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What Incense is Best to Attract Money? (& How To Do It)

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Written by: Tina Caro

If you want to attract more money your way and embrace a wealthier life, I guess you have been trying a lot to make it happen! But if you want to make money in an easy and quick way, I have a great option for you. Let’s learn more incenses that helps attract money and how to use them!


To attract money and financial abundance, consider incense like Cinnamon, Basil, and Frankincense, known for their wealth-attracting properties.

Myrrh and Bayberry are associated with material abundance and financial prosperity.

Patchouli is linked to abundance and prosperity, while Cedar provides grounding and stability for financial success.

Bergamot’s uplifting aroma can attract positive opportunities and financial growth.

Set clear intentions and visualize your financial goals when using incense for attracting money.

The most effective incenses for money

*I found the best quality incense on Etsy. I wasn’t happy with what I found on Amazon! I also suggest that you check what local shops nearby have in stock.


You can buy them on Etsy

Its smoke attracts money, so it is used for spells and mixtures for prosperity: spread over money, added to wallets and bags, and also placed around the base of green candles.

For centuries, patchouli oil has been used by alchemists and ancient “magicians and sorcerers” to take advantage of a myriad of esoteric properties such as fertility, peace at home, energy, sexuality, and above all to attract success and money.

The ancient European fabric merchants of the 18th century used it in their merchandise to increase sales. It was even an unspoken rule among the guilds. Some think that its magical properties are possible because it cleanses the body and mind of negative thoughts and energies, attracting the good ones and materializing them in positive omens and economic stability.

However, the most skeptical argue that its scope and ability to improve a person’s situation is due more to its relaxing and hypnotic properties that cause disinhibition and helps to overcome the barriers that prevent us from taking risks in entrepreneurship and at work (a more psychological version but with the same result).

Whatever the cause, it is more than proven that patchouli incense attracts money and success, in addition, it is very easy to develop a ritual that helps us make the most of its qualities.

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You can buy them on Etsy

Its bright green leaves and pungent smell make it the ideal herb for spells to attract money and prosperity. The simplest money spell is to put a few leaves in your purse or wallet or to rub them where you keep the money.

To rid a place of evil, sprinkle it with salt water using a bunch of sprigs of fresh mint, marjoram, and rosemary. Mint incense placed on the altar will recall the presence of good spirits to help you when casting money spells and it is also kept indoors for protection from any negativity about your money issues!


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You can buy them on Etsy

There are many uses for cloves. Their magical properties include the removal of negative energies, protection, love, and money. Burn them as incense for prosperity and abundance, to ward off hostile and stagnant energies, to produce positive vibes, and to purify the magical area.

When burned as an incense it attracts riches, drives away negative and hostile forces, produces spiritual vibrations, and purifies the air. It is also burned to stop gossip about a person.

When to use them?

When you need fresh positive energy in your life to attract money and when you feel frustrated about your economic situation, that’s the right time to use incense for money! It’s also a great idea to use it right before presenting an important project that might bring you a higher income or even before playing the lottery!

If you want, you can also burn your incense on a Thursday, as this is the best day of the week to attract money. This is also the day of the week we rely on to cast money spells!

Money attraction incense blends

Incense BlendIngredients
Prosperity BlendPatchouli, cinnamon, basil, green tea
Abundance BlendSandalwood, frankincense, clove, bergamot
Wealthy Business BlendMyrrh, vetiver, ginger, orange
Financial Luck BlendCinnamon, nutmeg, mint, bay leaf
Success and Money BlendFrankincense, sandalwood, cedarwood, bergamot

How to use them?

Using incense for money is very easy. I love using sticks, but you can use grains too. If you use grains, simply put them in a burner and let them burn.

If you have sticks you can light them, wave them to burn out the flame, and let the smoke spread.

Go to each corner of your home and spend a few minutes nearby your front door so the incense will create a welcoming environment to let money and wealth enter your life!

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Sticks or grains?

It’s up to you! Choose what you like! I prefer sticks as I find them more practical but that’s my choice. Do what you think might be perfect for you!

Do I need a burner?

If you want to use grains then yes, an incense burner is the tool you need to burn those grains safely, but if you are going to use an incense stick then you don’t need it. You may, however, consider using an incense holder.

incense that attracts money
Copyright: Tina Caro

A prayer to chant while using incense for money

You can chant some words out loud to let the incense for money attract more wealth faster, but this is not mandatory.

I know some people don’t feel comfortable doing such things but if you want, give it a try and notice how you feel after chanting this prayer out loud:

“Incense for money,
I can feel your green vibes
I can sense the wealthy energy around me
My mind and my spirit are open to the blessings you think I am worth embracing
The negativity around my finance goes away
Money is now mine
No obstacles between me and a wealthier life
Blessed be “

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How to get rid of sticks after a session is done?

When you are done using incense, you can throw the ashes in the wind, bury them outside your house, or use them as a magickal ingredient for some spell! Your call!

Where can you buy incense for money?

If you are an old-fashioned shopper like I am and you have an herbalist shop you like, you can buy it there. This is especially good because you can ask the herbalist for advice (they love to do so and most of them are witches as well!).

Alternatively, you can buy incense online of course. Just make sure the products you buy are organic, as raw as possible and high quality so you can let the energy of the incense work while keeping things safe for your health.

If you want more money in your life, for you and those around you, don’t forget I can help you with my spell casting service!

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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