9 Lovely Rose Magical Properties [DIY]

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By: Tina Caro

Rose is a special flower, but it isn’t used only as a present for a loved one. Let’s learn more about Rose Magical Properties.

What is a Rose?

The first known uses of this flower reach back to the seventeenth century BC. of C.. The rose bushes had special importance on the island of Crete, in Egypt and Greece. In Babylon, Persia, and the entire Mediterranean, they were a symbol of beauty.

The Romans cultivated this beautiful plant in their gardens called rosetum (rosebush) since they used their petals in all celebrations.

In the Middle Ages, the usage of roses was restricted to monasteries, at least in the western world.

Its most exotic variants were introduced in Europe from the nineteenth century, such as the yellow rose bush.

Magickal Symbolism and Powers

If we were to associate a flower with love, romanticism, and poetry, a rose would undoubtedly be the first to come to mind.

But I’m sure that if we knew a little more about its fantastic properties, we would take advantage of every one of its beautiful petals.

The wide variety of roses and their relationship with the different cultures throughout history make their origins somewhat uncertain. Still, without a doubt, there is some legend that I would like to tell you.

It is about the essential oil of rose, which is said to have been discovered accidentally in Persia when hundreds of rose petals were thrown into the water because of a wedding.

Because of the heat and high temperatures, petals released an oily substance with a delicious smell. And that’s how they discovered rose essential oil.

But this didn’t create a booming business, because it takes 5000 roses to extract 2.2 pounds (around 1 kg) of essential oil.

Rose Glass Bloom Blossom Water Essential Oils

Far from the legends and confirmed by ancient manuscripts, it can be said that the Egyptians used roses in their funeral rites.

As we also know with certainty that the Romans used them to decorate doors and images of Gods like Bacchus, Cupid, or Venus.

The rose has always been used and considered in the magical world as a flower capable of attracting good luck, love, and health.

It’s the most famous icon of purity.

Rose Magical Properties and Uses

  1. It is used to enhance female intuition since it is a flower closely linked to female energy or Yin energy.
  2. Taking a bath with rose water or using its fragrance will develop this intuition and, not only that, but will attract love, health, and good luck.
  3. It is also used within the world of Wicca in spells to enhance love (NEVER voodoo or spells that work against another person’s will) or to request that our wishes be fulfilled.
  4. For this flower, there is a very beautiful ritual that is performed on Full Moon, in which you must take a bouquet of roses (it doesn’t matter how much roses, but if possible they should be an odd number of them and more than three) and request with all your best intentions something you desire.Then you need to boil it in a pot, let it stand and cool down, and pour that water over your body in a bath, or you can use it as a cream to massage your body with it.

    You should see results on the next New Moon.

  5. Roses are used when witches cast love spells. By removing the thorns before a ritual, will enhance it.
  6. Girls used to create special love necklaces with rose hips. They also left three leaves on it and chose a man for each leaf. The last leaf that stayed on a necklace meant that that was a man for her.
  7. To have prophetic dreams just make a soft infusion with rosebuds and drink it just before bedtime.
  8. Rose isn’t only used for love magic, but also for protection spells and in mixtures to attract good luck. If the petals are spread around the house, they relieve personal tensions and help to avoid conflicts.
  9. It is said that having a rose bush at home will attract fairies since they feel a tendency for these flowers.

Magical properties of rose water

When I think of rose water, the first thing that comes to my mind is my entire childhood and its memories! I remember my grandma teaching me how to make rose water and I remember how she was all about its magical properties.

She told me how rose water is an incredible way to attract beauty and love into our lives and how it can be used in many different witchy practices. The first thing to do is to create rose water.

It consists of putting the petals in some water and let them float under the rays of the full moon until the next morning. After that you can use this water for some love bath, you can add this water to other warm water and other fresh rose petals to help you relax, rebalance your energies, and have more self-confidence.

You can even spread the rose water to outline the magic circle in the love spells and rituals or you can spray it on your altar. It gives amazing energy and the smell…oh my!! It’s absolutely relaxing and soothing! Perfect for a love spell!

With the petals, you can make rose water, a potion to dress your candles, create perfumes, and even create essential oils for your practice.

Spells with Roses

Cleansing Ritual with Roses

This is a very gentle and enjoyable energy cleansing ritual.

Things you need

  • A glass or cup
  • A small amethyst crystal
  • A few dried roses

We add the amethyst and the flowers inside the cup and shake it gently.

We can then leave a cup on our altar or a shelf for a few days.

Ritual with Roses to Attract Love

If you want to have influence and control in your love life, try doing this ritual.

How it’s done

At dusk, look for the petals of five different roses.

Pour the water (about 0.5-1 l) into a pot.

When it starts to boil, put the rose petals in the water and mix with a spatula. This mixture will begin to thicken up.

Then add a cinnamon stick and some milk. Mix a little and wait until it settles. It shouldn’t be too sticky. It should be still in a liquid state.

Place this love potion in an empty jar, and when you shower in the morning, cover your body with it, from head to toe.

Then, in your mind, repeat the following phrase:

“These roses attract love to my life.”

Ritual for Attraction with Roses

Take a picture of the loved one and pick a rose up from a garden, which can be white, red, or blue.

Also, you will need some sugar.

When you have all the ingredients, you must put the picture on the rose (precisely on the petals), sprinkle it with sugar, and crush it thoroughly, inside a plastic bag.

As you’re crushing it, you need to say out loud:

“Your love will be sweet to me and it will bloom a little every day.”

Keep the bag in a safe place, not directly on the sun.

You will feel the attraction soon after.

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