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Discover Sandalwood Magical Properties [DIY]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Sandalwood is an extraordinary ingredient for the well-being of the mind and body. What about its magical uses? Let’s take a look at sandalwood’s magical properties and uses.

It is excellent for the skin’s beauty and creates a relaxing atmosphere in one’s home.

Also, it has some powerful magical properties making this herb and its essential oil great ingredients to boost your witchy practice and to create a calming relaxing atmosphere at home.


Sandalwood, a fragrant and revered wood, is known for its versatile applications in various spiritual and magical practices.

Its correspondences include associations with the element of air, the planet Venus, and the zodiac sign Taurus, making it a powerful tool for love spells and enhancing sensuality.

Sandalwood’s magical properties encompass promoting mental clarity, aiding meditation, and enhancing spiritual awareness, making it an ideal tool for deepening one’s spiritual journey.

When used in rituals and spells, sandalwood can help create a harmonious and serene atmosphere, fostering a sense of peace and tranquility.

What is Sandalwood?

Sandalwood is considered a sacred oil by the Buddhist and Hindi religions and is often used to promote prayer, meditation, and yoga practices.

Its oil, and its corresponding aroma, are obtained from the bark of a shrub known as citrine sandal, originating in India, Australia, and Indonesia.

The place linked to the production of Sandalwood products is Mysore, in southern India. Unfortunately, the extensive and blind use of this tree has endangered its existence, and currently, the Indian Santalum album is rare, expensive, and the trees are under government protection.

Another Sandalwood with pleasing olfactory qualities is Santalum Austrocaledonicum. It’s currently the most in aromatherapy for the sustainability of its production.

Years ago there was no talk of sustainability, and therefore trees and plants were used without thinking of the consequences … which were then seen and have been disastrous.

Correspondences of Sandalwood

Planetary AssociationMoon
Zodiac SignTaurus
ChakraRoot and Heart Chakras
Magical PropertiesProtection, purification, spirituality, meditation, healing

Sandalwood Uses and Qualities

Sandalwood oil is particularly appreciated in cosmetics and aromatherapy.

Ayurvedic medicine uses it to treat some psychophysical disorders, and it seems that its virtues – which we will soon see – actually act on the well-being of body and mind.

Essential oils are, in fact, natural products that are safe for health and can also be applied directly to the skin. Sandalwood is a fragrance widely used also in the form of fire sticks.

The price of pure essential oil is quite high however, it is a versatile and multi-purpose product that can be used in many ways and for various purposes.

  • It is burned inside the temples to clean the aura of places and people.
  • They build furniture with it.
  • Used for a very precious essential oil (Santalum album)
  • It is one of the oldest materials used as incense
  • It is also used for cosmetics, particularly sandalwood powder.

One of the wonders of Sandalwood essential oil is that it improves over time. Over time it acquires deeper nuances which still enhance the olfactory texture.

A true wonder, from every point of view.

Sandalwood’s Magical Properties and Uses

Sandalwood is ideal for rituals of cleansing and spiritual elevation, connection with the divine, and consecrations.

Sandalwood balances, soothes, brings peace, and harmonizes and is very useful for meditations and magical practices.

Thus, it is great for the rituals of spiritual purification, self-knowledge, harmonization, and balance.

Magical UseDescription
Protection SpellsBurning sandalwood incense or using sandalwood oil for protection
Meditation and Spiritual PracticesUsing sandalwood to enhance focus, calmness, and spiritual connection
Healing RitualsUtilizing sandalwood for promoting physical, emotional, and energetic healing
Anointing and BlessingApplying sandalwood oil for consecration or blessing purposes
Love and Attraction SpellsIncorporating sandalwood in rituals to attract love and enhance relationships
Table 2: Magical Uses of Sandalwood

Spiritual Harmony with Sandalwood

Light a (quality) sandalwood incense and close your eyes.

Calm your body by slowly breathing and letting your mind wander.

Let your thoughts flow freely.

Breathe the scent of sandalwood and visualize it swirling in a spiral, the spiral of your being.

Breathe, rotate, feel chaos dissipate, peace invade your body, and harmonize with yourself.

Love Spell with Sandalwood

Things you need

  • A few drops of sandalwood essence
  • One red carnation
  • Nine sandalwood flowers
  • Hair of the loved person
  • One piece of black cloth
  • Red thread
  • One glass with water

How it’s done

Make a small bag three inches long and three inches wide with the fabric and sew it with the red thread.


Insert the carnation petals and hair into the bag and place it on the floor beside your bed.

Add nine envelopes of sandalwood flowers and the essence of sandalwood in a glass of water.

With this mixture, wash your face, arms, and neck.

While doing that you need to say:

You (name of the loved one), you must marry me. No, you will not think of anyone else, only of me. It will be me with who you will find happiness in all aspects.

The ritual of washing with sandalwood is repeated daily for nine days (any time of the day). It just needs to be during the daylight.

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