imbuing harmony and promoting calm and loving communication. It’s fantastic for helping us to practice active listening, too.

Embrace this by placing your crystal on your phone when it’s not in use, or setting it beside your laptop or device if you have a tricky email to compose.

Activating the Third Eye Chakra

Lapis lazuli can activate your third eye chakra, granting greater insight and wisdom, and a deeper connection to your spiritual self. Simply lie down comfortably, relax, and send thanks to your third eye for the intuition you already innately possess and the natural circadian rhythms it supports. 

Now place your crystal on your third eye chakra, which is located between and slightly above your eyebrows, and feel the stone’s energy suffuse your body. Do this regularly to develop your powers of insight and intuition.

Charging Your Home’s Knowledge Corner

With its links to learning and knowledge, placing lapis lazuli in your home’s Gen position (according to feng shui) will help you cultivate new skills and embrace self-cultivation.

To locate the Gen position, stand at the front entrance to your home looking in, and it’s found in the nearest corner on your left-hand side.

A Soothing and Protective Lapis Lazuli Ritual

Lapis lazuli has powerful protective credentials and will not only block psychic attacks but divert them back to their source.

Tune into this energy with this lovely ritual, that will provide protection and peace.

  1. Light a white candle on your altar or workspace and sit comfortably in front of it.
  2. Hold a lapis lazuli crystal in your hand, and ask it to work with you to provide a nurturing and protective shield.
  3. Visualize the stone’s energy surrounding your body with beautiful white light. Imagine your own energy flowing into and through this light, and then back into your own body symbiotically.
  4. Once you have finished the ritual, either keep the stone close to hand or place it near your front door to provide ongoing protection.
lapis lazuli crystal on a table by tina caro magickal spot
Copyright: Tina Caro

Lapis Lazuli and the Zodiac

Due to its connection with Saturn, which rules Capricorn, lapis lazuli is regarded as one of this sign’s birthstones.

For the Goat, lapis lazuli is fantastic for boosting self-awareness and developing better empathy for those around them. It can also help steady, sensible Capricorns to resist negativity and explore their creative side.

The crystal is useful for Libras, who will find it profoundly helpful in healing past hurts, and for Virgo, who will appreciate its promotion of easier communication and a deeper sense of peace.

For luxury and routine-loving Taureans, lapis lazuli is useful, as it allows this sign to feel more comfortable with flexibility – a little, at least! 

Crystal Combos

Lapis lazuli and turquoise are the dream team when it comes to encouraging positive introspection and balancing emotions.

Both are also great for smoothing social interactions, so are great to carry or wear together if you’re feeling nervous about meeting new people, or have a big party to attend.

With onyx’s superpowers of self-control and stamina, pairing it with lapis lazuli can help you see through the changes you’ve determined to make.

This could be committing to a new course of study, for example, or resolving to lead a healthier lifestyle.

And if you want to strengthen an existing relationship? Lapis lazuli, when teamed up with emerald, can bring balance, and aid compassionate communication.

lapis lazuli jewelry by tina caro magickal spot
Copyright: Tina Caro

Lapis Lazuli: Opening Your Mind 

Welcome the serene power of lapis lazuli into your life, for spiritual growth, and to start the journey to becoming your very best self. Embrace its strong stress-busting properties and ability to promote self-expression, compassion, and directness of purpose.

If you’re carrying emotional wounds from the past, lapis lazuli can be used to release this trauma and dissolve the negative residue connected to it.

Work with this crystal every day to nurture better relationships, build strong friendships, and receive peace and protection.

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I am a homesteading hearth witch who grew up along the shores of the Hudson River and has lived among the Great Lakes for the past 20 years. Together with my musical husband and youngest child, I steward a one-acre mini homestead with herb, vegetable and flower gardens, chickens, ducks, geese and rabbits, and areas reserved for native plants and wildlife. 

I have three children; two are grown, and I have been practicing magick alone and with family and friends for over 30 years.

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