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Most Powerful Wiccan Protection Amulets [The A-Z Guide]

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Written by: Tina Caro

In this article, I’ll explain the origins of protection amulets, what these amulets are all about, and I’ll show you the most powerful protection amulets that you can find today.

Since ancient times, man has always tried to preserve his safety in the face of aspects of everyday life that seemed obscure and inexplicable to him.

Always terrified by the idea of death, the man tried to cling with all his strength to objects and materials (as we shall see) that helped him not only to “delay” the moment of death, but also to distance himself from himself and from people dear to him any form of illness and malice.

In such situations, the “Superstition” reigned supreme, making the slave man, causing him to fear that what might appear illogical at first sight, was undoubtedly the result of hostile supernatural forces.

It was above all thanks to these “collective beliefs” that Amulet and Talismans were born: objects capable of driving away bad luck in all its forms, and of guaranteeing peace of mind and peace to their owners.


In Wicca, powerful protection amulets and symbols include the pentacle, triple moon symbol, black salt, witch’s knot, rowan cross, hag stone, salt circles, witch bottles, besoms (brooms), and Wiccan runes.

These items are used to ward off negativity, create sacred spaces, and invoke spiritual forces.

Amulets like the pentacle and triple moon symbol are often worn, while others like witch bottles and salt circles are employed in rituals and spells.

The effectiveness of these amulets is believed to be connected to personal belief and intention within the Wiccan tradition.

The Origins of Symbols of Protection from Harm

Although various origins are attributed to this word (from the Arab one: “Hamala” or “Jamalet”, to the Latin one – used for the first time by Pliny the Elder in 50 AD – “Amuletum”).

The meaning that is handed down is the same: “Bring with you”; in fact, an Amulet is a small object that, when worn, protects it from any disease or malign influence.

It, therefore, carries out a “defensive” mission.

The first amulets used by primitive men – mostly hunters were made from bones, teeth or animal horns, and gave the owner a sense of security and confidence in their destiny.

The great migrations and the successive ages of iron and bronze caused the different traditions and knowledge of these objects to spread and develop. Thus were born Amulets created from noble metals, precious stones, and even officinal plants.

The Amulets then acquired additional properties and were seen as curative and pain relievers.

These were perhaps the properties most admired by the Egyptian people, who made the Amulets a true religion.

The Goddess of Fertility Isis (Picture: Ask Aladdin)

From their exceptional culture, the idea of creating – with Steatite or Blue Majolica – the Scrabble, symbol of regeneration in the earthly life after death was born.

Not only that, Amulets bearing the images of the Gods, or of the eye of Horus or the fertility goddess Isis, began to spread throughout the Egyptian territory, to be considered indispensable objects for good health in this world and as insurers of peace otherworldly.

egyptian amulets
A Few Egyptian Amulets (By: History for Kids)

Thanks to these ancient sources, the Amulet reaches our civilization and today’s cultures, inducing us to recognize the necessary and fundamental characteristics for its correct use.

The Amulet must (today) consist of metals or stones that possess positive and specific qualities of their own: each element that constitutes it, in fact, has its own power of action, so that those who possess it are sure of their purpose and action for which the chosen Amulet must carry out its defense task.

A List of Most Powerful Wiccan Protection Amulets

There are three kinds of amulets:

  • those to attract and then divert the malevolent gaze
  • those worn undergarments and kept secret
  • those written on parchment and kept in small boxes to always carry with you

Here are some examples of objects considered classic amulets:

Ladybug Amulet

If a ladybug is placed, on one hand, it ensures luck for several months equal to the number of dots on its red elytra. Luck, then, will be greater if the live insect stays on your hand long enough to count up to twenty-two.

Also, if it flies close or lands on you, it brings luck and money. For the same reason, jewelry with its shape is worn.

ladybird neklace amulet
You can find this one on Etsy.

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Horn Amulet

For centuries it has been a symbol of luck and fertility. Lucky charm par excellence and widespread in southern Italy, it protects from the evil eye, envy, and left-handed shots.

The origin of this belief is not known but probably derives from the “cornucopia” (goat horns filled with gold, precious stones, and products of the earth, also a symbol of abundance).

The powers of the horn, understood as an amulet, are mostly heard in the city of Naples, famous for its red “croissants.”

According to popular beliefs, by turning the “horns” with the index finger and little finger, the evil eye moves away.

my own horn protection amulet
My Horn Protection Amulet

The classic one is red and should be handmade. However, be careful, never buy a real horn or not a handmade one. It can bring you negative energies.

Still, if it is found or received as a gift, it protects from envy, and annihilates the conspiracies and ugly tricks of which one can be a victim.

A Horseshoe Amulet

It is perhaps the most common of the lucky charms.


The belief in the supernatural powers of this object comes from an ancient legend.

Here’s how the story goes:
Back in England, there was a blacksmith named Dunstan. He was such a good blacksmith that one day, a powerful evil spirit, asked him to shoe his hoof.

The blacksmith failed to place a horseshow properly, so he made the demon feel pain as soon as he placed the hoof on the ground. To make Dunstan feel better, the demon promised him to protect all the houses that have a horseshoe fixed on the door, from all curses.

This is why it is still believed that this piece of iron can ward off evil spirits.

Horseshoe is one of the most powerful amulets and, consequently, one of the best known and most effective. Its popularity undoubtedly comes from its shape and from the fact that iron is the most active protection against the evil eye.

Its power is such that, once, when people wanted to banish a witch out of a city, a horseshoe was thrown into the fire. Because they succeeded, people thought that the heat released out of this horseshoe banished the evil spirits. The belief can be traced back to two elements: the half-moon shape, symbol of Isis, and the material.

Even the ancient Romans used horseshoe as an amulet to defend themselves from the plague and, in the Middle Ages, it was also used by doctors as a means of healing.

Today the horseshoe is used worldwide as a talisman against the evil eye, with the only warning to hang it with the points pointing upwards.

If it is hanging on the wall, or somewhere else, it must always have its ends facing upwards to work.

Touching it brings luck and riches, but it shouldn’t be new. To work, it has to be used by an animal.

There’s also one popular myth – if a horseshoe comes from the rear hooves, you may get a piece of bad luck: “Ferru davanti a casa va avanti, ferru d’arréri a casa va d’arréri” (Pitrè).

horseshoe amulet for protection
You can find this one on Amazon.

A Cat Amulet

It is the protecting spirit of the home and the family. The cat amulet is often represented with its paw raised to drive away evil spirits. A cat was an important animal in ancient Egypt.
Besides, these felines are given numerous magical and psychic powers.

cat amulet for protection
You can find this one on Amazon.

A Cricket Amulet

It is considered a lucky charm. It dispels misfortunes and favors good luck. Furthermore, it is believed that if a person of pure soul captures a cricket, it will have to fulfill a wish.

The cricket as an animal symbolizes luck, ensuring traders gain wealth, and if you hear them sing around your home, it is a good omen.

cricket amulet
You can find this one on Amazon.

The Eye of Horus Amulet

This one is one of the most powerful amulets against envy and misfortune. It’s widely used for protection because it removes all sorts of negativity. You can find both the one facing right and left, defined as the masculine and the feminine, i.e. the Sun and the Moon.

You can find bracelets, necklaces, key rings, etc. Before use, it is always recommended that you purify and consecrate it.

The Eye of Horus Amulet
You can find them on Amazon US and on Amazon UK

I also wrote an article on powerful Wiccan herbs, which you can find here.

Other Amulets and Descriptions

Amulet NameDescriptionPurpose and Intention
Pentacle NecklaceA symbol of protection, representing the five elementsProtecting against negative energy, enhancing spiritual connection
Hamsa HandA hand-shaped amulet to ward off evil and bring good luckWarding off evil, bringing blessings and good fortune
Black TourmalineA powerful grounding and protective crystalGrounding, protecting against negative energies and psychic attacks
Witch’s KnotAn ancient symbol used for warding off negativity and cursesWarding off curses, protecting against negative influences and energies
Evil Eye AmuletA symbol to protect against the evil eye and negative energyProtecting against the evil eye, deflecting negative intentions and energies

Final Thoughts

Besides relying on culturally related protection amulets, and as we have seen each country and each culture has some, you can create a protection amulet all by yourself.

Here’s how you can create your own protection talisman.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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