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The Best Incense for Love: Enhancing Your Relationships

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Written by: Tina Caro

All we need is love! We all know that, but sometimes love is not that easy to find! If you feel the need to boost and improve your chances when it comes to love, there are many things you can do (hello love spells! Hello red magick!) but if you want to make it quick and you don’t want to cast a love spell all by yourself there is something else you can try! Incense!

Incense is a traditional ancient ingredient used for centuries because of its amazing benefits. Each incense, if burned, can help you attract certain energy your way!

If you want to give incense for love a try, you definitely have to read this article! Let’s see then what incense is good for love and how to use it!


For enhancing love and romance, consider incense like Rose, Jasmine, and Patchouli, known for their passionate and sensual qualities.

Ylang-ylang offers an intoxicating fragrance that heightens desire, while Sandalwood fosters a calm and loving atmosphere.

Vanilla creates a cozy and affectionate setting, while Cinnamon enhances passion and desire.

Lavender, though primarily relaxing, can also nurture loving and peaceful relationships.

Set intentions and create an intimate atmosphere when using incense for love enhancement.

The most effective incenses for love

*I found the best quality incense on Etsy. I wasn’t happy with what I found on Amazon! I also suggest that you check what local shops nearby have in stock.


You can buy them on Etsy

If you and your significant other have been dealing with some issues as a couple, maybe at an intimate level as well, amber incense is just great. Its smoke is aphrodisiac for both sexes, it gives energy and physical strength.

It improves general situations turning negative energies into positive ones. Amber also helps to achieve serenity in a couple. If you are not in a relationship just yet, it has the power of attraction to the person we want and guarantees his/her loyalty and faithfulness.

If something else is getting between you and the one you like, amber can also help you eliminate the obstacles, the friction, the resentments, and the negativity.


You can buy them on Etsy

Rose incense is absolutely incredible for love! It produces a feeling of peace, it helps you restore the intimacy with your partner, it’s an aphrodisiac but it also relieves female sexual problems while helping to solve cases of psychological impotence in men.

It also inspires feelings of peace and happiness. It helps us feel good about our bodies, eliminating doubts about our appearance and charm. It can calm internal disputes. Usually, these are the properties of pink and rose incense.

White rose incense, besides all the traditional abovementioned properties, also stimulates love at home and helps bring emotional harmony to a couple.

A yellow rose incense instead helps you eliminate sad memories of grief and helps overcome breakups and loss of love.

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You can buy them on Etsy

Lavender has always been used in magical rituals for its calming, sedative effects and as a bringer of peace, as an aid in the purification rituals of rooms, especially in welcoming a new couple.

In Handfasting (the neo-pagan union ritual), lavender plays the role of protector of marriage, bringing love and fertility, which is why it is woven into the bride’s crown, added to dishes, especially to wedding cakes, and why it is drunk in the ritual chalice.

That’s why lavender incense can boost marital connections and fertility and love. If you struggle with your partner this incense can help calm the spirit down and stave off bad moods.

Incense VarietyProperties and Effects
RosePromotes love, romance, and emotional healing.
JasmineEnhances sensuality, passion, and deepens connections.
LavenderCalms the mind, fosters emotional balance, and promotes harmony in relationships.
SandalwoodEncourages spiritual connection, strengthens bonds, and deepens love.
Ylang-YlangBoosts libido, enhances attraction, and increases passion.
Table 1: Common Incense Varieties and Their Love-Enhancing Properties

When to use them?

If you feel love forgot about you (I know, I know, I’ve been there!) or that everyone around you seems to be happy and in love apart from you, the incense for love can help you attract more love your way. I highly recommend for you to use incenses before a date, before spending some time with your partner, and so on.

Do it on a Friday as this is the best day for love magick!

How to use them?

Using incense for love is practical and very easy! 100% beginners friendly!

Simply light the incense and let it burn at its own pace.


If you want to eliminate any negative energy you and your partner have been dealing with at home, you can spread the incense in your bedroom, or in the corners of your home.

After that, open the windows and let some fresh, positive, loving energy come in!

Incense VarietyRecommended Use and Rituals
RoseBurn during romantic dates, love rituals, or meditation focused on love.
JasmineUse in bedroom settings, romantic evenings, or as a natural aphrodisiac.
LavenderBurn to create a peaceful atmosphere, for relaxation, or to ease tensions.
SandalwoodUse during bonding rituals, couple meditations, or when seeking deep connection.
Ylang-YlangBurn during intimate moments, sensual massages, or when enhancing passion.
Table 2: Recommended Use and Rituals

Sticks or grains?

It doesn’t matter! Choose what you prefer! What’s the most practical thing for you to do? That’s your incense!

Do I need a burner?

If you are going to use grains, you must use a burner to ensure it is safe. Instead, if you are using an incense stick you can simply use an incense holder if you want to let it burn by itself safely.

incense that attracts love
Copyright: Tina Caro

A prayer to chant while using incense for love

You can consider chanting these words out loud to let the incense for love bless you, do its magic, and attract more love your way!

“Incense for love
Bless me
Love is what I need
Love is what I deserve
I am open to opening my heart
Might find the partner I dream of
(or Might me and my partner find our ways back into each other
Or customize this line as per your goal)
The red vibrant energy of love is pure
Blessed be”

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How to get rid of sticks after a session is done?

When you are done using incense you can blow the ashes outside your window, bury the remains in a garden, you can use it as an ingredient for some love spell, or you can even put them in a small witchy bag and put it under your bed to attract more love easily!

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Where can you buy incense for love?

Buying online is easy and often way cheaper than buying in a local store but, it can also be tricky as some brands are not as genuine as they look! Reading feedback and exploring a brand’s philosophy behind the incense they sell is a must for you to buy great high quality and safe products.

If you love shopping the old-fashioned way, you can go to an herbalist shop selling raw organic products instead!

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