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If You Wonder “How to Break a Family Curse” (Important!)

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Written by: Tina Caro

When we talk about a family curse, we usually refer to two main categories of black magic rituals: the curse and the evil eye.

It is particularly frightening because it can seriously harm the victim before they realize the problem since it is not easy to recognize the symptoms.

There is often a strong skepticism about the existence of these practices. Those who believe in magic and in the dualism of good-evil know that the hexes of black magic exist, the evil eye exists and produces effects and consequences similar to those of curses and evil negativity.


Family curses are believed to be negative patterns or misfortunes passed down through generations, often stemming from past wrongdoings or unresolved issues within the family lineage.

Common signs of a family curse can include chronic financial struggles, repeated health issues, recurring relationship problems, and a history of tragic events within the family.

There are various types of curses, such as generational curses, ancestral curses, and personal curses, each with its unique characteristics and origins.

Breaking a family curse is essential to break the cycle of negative energy and free oneself and future generations from its influence, enabling a more positive and harmonious family life.

What is a family curse and what does it consist of?

It is not possible to list and go into detail about all types of curses your family can be under. Black magic is diverse and can draw upon many different evils that are similar in appearance, but different at the roots.

This means that, for example, a black magic curse performed in Brazilian magic is not the same as a similar ritual performed with voodoo magic, which in turn is different from a witchcraft hex and so on.

Among the most requested and practiced black magic rites are curses of destruction, curses for putrefaction, curses of hate, curses of death, and curses of separation, division, or estrangement to break up a relationship.

The latter in particular is chosen by those looking for break-up rituals so they can have a man or a woman who is already committed since they are cursed to make a couple divide.

Common signs of a family curse

Signs of a Family CurseDescription
Repeated Negative PatternsFamilies experiencing a curse often face repetitive negative patterns such as financial struggles, relationship problems, or recurring health issues.
Untimely DeathsA pattern of untimely deaths or unexplained fatalities within the family lineage can indicate the presence of a curse.
Generational MisfortuneIf misfortune, tragedy, or failures consistently affect multiple generations in a family, it may be a sign of a family curse.
Ancestral Stories and BeliefsFamily folklore or stories about curses, hexes, or generational misfortune can suggest the existence of a family curse.

What are the types of curses?

A curse can be carried out following two operational paths; for this reason, there are direct and indirect invoices.

The first, the direct attack, concerns a ritual operated on the victim using material already activated with specific formulas and gestures.

This material, which constitutes a means through which demons can exercise their action, could be herbs, menstrual blood, dust from the bones of the dead, or more. It is supplied to the victim after being mixed with food or drink or hidden inside objects usually used by the affected person. Think, for example, of the strange hairs that appear on pillowcases or on clothes.

In the second case of an indirect attack, reference is made to an indirect the curse when objects that belong to the victims (clothing, photographs, puppets, pendants, and so on) are used. To operate an indirect hex, powerful magical rituals are put in place, through which one or more objects of the victim are loaded with the aim of transferring what has been done to the materials onto the object itself.

Creating a knot with the cursed material, for example, means blocking the victim and creating obstacles of all kinds, while with the putrefaction of the material one wants to procure the physical deterioration of the victim.

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Why do we need to break a family curse?

You need to do it as it usually follows each family member forever. Plus, it is handed down to other generations as well! It’s better this curse as soon as possible.

Some effective tools to counteract negative energy

These options are great to counteract negative energy but not to break a curse forever. That’s a tricky challenge and you might need to know exactly what kind of curse has been casted to know how to get rid of it. Often, only a professional can help you know what is going on in your life by analyzing the symptoms and the signs of the curse around you and your family.


Using divination to know if your family is cursed

Sometimes we mistake simple negative energy with a curse. With divinatory tools like tarot, pendulum, runes and more, you can seek guidance and clarification to know exactly what you’ve been dealing with. They can also help you discover who the person who casted the curse is.

Ritual to break a family curse

If you want to perform an easy ritual to break a family curse, follow the instructions down below.

Before you get comfortable and begin your ritual to banish a curse, get these ingredients:

You will also need land that you can dig on.


Take all the materials and choose a place to perform the ritual where you will not be interrupted at all.

Place everything on the table, except the egg.

For your ritual, choose a night with a waning moon. The waning moon helps reduce any negativity.

Wash your face and hands or, if you prefer, take a bath or shower. Turn off your phone and make sure you are not disturbed.

Take the egg and put it in the cup so it doesn’t roll away.

Begin the ritual with a prayer. Imagine that there is an invisible shield around you to protect you and that evil cannot penetrate it in any way.

Light the candle. While you do this, ask aloud that the curse be transferred to the egg. Legend has it that eggs can be made into whatever you desire. Gently rub the egg over your body for a while.

small white candles

Replace the egg in the bowl, then take your lucky charm and say out loud that this will chase away the bad luck or the curse forever. By repeating it out loud, your subconscious will be more likely to believe what you are saying. Wear the lucky charm or put it in your pocket.

At this point, before concluding your ritual, thank the spirits and blow out the candle. Then take the bowl and go outside. With the spade, dig a hole a few centimeters deep on the patch of earth. Put the egg in the pit you dug and cover it. When the egg is rotten, the curse will also disappear. Another option is to put the egg in the garbage can and throw it away immediately.

Steps to Break a Family CurseDescription
Self-Reflection and AwarenessBegin by acknowledging and examining the patterns, beliefs, and behaviors within the family that may contribute to the curse.
Family Healing and ReconciliationEngage in open and honest communication with family members, fostering healing, forgiveness, and unity within the family.
Rituals and CeremoniesPerform rituals or ceremonies to break the curse, such as burning symbolic objects, conducting energy clearing practices, or seeking the assistance of spiritual practitioners.
Personal EmpowermentCultivate personal strength, resilience, and self-awareness to break free from the limitations of the curse and establish a new family legacy.
Table 2: Extra Steps to Break a Family Curse

When to seek help?

If you really think you are the victim of a family curse, an evil eye, or any negative presence that disturbs you, it would be advisable to contact a professional and ask for advice. The most sensible solution in these cases is therefore to turn to positivity, cleansing rituals, and prayers as a start.

If you find some weird object in your home and you sense that might be an item connected with negative energy, consider destroying it with fire while chanting a prayer or getting rid of it in a place far away from home.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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