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What Does The Jeraa Rune Mean? [Upright & Uses]

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Written by: Tina Caro

The Jeraa or Jera rune is definitely one to know! Being able to give us amazing inputs to truly shape and embrace our dream life, this rune is so important. If you want to know more about it, read this article and it will reveal all secrets!

What does the Jeraa rune mean?

The Jeraa rune means time, harvest, and fertility. Jeraa is the rune of happy outcomes, of a good harvest after a year of intense work. What is sown will be reaped. This rune also symbolizes the cyclical perpetual motion of human existence.

If Jeraa comes out during divination, it can mean that it is time to rejoice in a long-desired pregnancy. However, a warning is a must: do not force events, as there is a time for everything. After passing terrible trials and great difficulties, we are now face to face with destiny.

HarvestJera represents the concept of a fruitful harvest, abundance, and the rewards of hard work and patience.
CycleIt signifies the cyclical nature of life, the seasons, and the continuous process of growth and transformation.
FertilityJera is associated with fertility, both in terms of agricultural fertility and the ability to bring new beginnings.
PatienceThe rune teaches the importance of patience and perseverance, as results may take time to manifest.
BalanceIt symbolizes the equilibrium and balance between effort and reward, action and rest, and work and play.
Table 1: Jera Rune Symbolism

Everything moves according to the principle of cause and effect; we reap what we have sown, and we have learned that we cannot escape death if we do not violate giving up life, salvation is not found in mourning, in regret, or in nostalgia.

Custom Jeraa rune by MagickalSpot

Death is no longer an enemy but a faithful ally who reminds us that time passes and that what needs to be done must be done in the present time. Death is rhythm, time, as well as the snake that gnaws at the roots of Yggdrasil, the Cosmic Amber; the rhythm of its teeth makes you feel in all the Nine Worlds that sooner or later everything will end.

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The only way to defeat death is to jump into the river of life, to live intensely, and with awareness.

Jeraa, whose symbol recalls the Tao or ouroboros, means “season” or “year” and teaches us that everything has a beginning and an end, but also that after every death there is a rebirth, an eternal cycle. Only by accepting the laws of destiny, time, and death can we free our body from the bonds of matter and access the eternal dimension of our immortal soul.

Jeraa is the cosmic law, the wheel of Dharma, and only by living and following this law can we put an end to the sufferings due to the cycle of births and deaths, the Samara.

Bhavachakra showing six realms of existence in which a being can reincarnate according to rebirth doctrine of Buddhism. Buddhist god Yama face is at the top of the outer rim. The outer rim shows the twelve nidanas doctrine. From Bhutan.

Vedic philosophy teaches that all activities and their reactions are subject to the universal law of karma: every human being is responsible for his every action.

Symptoms of past good karma are wealth, good health, and beauty while negative karma is characterized by sickness, poverty, ignorance, and ugliness. The Vedas teach that what we are is the result of what we did or created in the previous life, so each of us has been the architect of our own future.

The word Dharma derives from the Indo-European root dhr-, which means to sustain, to maintain, and sometimes to form. Dharma is the law of nature, the order of the cosmos, and of personal life; living following this law means going towards one’s true nature and bringing it into harmony. It is the code of rules that intend to ensure balanced social cohesion and spiritual health.

The five Yamas of the Dharma are: Ahisma, non-violence, Satya, truthfulness, Asteya, abstention from theft, Brahmacarya, instinct control, and chastity, and Aparigraha, non-possession. Not following the rules of the Dharma means going against ignorance, Avidya.

Jeraa, as the symbol suggests, is associated with the snake Nidhoggr that gnaws at the roots of the Cosmic Tree, the Midgard snake that surrounds the world until it eats its tail, and the symbol of the ouroboros. It is a symbol of infinity, eternity, the universe, cyclicality, eternal rebirth, and eternal return.

Jeraa symbolizes the seasons, the passing of time, destiny, evolution and improvements, growth, harvest, positive results, abundance, development, progress, and patience. Jeraa is the time to reap what has been sown, to be patient, and confidently await what the future holds. This rune puts us in contact with the concept of perfection, not something formal but something that involves a process of birth, growth, and evolution to reach the final result.


It puts us in contact with the concept of time as creative energy capable of bringing concrete results; wisdom is the fruit of experience, it is the fruit of time. From an economic point of view, Jeraa represents the body of justice, success in business, the proceeds of an investment, the compensation of damages, the balance of credits, and the collection of payments.

From the spiritual point of view, it indicates the conclusion of a dark period and the rebirth of light and hope.

The love in a couple relationship is close-knit, the emotional bond is very strong, and it is something worth fighting for, without being distracted by something that deceives us to make us feel better. The search for the ideal mate could end soon, the future holds much more than interesting encounters.

As far as health is concerned, it is good to ask yourself if you have done what is necessary to ensure good health, not binge.

Jeraa meaning if upright

This rune, which symbolizes the complete cycle of the year, has no reverse. Everything that ends represents the seed of a new beginning.

Jeraa is a positive rune, her appearance suggests that the time has come to celebrate for those who have made an effort to carry on a project or to achieve a goal.

Or it is a sign of positive results for those who are thinking of embarking on a new business or starting a transformation in their life.

Upright InterpretationDescription
Harvest and AbundanceThe Jera rune in an upright position signifies a period of harvest, abundance, and reaping the rewards of your efforts.
Growth and FertilityIt represents growth, expansion, and fertility in various aspects of life, such as relationships, projects, or ideas.
Patience and EnduranceThis rune advises patience and endurance as you wait for your efforts to bear fruit, reminding you that time brings change.
Cycles and RenewalJera indicates the cyclical nature of life, encouraging you to embrace change, adapt to new cycles, and welcome renewal.
Balance and HarmonyIt promotes finding balance and harmony within yourself and your environment, allowing for a smooth flow of energy.
Table 2: Upright Meanings of the Jera Rune

The message is that, sooner or later, effort and perseverance are always rewarded. Precisely for this reason, Jeraa advises to have common sense in moments of wealth and to prepare because, probably, in the future, you will have to go through other difficult moments if you want to enjoy new benefits.

So, the rune recommends seeking one’s wisdom, reflecting, and learning from one’s successes and failures in order to have more confidence in starting new projects or, simply, to face what life holds for good and for bad.

Jeraa meaning in love, work, and health

Love: the relationship of a couple makes you happy. It is based on a very strong emotional bond, and it is worth fighting for it. Jeraa warns of the danger that can be hidden in wanting more when what you have does not fully satisfy.

Work: it’s time to enjoy the results of your efforts. Time spent and hard work will be rewarded.

You will be gratified by the recognition of superiors and colleagues. You will get a salary increase, or you will find the right situation to implement a project that you believe in a lot.

Health: it may be that you suffer from some problems related to a sentimental situation or that you are going through a particularly stressful period that negatively affects your body. It is therefore a delicate moment in which it is necessary to be very careful about one’s health.

How to work with the energy of the Jeraa rune?

The special message from Jeraa rune to you

  • Fertility, creativity, and harmony with the earth
  • Peace, prosperity, and abundance
  • Realization of the cyclic nature of the multiverse, invoking the power of time and cycles
  • Gently bring other concepts into material manifestation
  • Begin a gradual and lasting change in the flow of life
Jeraa rune from my collection

Jeraa rune magical uses

  • To avoid stress, anxiety and develop patience
  • To reap the fruit of waiting, to receive what is expected
  • To balance with the times of nature and the cosmos
  • To tune into one’s own cycles and the times of others
Practical ApplicationsDescription
Agriculture and GardeningThe Jera rune is commonly used in rituals and spells related to agriculture, gardening, crop fertility, and bountiful harvests.
Planning and Time ManagementIt can be employed to enhance planning skills, time management, and setting realistic goals to achieve long-term success.
Manifestation and GrowthJera can aid in manifestation practices, helping you attract desired outcomes, and promoting personal and spiritual growth.
Fostering PatienceThis rune can be utilized in rituals or meditations to cultivate patience, resilience, and the ability to wait for results.
Embracing ChangeJera is useful in rituals for embracing change, navigating life’s cycles, and adapting to transitions with grace and acceptance.
Table 3: Uses of the Jera Rune
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