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3 Powerful Runes Associated with Freya (Working With Them)

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Written by: Tina Caro

Freya is a deity of Norse mythology who wandered around the world incessantly. Throughout mythology, she takes on the names of local deities such as, for example, Mardoll and Gefn, the meaning of which is indecipherable, or Horn, Sỹr, Valfreyja, and Vanadis of the Vanir lineage.

She is considered the goddess of sexual love, beauty, Gold, seduction, fertility, war, death, and prophetic virtues. She is one of the most iconic and powerful deities of Norse Mythology. Did you know that there are runes associated with Freya?


Elder Futhark runes associated with Freya embody the qualities of this Norse goddess of love and beauty.

“Fehu” represents Freya’s abundance and wealth, encouraging individuals to seek prosperity and material well-being.

“Gebo” symbolizes Freya’s gift of love and partnerships, promoting harmonious relationships and exchanges of affection.

“Wunjo” embodies Freya’s joy and happiness, guiding individuals towards emotional fulfillment and contentment.

“Ingwaz” signifies Freya’s fertility and passion, encouraging individuals to embrace their sensual and creative energies.

These runes can be integrated into rituals and divination to invoke Freya’s qualities of abundance, love, joy, and passion.

A list of runes associated with Freya

FehuWealth, abundance, and material gain
BerkanaFertility, growth, and nurturing
MannazHumanity, relationships, and personal development
PerthroMystery, divination, and the unknown
EhwazPartnership, trust, and teamwork
AnsuzCommunication, wisdom, and divine inspiration
RaidoJourney, change, and progress
Table 1: Runes Associated with Freya and Their Meanings


Custom Fehu rune by MagickalSpot
My homemade Fehu rune.

The first main rune associated with Freya is Fehu. This is the first rune of the Fuþark and it is the rune of creation and procreation, the rune that marks the beginning of a cycle, a path or a journey.

Symbolically, it is often associated with Auðhumla, the primordial cow, born from the frost of Ginnungagap, which fed the primordial giant Ymir with its four rivers of milk. Auðhumla also generated the first human creature, Bùri.

Bùri begat Borr, who united with the giantess Bestla and begat the first gods: Vili, Vé, and Odin. Fehu is also the rune of wealth (because for the people of the north the possession of livestock was a great form of wealth) and of the decisive energy to generate everything, be it material or immaterial. Fehu is associated with spring; it brings to mind flowering woods, lush forests, green valleys crisscrossed by beautiful rivers, pastures, and fruit.

Two Norse gods of the Vani lineage are linked to the rune Fehu: Freya and Freyr. Freya is the goddess of beauty, love, fertility, seduction, but also of war and magical arts, including runic divination. She is linked to feminine energy and abundance so this rune is perfectly in tune with her.

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Custom Berkano rune by MagickalSpot
My homemade Berkano rune.

This is the rune of motherhood and represents a uterus that is ready for babies. Berkana represents the concealment and protection of what is coming into being. In the most mundane sense, pregnancy protects the child until it is ready to enter this world.

There is no safer place for us, as living beings than the womb. It is a time of secrecy, silence, and total security and dependence. We implicitly knew that our mothers went out of their way, doing everything they could to protect us, and although we cannot consciously remember this experience, it is still accessible to us through deep meditation and working with Berkana.


Motherhood is a very strong and powerful part of this rune. The nourishing energy of the mother can be both used in a strict sense, referring to a mother and her motherly mindset and approach towards a baby, but also the connection and the support given to our inner child, the one from our past that is defining our present and leading us into the future.

Freya is the goddess of motherhood and fertility and these energies are present in the Berkana rune.

Plus, this rune is also connected with the inner realm, of our psyche and our past experiences, linking us deeper to our roots and our ancestral beginning.


Custom Sowilo rune by MagickalSpot
My homemade Sowilo rune.

Solar power lets nature regenerate, germinate, flower, and ripen with vigor. None of these natural processes would be possible without the Sun, but the Sowilo rune puts us in front of an important truth: if the Sun has benevolent light and heat, it makes life sprout and accompanies it to maturity, but if the solar strength is too strong, it kills and creates barren deserts. Sowelu is a rune of great responsibility. It reflects the power when making a choice between good and evil. And personal vision must be set aside in favor of global observation.

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Working with Freya’s Runes

FehuAttracting abundance and financial prosperity
BerkanaEnhancing fertility and nurturing energies
MannazStrengthening relationships and personal growth
PerthroUnlocking intuitive abilities and divination
EhwazCultivating harmonious partnerships and teamwork
AnsuzConnecting with divine guidance and inspiration
RaidoFacilitating personal growth and life transformations

In a nutshell, Sowelu teaches us to cancel the ego, the self, and fully accept that what appears right to us is not always right. This rune is connected with Freya as the goddess of beauty, especially inner beauty that radiates just like the sun does all around us! Her energy is all about abundance, confidence, and openness so Sowelu represents her in a great way!

Freya’s beauty goes beyond Aphrodite’s sense of beauty. She rules that beauty that can make us feel able to share our blessings with others, our gifts, our precious uniqueness, but not in a selfish or arrogant way. Relying on this rune can help you when feeling not able to focus on this part from a place of humility and kindness.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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