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How to Remove Black Magic Effectively? [The In-Depth Guide]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Our journey continues by examining how to remove black magic from our life, from an object, or from the place we live in.

Yes, because negative and powerful energy can be sent to us and can break our balance by leading us into negativity, bad luck, and melancholy.

So how can you recognize that you were attacked, and how can you defend yourself against it?

We will find out together in this article. Let’s begin!


Recognize the signs of black magic, such as unexplained illnesses, sudden financial difficulties, or recurring nightmares, to understand if you’re under its influence.

Craft your own protection amulet or talisman using specific materials and symbols that ward off negative energies, providing a personalized shield against black magic.

Utilize herbs and herbal bags to create potent protective charms, harnessing the natural powers of plants like basil, sage, and rosemary to cleanse your surroundings.

Learn and chant effective protection mantras like the “Gayatri Mantra” or “Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra” to strengthen your inner defenses and dispel black magic’s influence.

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How do you know that you’re under the influence of black magic?

Many people do not know that they have been victims of an attack of black magic. Even I and my family weren’t sure, once this happened. You can read my personal experience with black magic here.

This can occur in many different forms, such as ailments.

Here are some symptoms you could experience if you were a victim of black magic.

13 symptoms of black magic

  1. Separation of husband and wife. With black magic, you can destroy a family in a matter of weeks.
  2. If a wife hates her husband only by seeing his face. If a woman simply sees her husband and feels anger, it causes both of them to have a miserable life.
  3. If a person’s heartbeat is faster than it should. The victim may feel that it is an illness, but it is not.
  4. If the woman has her period ahead of time and feels like she doesn’t want to spend time with her husband, it can also be a symptom of black magic.
  5. Having a constant headache. It is a common symptom of dark or evil eye spells.
  6. Having difficulty breathing. If you can’t breathe properly or feel suffocated, it can be an obvious symptom.
  7. Sudden blindness. Some types of magic can make someone lose their sight.
  8. Losing the sense of hearing. Feeling pain in the ears or having trouble hearing can be another cause of dark witchcraft.
  9. Sore throat and infections. If you feel that you cannot speak or that your voice seems to be weak.
  10. Tooth pain. Malignant spells can cause many dental issues like pain, blood in the gums, and teeth.
  11. Painful spots on/in the body. If you feel pain and weak, especially in both legs or the spine, this can be a symptom of black magic.
  12. Constant pain and fever.
  13. A feeling of anguish, anxiety, and heaviness. Feeling like something is pulling you down. Feeling tired constantly.

I think I am a victim of some black magic. What can I do to protect myself?

There are numerous talismans and rituals to remove black magic, but the best protection and undoubtedly, prevention, so this won’t even happen.

Protecting oneself from negative influences and people with an oppressive aura is already in itself a way to avoid the evil eye.

The first step is to have a purified and harmonious environment. Clean your home, bedroom, and workplace regularly.

It may be useful to wash the floors with water and salt, to have red bags containing salt in the corners of the rooms.

Water and salt have the property of removing negative vibrations.

To defend yourself while away from home and in contact with people, some witches say it’s essential to bring specific talismans with you, but the primary protection must be the fence of your aura.

Spiritual cleansing with herbs and saltUse herbs and salt to cleanse your energy and living space
Prayer and meditationEngage in spiritual practices to strengthen your aura
Seeking help from a spiritual healerConsult with a professional experienced in black magic removal
Rituals and spellworkPerform rituals or spells specifically designed for black magic removal
Protection amulets and talismansWear or carry protective symbols to ward off negative energies
Table 1: Methods to Remove Black Magic

To do this, imagine yourself protected by a white and impenetrable light. Pray and meditate regularly for your protection.

Avoid feelings of hatred, revenge, and grudge and focus on high, pure, and spiritual thoughts.

For those who consider themselves a victim of black magic and would like to get professional help from me, just contact me on my email, and we’ll find a solution together!

My Favorite Tool Against Black Magic – a Protection Amulet

First, it is essential to understand that no object itself is magical.

It has magical properties and powers once we put energy into it.

It is useful to keep in mind that as we are made of energy, everything in the material world also has its soul that is reflected in the other astral planes. What we have to do is combine our energy with that of the object.


Here’s how you can create a protection amulet

First of all, you will have to choose your object. It can be a pendant, a ring, a bracelet, or a symbol sacred to you. It could also be a stone (even if there is a different matter for the stones).

In short, once you have chosen your object of protection, you will need the help of the elements.

So in a circle on your altar, you will have to put a handful of salt or sand representing the Earth, an incense stick that represents the Air, a candle, and a bowl of water representing the elements Fire and Water, respectively.

Concentrate and relax. When you are ready, summon, and invoke the elements in the way you usually do.

Once this is done, take your “magic” object and place it on Earth and say:

” May you absorb in the energy of this element.
How Earth is Solid,
you can support me and protect me from any dark practice”

Wait for the object to load, then move on to the other element.

Then take it out of the earth and let it smoke in the incense fumes and say:
“May you absorb the energy of the air and how the air takes away, may you bring and remove any negative energy away from me”

Then heat the object on the flame of the candle – be careful not to burn yourself because the item will become hot.

When the object has become burning, say:
“How fire burns and burns everything
may you burn and burn all that will harm me”

Switch to the last element, the water. Completely immerse the object in the water and say:
“How water hides, cradles and protects may you protect me and hide me from those who want to harm me”

Now raise your arms to the sky with the object hanging in your hands and say:
“I am energy.
I am made of the same energy of which the universe and the Gods are made. You and I are united by the same energy, by the same strength.
With this blow, I give you life (blow on the object) “

The amulet is now ready to protect you.

Always wear it, and you will be safe. Don’t forget to thank and dismiss the elements.

I wrote about Wiccan protection amulets here.

Protection Talismans

According to other occult scholars, the word talisman is of Greek origin, “thelema”, which means “will.”

While for other occult scholars as in some Hermetic texts, its origin is from the Greek name “télesma”, which means ” astral force “or” (religious) rite.”

Nevertheless, it always remains of Hellenic roots.

According to scholars, the “talisman” is a character, a figure, an image engraved in correspondence with the celestial signs to which portentous virtues are attributed.

An object of metal, stone, wood, ivory or any other material, prepared under certain astrological conditions, and under the favorable influences of the planets.

The most important planet, in this case, is the so-called ruling planet. The ruling planet is the planet that imbues each zodiac with certain personality traits.

Rituals, prayers, the recitation of the Psalms, following the knowledge of the Kabbalah, the ancient mystical literature of the occult sciences, served to animate and bless the talisman.


Here’s How you can create a protection talisman

The first thing, you need to find a small bag of your own zodiac color.

  • ARIES: Red
  • TAURUS: Dark green
  • GEMINI: Brown
  • CANCER: White
  • LION: Yellow-Gold
  • VIRGIN: Gray
  • LIBRA: Light green
  • SCORPIO: Purple
  • CAPRICORN: Black
  • AQUARIUS: Blue
  • PISCES: White

On the third day after the full moon, pick up some sage and lavender and place them in the bag together with three grains of salt, and three bread crumbs.

Hermetically closed, the bag must always be carried in your pocket or purse.

Only when you are sure that the negative influences unleashed have been removed, you will have to burn the bag with its contents on a small fire.

Burn it until it is completely consumed, and scatter the ash in a river to let all the bad energy collected flow away for good.

Here’s another guide of mine aboutmaking talismans for protection.


Herbs are a great magical tool, and they can be used in many different ways. I love using herbs During the rituals, burned like incense.

During rituals, herbs can be burned to purify the area or expand the power. The herb or incense that is created is chosen based on its magical properties.

RosemaryCleansing, protection, and spiritual healing
SagePurification, removal of negative energies
BasilProtection and dispelling negative influences
St. John’s WortProtection against negative magic and spirits
FrankincenseSpiritual purification and banishing negativity
Table 2: Protective Herbs for Black Magic Removal

A great herb to cleanse you and your space is sage.

Another great way to use herbs is by creating herbal bags – special amulets for protection.

Here’s how you can create herbal bags

To create a herbal bag you need:

  • A rectangular piece of white fabric (link to candles)
  • Herbs based on use in magic (e.g. to purify: sage)
herbal bag by Tina Caro
My personal herbal bag.

Let’s begin:

  1. Fold the piece of rectangular fabric in half, sew the edges, but leave one side open, so you can insert herbs in it.
  2. Insert herbs.
  3. Now you can close the bag with a ribbon, or even sew it completely.

As you can see, the preparation is simple.

Usually, these are carried in your pocket, in your wallet … Or they are placed strategically in the house – example: under the kitchens, in the corners of a room, at the door.

If you want to enhance the power of these bags, you can add crystals in them, which have a similar purpose.

Here are three special herbs you need for an herbal bag for personal protection:

  1. One chili pepper
  2. Sage
  3. Rosemary leaves

Mantras for Protection

I love yoga, and it gave me the chance to get in touch with one powerful tool we often forget we have – the power of words.

With mantras, we can attract the right energy to protect ourselves and to feel at ease with ourselves.

Mantras have unique frequencies and are very useful in denying the frequencies of harmful energies that appear in our life.

Here’s a tip – all mantras are beneficial for defeating evil energies and harmful frequencies, but they must not be used for harming other people.

Most useful protection mantras

(Mantra that removes negative vibes and people from your life)

(mantra to cleanse your home or space)


(If you chant this mantra 11 times first thing in the morning you will keep bad energies and black magic away from your life)

If you don’t feel comfortable using this, you can create your unique mantras using your own words customizing the entire experience.

Here’s how:

Protection Sigils

With your own mantras and affirmations, you can create a sigil for protection.

Using them is a great way to protect yourself from black magic, curses, and negativity in general.

I have an entire article dedicated to protection sigils: Check it out!

Spells and Rituals

I’ve written a big article about protection magic here. Check it out!

Frequently asked questions

Can I use a lemon?

This is one of my favorites.

Place among various serving dishes small bowls with lemon juice and cloves. You can also use lemon slices with cloves.

It protects you from negativity and removes any black magic sent your way.

If you want to learn more about the magical properties and uses of lemon, check my guide!

If you want to know how to effectively remove black magic using lemon, then read my article here.

How to remove black magic from husband?

What if someone wants to steal your husband and cursed him with an obsession spell?

If you think your husband is a victim of black magic, you can prepare a soothing calming, and relaxing bath with sage leaves in the water.

Somehow get him in this bath, clean his body, while you visualize a white light embracing him at every touch.

It’s an easy, powerful, and fantastic way to connect with your partner!

How to remove black magic with olive oil?

This is a popular ritual in Southern Italy, and one of my family’s favorite rituals.

It involves the use of olive oil and water, to diagnose the actual presence of black magic in your life and the nature of the charmer.

What do you need:

  • Olive oil
  • A plate or a bowl
  • A pair of scissors

How it’s done

We proceed by pouring three drops of oil in a small one drop (frickle) water that is already on a plate or in a bowl.

Here’s the critical part:

  • If the oil forms a circle, the black magic curse was caused by a man.
  • If the shape is elongated, it is a woman.
  • If the oil spreads over the entire surface, it indicates that there is no evil energy, and no black magic was used against you.

What can you do if you notice that you’re under the influence of black magic?

If some circles show up on the plate, cut them with a pair of scissors. It might be challenging, but you keep going until the circles disappear by melting with water.

cutting oil circles

Once you have done destroying the circles, you can recite a secret prayer or simply use an affirmation or mantra to ask god for protection.

Use some other oil and, with your fingers, mark three crosses on the forehead, between your eyes, and on your mouth, repeating this action seven times.

When you have done with the ritual, this water must be thrown away from home. You can bring it to a river or flush it in a sink or the toilet.

If you want to know more about this topic, read how to cleanse yourself from a curse!

A spell that will help you get rid of black magic

Here’s a spell that will remove black magic from your home. It’s not tough to perform, but you need to do it carefully nevertheless!

Things you need

How it’s done

First, light the three white candles.

Take the quartz crystal and hold it tightly in your left hand.

As you hold the crystal in your left hand, raise your right to the sky and recite this magic formula thirty times:

“I remove black magic, I remove negativity, I remove this feeling
I am ready to receive protection and let light taking over”

Let the candles burn out and put the crystal in the cloth bag.

Always keep the cloth bag with you as a protective amulet.

That’s it!

If you think there is a more potent form of dark magic affecting your home, you can cleanse your space with sage.

This is so easy but definitely very effective!

Need some help?

If you are suffering from:

  1. Important blocks and difficulties at your work, or with your financial life.
  2. Sudden break up with your loved one for no apparent reason.
  3. Abnormal and irrational behavior, strong mood swings.
  4. Mental disorders split personality, tendency to lie.
  5. Headache, a feeling of widespread malaise, tiredness and listlessness.
  6. Anxiety and panic attacks, sudden outbursts of anger, violent attitudes.

It could mean you have been cursed and that you need to remove black magic as soon as possible. Why? Because one of the main characteristics of a black magic curse is that of progressively increasing in intensity and severity over time.

It is, therefore, necessary to rely on some protection magic, before the situation gets worst and becomes irrecoverable.

If you think you have been cursed and that some black magic was sent your way and you don’t know how to protect yourself and remove this negativity around you, I can help you!

How? I can cast a protection spell against black magic to help you find your way to happiness, serenity, and positivity, in a quick, convenient, and effective way.

Get a Professional Help Here

Love & Light

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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