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Evil Eye

How to Remove Evil Eye with Salt? [With Potent Rituals]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Salt is one of the most powerful ingredients to purify ourselves, remove evil eye, and banish negative energy. We might feel like there is some negativity around us and we often don’t know what to do to shift this kind of energy from bad to good. In this article, we’ll learn how to remove an evil eye with salt.


To remove the Evil Eye using salt, a simple folk remedy involves creating a saltwater solution.

You’ll need a bowl of saltwater made with sea salt, which is then passed over the affected person or object while reciting a protective chant or prayer.

The ritual is performed with the belief that the saltwater absorbs and removes the negative energy associated with the Evil Eye.

Afterward, it’s crucial to dispose of the saltwater away from the home, as it is believed to carry the removed negative energy.

How do I know there is the evil eye on me?

If you often feel weak, your mood changes quickly or you have noticed that your daily life is not as serene as it generally is, know that these can be the symptoms of the influence of negative energies that surround you. Negative energy does not only come from evil, evil eyes, voodoo dolls.

We can occasionally meet, people who drain us from our energies, the so-called energy vampires, even though most of the time it takes much less than that.

Our friendships, family, neighbors can “throw” negative energy on us (through gossip, envy), and we are the real creators. Thoughts are energies and malignancies, bad things that are said or thought do not only remain in our heads but also surround us and live with us.

Salt TypeDescription
Sea SaltNaturally harvested salt from seawater
Himalayan SaltPink salt mined in the Himalayan region
Kosher SaltCoarse-grained salt used in Jewish cuisine
Epsom SaltMagnesium sulfate salt often used in baths
Black SaltSpecialized salt used in some spiritual rituals
Table 1: Types of Salt Used in Evil Eye Removal

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So how can salt help?

Make yourself an energetic, recharging ritual to improve your bodily energy flow.

Kitchen salt is irreplaceable when defending against negative energies. To purify yourself you don’t even have to leave the house:

If you have a tub, take a salt bath regularly. It is so simple and cheap that you can’t help but try. Add 3-4 tablespoons of salt to the water and then light a few candles and incense.

Remember, this is your time, put your phone away, it is better if you get organized and you stay alone in the house. Immerse yourself several times (fully). Every part of your body must be underwater.

You don’t have a bathtub? Do a salt peel in the shower. Use a sponge, soak it with salt, rub the whole body with it, scrub from the sole of the foot to the tip of the head. Then rinse with water. The effect is immediate!

If possible, it is better to take a bath or shower in the evening to ensure you will have much more positive energy in the morning than usual.

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A protection shield

Suppose you happen to enter certain places where you feel uncomfortable or simply feel a sudden drop in energy or mood when you are meeting some individuals. In that case, that could mean that other people, or places, are charging you with their negative energy.

Here, the salt shaker will be very helpful … which you can generally quickly recover anywhere, whether in a restaurant or at home with friends, relatives, etc.

If you ever just feel a little down with energy and not very sociable, just take a pinch of salt and dynamically throw it over you. Not only will it cleanse you but it will protect you for the rest of the day.

An old Slavic tradition recommends putting a little salt in a tissue, then closing it with a ribbon, and always carrying it in your pocket (changing the salt at least once a week). It is said that whatever negative you encounter will not hit you but will be absorbed by the salt.

Salt Bath Cleansing1. Fill a bathtub with warm water
2. Add 2 cups of sea salt or Himalayan salt
3. Immerse yourself in the saltwater
4. Visualize the salt absorbing the negative energy of the evil eye
5. Stay in the bath for 15-20 minutes
6. Drain the water and rinse off
7. Repeat as needed for effective cleansing
Salt Protection1. Place a bowl of salt in each corner of your home or room
2. Visualize the salt creating a protective barrier against the evil eye and negative energies
3. Leave the salt in place for as long as needed, periodically replacing it
Salt Purification1. Take a handful of salt
2. Sprinkle the salt in corners or areas affected by the evil eye
3. Recite a protection or cleansing chant or prayer as you sprinkle the salt
4. Visualize the salt purifying the space
5. Sweep or vacuum the salt after a few hours
Table 2: Rituals Using Salt for Evil Eye Removal

Is something wrong at home?

But if the problem is the house, where you have problems with your cohabitants, or you often fight, feel the tension in the air either in all the rooms or only in some … take a handful of salt and put it in a small bowl.

Connect with your god or goddess, your subconscious, or yourself, and confidently say that this salt will undo all the knots and clean up the environment.


Take a breath, close your eyes, meditate for a few moments, and do this:

Start from the front door. Looking at it, move counterclockwise.

In every corner (this is where negativity loves to position itself) throw some salt. Do it with decision and security. Also throw it up high, where the walls meet.

Continue counterclockwise, go to all the rooms in the house.

In the end, focus on the windows. With a determined movement, throw out the negative energy you have encountered at home.

Throw the remaining salt in the sink and rinse the bowl well.

I advise you to use this method even when traveling, or in new places, when you feel uncomfortable in an environment where you will have to stay for a while (hotel, vacation, family home, etc.).

Let’s remember to do energy purifications regularly! We do them both on the person and on our animals or friends, we purify the environment in which we live, in which we work and do not forget to purify your car. Finally, it is very important to learn to trust our instincts, if something does not convince us, take note of it and act accordingly.

Powerful salt ritual to remove evil eye

I propose a very simple esoteric work that belongs to the tradition of white magic and which serves to protect you (very effectively) from evil eyes and negativity.

It is very old and we can find it in many variations but the symbolic and practical elements are always the same: light, purification through water, salt and rosemary, and our own positive energies.

Materials you will need:

  • A white candle
  • 8 inches long (20 cm) black thread not too thin (possibly wool or cotton)
  • A candle holder (it can be a saucepan, a plate … whatever you want the important thing is that it is fireproof)
  • Water
  • A sprig of Rosemary
  • Coarse salt

First, you must proceed with purifying the simple objects necessary for this ritual, using simple salt with water and a sprig of rosemary.

Put some coarse salt in the water and sprinkle the candle and black thread with the rosemary.

Alternatively, you can also use sandalwood and sage incense by fumigating the tools that will be used.

Once the instruments have been purified, take the candle and hold it intensely in your hands for a moment, concentrating and impregnating it with your positive energy, imagining it is capable of driving away any negativity,

Now take the string and wrap it between your skillful hand’s index and middle fingers (the one you use to write) by clenching it into a fist.

You now intensely want the bad energy or the evil eye that you think afflicts you will pass on the string.

Knot the thread around the candle three times while also saying this formula three times, each time you make a knot.

“Three times evil is knotted,
he is now driven away from me.
Fire that blazes and burns,
erase these pains forever!

Stay in meditation and watch the candle burn together with the string.

With it will also burn the negativity or the evil eye that oppresses you.

If you deem it necessary, you can repeat this spell by letting an interval of seven days pass between one ritual and another.

Tina Caro

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