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10 Incredible Yarrow Magical Properties [DIY]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Yarrow is a beautiful plant to stare at for its tiny flowers and its classy look. But what about its Magickal uses? Let’s learn more about yarrow’s magical properties!


Yarrow, a versatile herb with feathery leaves and clusters of small, vibrant flowers, boasts an impressive history of medicinal and magical uses dating back centuries.

This herb’s protective properties are not to be underestimated; it can be used to create powerful wards and shields against negative energies and entities.

It can help individuals draw love and positive energy into their lives, making it an essential ingredient in love spells and rituals.

When utilized in combination with other herbs and crystals, yarrow becomes a potent catalyst for transformative and healing spells, making it a must-have for any magical practitioner’s toolkit.

What is Yarrow?

Yarrow is a native plant of the Mediterranean.

The Latin name “achillea” was invented by the botanist Carl Linnaeus, for the fascinating history that surrounded the legendary Achilles and the yarrow plant that allowed to heal Télefo’s wounds during the siege of Troy.

Other sources, on the other hand, stated that when Achilles was critically hit in battle by Paris, the goddess Aphrodite treated his wounds with the yarrow.

The plant is composed of small white or pink flowers, with a delicate fragrance present from the spring to the summer.

The Celts used it for spiritual rituals because they considered its powers magical.

Botanist Carl von Linne
Carl von Linne

The Indians of America used it mainly as an infusion to overcome the almost polar cold of the long winters.

In the seventeenth century, medicine recommended its use in the culinary field. The softer leaves are excellent for flavoring fresh cheeses and salads.

Yarrow Magical Uses and Properties

  1. It is the plant of the warrior par excellence, as it gives strength, power, and deep love. Its healing value is equally recognized for both physical and spiritual wounds.
  2. It directs its action towards the center of the heart, proving to be particularly useful when used together with mint.
  3. There is no better remedy against spiritual wounds. It serves to heal wounds of the aura and broken hearts, from a loss. My grandmother used it together with mint and chamomile as an infusion or as incense when someone confided to her during the emotional pain or mourning.

    Actually, I’m rediscovering this herb recently. My grandmother used it a lot, and if she wasn’t happy when she found out that she burned it all. I immediately learned that I didn’t like its taste, so it was never my favorite herb. However, when I become older, I changed my mind, and today I use it, not too much as an internal remedy, but I often burn it to help restore the electromagnetic field of mine or of the people who need it.

  4. I add it in a little bag that I keep around my neck, and I must say that it drives away negative people, especially men.
  5. Traditionally this herb is used magically to drive away the evil eye and diseases and for a special “magnet” that attracts the opposite sex.
  6. If worn, yarrow protects like a talisman or an amulet, it could be defined as the amulet of Mother Nature.
  7. When held in hand, it calms the fears and increases courage.
  8. A bunch of dried yarrow just above the bed, or used fresh for wedding decorations, ensure the duration of love for at least seven years. It was also used in love spells.
  9. Bringing it with you not only attracts love but also attracts friends and attracts distant people with whom you want to have a relationship. It draws the attention of those you most wish to see.
  10. Flowers are placed in boiling water to make an infusion that increases psychic powers when drunk.
Magical AttributeDescription
ProtectionYarrow is renowned for its protective properties, guarding against negative energies, psychic attacks, and providing spiritual defense.
HealingYarrow possesses potent healing energies and is used in spells, rituals, and herbal remedies for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.
DivinationYarrow has a strong connection to divination and enhancing psychic abilities. It can be used in scrying, tarot readings, or dreamwork for heightened intuition and insight.
Love and FriendshipYarrow is associated with love and friendship, promoting harmonious relationships, deepening bonds, and attracting positive connections.
Courage and StrengthYarrow is believed to bestow courage, inner strength, and resilience, empowering individuals to face challenges and overcome obstacles.
Table 1: Magical Properties and Correspondences of Yarrow

Ritual and Spell Applications of Yarrow

Protection CharmCreate a protective charm by combining dried yarrow with other protective herbs and carrying it in a sachet or amulet bag for personal protection.
Healing BathInfuse a warm bath with dried yarrow leaves or flowers to promote physical and emotional healing, relaxation, and energy purification.
Love SpellIncorporate yarrow into a love spell by burning dried yarrow or using it in a love sachet to attract love, enhance romantic relationships, or promote self-love.
Divination AidPlace fresh or dried yarrow leaves on your divination tools, such as tarot cards or runes, to enhance intuitive abilities and facilitate clearer readings.
Ritual CleansingBrew a yarrow-infused tea or create a yarrow smudge stick for energetic cleansing and purification of spaces, objects, or individuals.

Attraction Spell with Yarrow

There is a wide variety of attraction spells that can meet almost any need if you follow the rules and do it with positive intentions.

The first step is the mental one. You need to decide what or who you want.

With that information and a handful of easy-to-find ingredients, you will be able to do the ritual.


If you are new to magic and you want to perform your first spell, don’t worry, this one is easy to do. But if you don’t feel confident enough, you can ask for the assistance of a Wicca practitioner.

That said, make sure that the person you will ask for help is someone you know and trust.

Things you need

  • Pink cloth
  • Pink incense or similar
  • Rose Petals (12)
  • Yarrow (Grass)
  • Thyme (Herb)
  • Rose oil
  • Two pink candles
  • A dark pink candle
  • Cauldron
  • Ritual blade – athame

How it’s done

Position the altar to the west side and cover it with the cloth.

Light the incense and spread the smoke around your altar.

Sprinkle three candles with rose oil, and then light the two pink candles around your altar at the ends.

Light the third dark pink candle and place it in the center of the altar.

In the cauldron, add the rose petals, thyme, and yarrow. Scatter the herbs.

Draw a circle around the altar with your finger. With the athame, carve what you want in the candle.

After that, say these words:

“The candle of energy, the candle of sight
Make my wishes clear to me tonight.
Candle Fire Energy
Deliver the true desire of my heart.”

Then call the water elements, saying:

“Water resident elements, light-bearers,
Help me send the spell I do tonight.
I feel deep in my heart,
That what comes next binds us stronger.”

Turn off the two pink candles around the altar, allow the dark pink candle to burn on its own (have a base metal tableware for the candle).

Once the entire ritual is finished, clean the altar and cover it with a pink cloth or cloth.

Dispose of the used herbs in the garden or a place where you have other herbs.

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