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Here’s a List of 29 Powerful Wiccan Herbs [DIY]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Personally, I appreciate Green Magic, not only because it’s effective, but it’s also straightforward to perform. So let’s learn more about the combination of Wiccans and herbs. Let’s see which are the herbs every Wicca should use!


Wiccan practitioners harness the power of 29 diverse herbs and plants to enhance their spiritual practices and rituals.

Among these botanical allies are mystical plants like Deadly Nightshade (belladonna) and Mandrake, known for their potent and enigmatic properties.

Herbal staples like Chamomile, Lavender, and Peppermint play crucial roles in promoting relaxation and healing in Wiccan traditions.

The ancient invocation, Precatio Omnium Herbarum, serves as a powerful tool for connecting with the energies of these herbs and plants.

Why Plants and Herbs?

Herbs and plants possess inherent magical properties, a power that is already part of them, and that allows us to carry out rituals and spells without having to draw external energies.

When we decide to use Green Magic, our mind is the most critical tool for achieving the desired effects.

wiccan herbs

We must learn to concentrate and visualize what we really want. But very importantly, we must always remember that Green Magic is based on respect for nature.

During the gathering of herbs, we must be careful not to damage the plant and, if it is not possible, sow a new one at the point where there was the old one.

We always thank nature when we take natural elements, and it would be a good idea to bring offerings (flour, pulses …) to Mother Nature every time we decide to go and collect what we need.

Herbs and plants, all that a Wiccan could wish for. They can be used for infusions, decoctions, wraps, and natural remedies.


Herbs are also potent parts of spells. They are daughters of Mother Earth, and they represent her in the life cycle as in the element.

A Rule for Before Cutting a Plant

Remember that before cutting a plant with your athame, you will have to say these words:

Oh small plant of (pronounce the name of the plant)
I ask that you give me your gift
So that you can help me in my work
Grow stronger from my cut
Stronger and more powerful
Oh plant of (pronounce the name of the plant)!

Here’s a list of 29 herbs and plants that every Wicca should use

Deadly Nightshade (belladonna)

Its toxic principles penetrate the body through the skin, causing deep sleep and frantic sensations. Excessive use leads to confusion, phobias, loss of voice, and even death.


Probably the oldest herb, it is one of the first known aphrodisiacs. Its forked roots look like a miniature man and have aphrodisiac abilities.

He screamed like a human being when it was eradicated, and his screams caused death. It increases intellectual capacity and makes perceptions more acute.


Particularly poisonous herb, it is sacred to Saturn. It supports clairvoyance and astral travel.

In the Middle Ages, it was used to cause hallucinations and delirium. The priestesses, however, used it to fall into prophetic states.

Shakespeare mentions it in Hamlet, where the protagonist’s father was murdered with only two drops of henbane in his ear.

High use causes convulsions, coma, and death.


It is said that it was born from the burr of Cerberus, the three-headed dog, guardian of the gate of the underworld.

According to the Greek peasants, this plant could withstand the hardest stones.

Sacred to Hecate, goddess of witches, the aconite is very poisonous.


It was used to steal information from enemies. It caused nausea, tearing, sensitivity, and decreased heart rate.

Once used, there was no antidote for it. It was used on servants to make them humble and temperamentally agreeable.


A purely male herb, linked to the element of air. It joins incense to give beneficial vibrations or burns itself on charcoal.

It purifies the sacred space and creates a very intimate and personal circle.


One of the most suitable herbs for love spells.

It works well for courage and when you need to purify an environment.

Drink a cup of tea to increase your psychic powers. Bring some with you to attract love and friendship. Also great if you want to increase wealth!

Learn more about yarrow magical properties here.

Star anise

Crushing the seeds and burning them on charcoal is very useful to increase one’s psychic power.

Their smoke also, if spread over objects and magically loads them.

The seeds, if immersed in peppermint oil and then tied to a thread, are excellent pendulums.


Try to use it when you are about to make divination or to consult with a crystal ball.

It also promotes astral travel. It’s an excellent plant for protection.

Devil’s Claw

It’s used to enhance psychic powers. You should ALWAYS have it in your bag, as it increases the power of all other herbs.


Everyone knows its relaxing powers, but that’s not the only thing it can do. It is beneficial in spells that attract luck.

It is advisable to fill a green bag with it and always have it nearby.


It’s my favorite herb! It’s beautiful to burn it as incense or to use it in bags. It attracts money and success, and it is also excellent for healing.

If you put it in a purple bag, it increases your psychic powers.

If you put it in a white bag, it will increase your spirituality, and protect you.

Learn more about cinnamon magical properties here.


Carnation magical properties vary. They can be used for protection, love, and money. If burned as incense they bring prosperity and abundance.


It is the most powerful healing herb and has a very intense bond with the Moon.

To soften a cold, rub some leaves on green candles, and visualize yourself being healthy.


The planet of Venus rules catnip, and for this reason, it is useful in spells of love and beauty.


Jasmine has always been a plant that enhances romantic bonds. A very strong infusion of this plant could attract many looks.

It is an inducer of clairvoyance, and smelling its flowers before resting helps to have serene dreams.

Learn more about jasmine magical properties here.

Broom Flowers

Caution – the broom flower is poisonous. It should not be ingested and should be kept away from children and animals.

It has strong purifying power but unfortunately does not smell good.


The magical properties of Frankincense are very similar to Myrrh. You can grind them in a mortar and use them as incense on charcoal tablets.

Incense induces visions and is an excellent aid in meditation.

Learn more about frankincense magical properties here.


Little known plant, in fact, I also find myself somewhat not knowing it well enough.

Here is what I can tell you about it – it is a purifying plant that helps attract love and promote marriages.


Excellent for use in love spells. Lavender has long been known for its fragrance – a strong attraction for men.

Lavender is also often used for protection, longevity, purification, and joy.

Learn more about lavender magical properties here.


Peppermint creates an excellent tea that will boost your psychic abilities.

I drink a little mint tea before I do tarot, runes, sphere etc. and it helps me produce visions.

Learn more about mint magical properties here.

Poppy flowers

Having poppy flowers nearby helps to attract money.

Unfortunately, the poppy is not as useful as a flower, but you can do everything with its seeds.


It is often used in fertility spells. Since the Earth rules this herb, it is excellent for attracting money and work.

It helps with concentration, and it’s great if you take it with you when you have a meeting or an exam because it enables you to memorize things much faster.


Rose petals are great in spells to attract love.

Use red roses for passionate love and pink or white roses for romantic love.

In small quantities, it brings luck and protection.

Learn more about rose magical properties here.


This herb is excellent for whatever you want to do.

Rosemary can be used as a substitute for virtually any herb.

Its powers include love, lust, protection, purification, healing, longevity, youth, mental capabilities, and sleep.

It is also a perfect incense to emit positive and purifying vibrations. Add an infusion of rosemary to your bathroom to purify yourself.

Learn more about rosemary magical properties here.


Sage is useful for protection, healing, and the fulfillment of desires.

Learn more about sage magical properties here.


Sandalwood has many magical uses, which include protection, spirituality, and healing.

Sandalwood, with lavender, creates an excellent incense that has the property of meeting the elements.

Learn more about sandalwood magical properties here.


Usually used for love, verbena also provides protection, purification, peace, money, and promotes youth.

I should also mention its healing powers. It can be used as a substitute for lavender to gather the elements …


The violets in large quantities increase lust and passion. And combined with lavender, they can be a powerful aphrodisiac.

An Ancient Invocation known as Precatio Omnium Herbarum

A surviving fragment of one of the four oldest herbaria is written in Latin.

This is an invocation known as Precatio Omnium Herbarum and is one of the most moving attestations of the devotion of ancient man towards the therapeutic power of nature.

You can also use it to honor plants and herbs and their powers and properties the right way! The magical and religious vision of the invocation of the Gods in their arboreal form can easily be deduced, being able to sacrifice a part of themselves to be donated in the form of medicines or food.

O powerful herbs, now I address my prayer to you all!
I implore your authority, you who the Mother Earth
has generated and offered as a gift to humanity:
has brought together healing remedies and powers,
so that you are always very helpful
for the entire human race.
I beseech you and pray: come,
get closer to your virtues more quickly,
for you, who created you, have granted me
to collect you; the person to whom is also favorable
medical art has been entrusted. And to the extent that
your virtue has the power, assure the remedy
that is good for your health. Please let me pardon you
for your strength, so that in every situation,
whatever I have done in your name,
to anyone I have given you, guarantee success
and rapid effect. May I always be allowed,
with the favor of your authority,
gather …
I will make you an offering of the fruits of the earth and I will give you thanks
in the name of the Mother who established that you were generated.

Texts like this, give meaning to the poetic force that highlights the ancient worship of what is sacred.

In fact, this text is accompanied by invocations to the Sacred Earth, the One who generates and regenerates.

In their apparent fragility, we never forget herbs’ great healing power.

From Ancient Egypt to the Roman Empire, herbariums and botanical texts continued associating a magical value to each plant, each with an archetypal value associated with a god or goddess.

Plants take advantage of the sacredness of the divinity who discovered them, to whom they belong, transformations of nymphs or tears that gave them life, sharing their magical and mysterious properties from the night of time.

Final Thoughts

With witchcraft and especially with green magic, we can bring some of the plants’ virtues and properties into our daily life and our craft.

So grab your bag, your athame, and go outside on a search for the perfect little helper to create some magic and work on some spells.

All the exploring and the harvesting are part of the process, and it can be experienced as an adventure, a little ritual to reconnect with mother Nature, its forces, and its incredible gifts.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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