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How to Use a Crystal Ball? (Long List of Tips for Beginners)

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Written by: Tina Caro

While crystal ball divination, the oldest and most practiced divination method in the world, may seem very complex, it really isn’t. All you need is a natural predisposition and a lot of patience. Today I will share with you some tips and tricks on how beginners can learn to use a crystal ball.

The crystal ball and its art

The art of crystal ball reading, crystallomancy, is very old; it was used in the pharaonic era in Egypt to read crystal balls and calm waters. It is believed that the technique of reading the crystal ball originates from the oracles of water.

Before you start

Scrying TechniqueTips
Clearing Your MindRelax and clear your mind before starting the scrying session.
Lighting ConditionsChoose a dimly lit room or use soft candlelight for better focus.
Staring TechniqueGaze into the crystal ball without focusing on any specific point.
Intuition and SymbolsTrust your intuition and interpret the symbols or images that appear.
JournalingKeep a scrying journal to record your experiences, observations, and interpretations.

What do you need to get started?

You need a crystal ball or a spherical container to practice this art.

Setting the perfect place to read your crystal ball

It is then necessary to find an environment where no one can bother you, dimly lit but not dark and on a table wrapped in a black cloth. Ideally, the table and the crystal ball will be about 12-15 inches (about 30cm) below your view.

Focusing and settling

Light some candles around the crystal ball and minimize other light sources in the room. To perform this practice correctly, you need to relax, close your eyes, breathe deeply and slowly for a few minutes. When opening your eyes, observe only the center of the sphere. No matter what you see, the important thing is that your eyes get used to observing.

Always look at the ball and blink normally, place your hands around it, but look at all of it without touching it.

Noticing any signs

You will not see moving images but lights or shadows in it. With practice, you will be able to see geometric figures or numbers. You will later learn to interpret these shapes as answers to questions asked of you. The fundamental thing is to be relaxed and to observe the ball so you can see simple visions.

When you reach perfect concentration, the time has come to ask the question aloud; wait a few seconds and then, gazing into the center of the sphere, rephrase the question. Take into consideration what you see, without speaking, but simply keeping the information in mind, so that you can interpret it correctly later.

How to read the crystal ball?

It is said that no real powers of foresight are needed to summon the crystal because nothing passes through the crystal; a crystal ball is just a tool. A trained person can see colors, indefinite images, symbols, or veils. An abstraction of time is produced, and what you see in the crystal could have happened in the past, present, or future; you almost always see things in their natural dimension.

To learn to read it, one must arm oneself with patience and tenacity. It can take weeks for the first images to appear. Here are some tips:

The room where this reading is practiced must be dimly lit with natural or artificial light. If using a candle, position them so that the light comes from the shoulders of the seer. The room must be warm and quiet. The sphere must be at least 2 inches (about 5 cm) in size, perfectly clean, and placed on a black cloth. You can magnetize by passing your hands over the ball.

The owner is the only one who can touch it.

The seer stares at the inside of the ball, remaining passive and concentrated. It is necessary to have a lot of patience. According to the sensitivity of the seer, clouds, colors or swaying veils will appear first.

Over time, confused figures, people or objects will appear. It is unnecessary to force the vision, just wait for clearer images to appear. The interpretation of the images depends on the seer according to their personal code.

Most common interpretations of images you can see in a crystal ball

  • Purple clouds – harmony and tranquility.
  • Blue clouds – conquest and happiness.
  • Green clouds: profit and prosperity.
  • Yellow clouds: doubts cleared up in a short time.
  • Orange clouds. difficult decisions.
  • Red clouds: obstacles and agitation.
  • Light shadows – big trouble.
  • Stella: impossible dreams.
  • Heart: the experience of a great love.
  • Snake: attention to health.
  • Bird: surprises.
  • Eye: follow your intuition.
  • Sword: disharmony.
  • Libra: the right reward.
  • Image in front of the crystal ball: present or immediate future.
  • Image behind the crystal ball: past that will influence the present.
  • Image to the right of the crystal ball: good influences.
  • Left image of the crystal ball: bad influences.

A crystal ball is a magnificent tool that lets you see past, present, and future events clearly.

Using a crystal ball for divination purposes is ideal for all sensitive people who wish to channel their clairvoyance skills adequately.

Those who possess clairvoyance abilities will be able to make tremendous progress with a crystal ball because it is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance: the things of fundamental importance are practice and faith.

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Additional tips

Crystal balls tend to be between ten to fifteen centimeters in diameter. The sphere usually fits into a metal holder but can be supported with one hand. In this case, it is advisable to move away from the person requesting the consultation to avoid seeing their reflection in it.

black crystal ball

Do not perform this practice after eating and avoid consuming alcohol around the time of practice. If you do any outdoor magic before doing a reading, you may find yourself more inspired than usual when interpreting the signs.

Ambient temperature and lighting are very important. It is necessary to feel at ease, completely relaxed in the chair with a calm mind so that you can contemplate the crystal ball, with adequate light. Traditionally it was considered that the light of the moon was the ideal illumination source, but the most important thing is the mental form with which you go to perform the consultation.

The table where the consultation is performed must be covered with a white linen tablecloth or, failing that, any other opaque white cloth. Tradition says that when it is not in use, you should cover the sphere with a black velvet cloth, while when it is used it is wrapped in a black silk cloth to avoid reflections.

If you like ceremonies, you can do various things that can help you “visualize”. Before placing the sphere on the table, you can draw a magic circle or spray a few drops of acacia perfume (the most suitable for promoting induction, but any other fragrance is fine) into your area.

Then you can recite a prayer, make an invocation or use any magic formula. We recommend the use of candles, incense, perfumes or other utensils, but in practice, they are less important than the silence of the environment in which you carry out the divination. The simpler the room’s decoration, the more you will be able to concentrate.

Heat the sphere by moving it close to a fire or by rubbing it on your clothes. Then place it on the base and ensure that it is on a black cloth.

Project the mind inside the crystal and not on its surface. Calmly wait for an image to appear. Fix your gaze on the ball and be patient.

Now focus on what you need to decipher. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see anything. At first, it is not easy to be successful. Practice at the same time every day for five-minute sessions. Gradually increase the time until you get to half an hour.

In the moments preceding the appearance of an image, you will have the impression that the ball becomes cloudy and a milky gray color; this is the time to say the first thing that comes to your mind. Breathe slowly and deeply as you carefully observe inside the crystal. At first you will see disconnected images, like dreams, which gradually acquire a meaning and you learn to interpret them.

Once finished, keep the sphere and do not let anyone else use it but you. Even those who request a consultation from you cannot touch the sphere.

Wash the sphere often with soap and water. If other people have touched your sphere, wash it with water and alcohol, or even better soak it for ten minutes in a solution of water and vinegar. Rinse it gently and dry it with a soft cloth. It is very important to take care of it.

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