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Protection From Black Magic [A Complete How-To Guide]

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Written by: Tina Caro

The effects of black magic can be very harmful to a person’s life, in particular, if the person is susceptible and sensitive to energies. This can happen to anyone even if we define ourselves incredulous of certain things.

So today I want to talk about all you need to know about protection from black magic with a complete guide with useful information and tips to protect yourself from any sort of black magic attack! Let’s dive into it!

Personally, I have seen that the action of certain dark activities does not spare anyone, not even the most agnostic, and in the worst case, people who do not have a clear vision and say they are rational often tend to keep the effect of this action of magic more vivid.

There are subtle forces of various nature and only we can choose which of these we intend to work within our life through our actions and our choices. While I personally find it difficult to believe that people do what they do for the harm of others, unfortunately, I cannot deny that this is the tendency in many cases, perhaps too many, and so often I find myself neutralizing these negative attacks.

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What happens when you are a victim of Magic and Occult Rites?

From a subtle point of view our energy is modified in that aspect for which the Principal has exercised that Action. To give an example, if the ritual is exercised by a rival in Love (which is not Love) the effect will be directed to the sentimental sphere of the victim, who will be convinced that his relationship is not going well so that quarrels and misunderstandings will occur.

The real problem is that at a subtle level within the energy centers and the Aura there will be a series of energy programs that can change the balance and thoughts of the person who will automatically attract all those conditions that will lead him to be more and more convinced of this, taking into account that the rites need continuous and onerous repetition in order to create the necessary conditions.

Over time it is also more difficult to change one’s beliefs, especially if supported by continuous episodes in which the victim does not know who the attacker is. As regards the person who is the reason for rivalry, he/she inevitably becomes the target of these adverse situations of the partner because he/she warns and translates at the subtle level the programming entered in both or in the single person, the object of the rite.

black magic candles

In a similar way, for a career rival that you want to sink for professional purposes, it is sufficient that the rituals aim at the energy centers that support the person to create equally negative conditioning that can lead him towards the path of personal failure.

Unfortunately, this reality, even though many probably do not believe it is possible, leverages this ignorance and that of those who do not know the effects of their negative actions well.

How to know if you are a victim and how to fight black magic?

By black magic, we mean the whole of what is negative and is supported by rituals with the intent to do harm, when our life is suddenly changed by something inexplicable and leads us away from ourselves so our actions, our thoughts, and the situations we live in are very far from the ordinary of our life and perhaps inconsistent with ourselves.

Then it is perhaps the case to investigate, sometimes it is only a negative influence not supported by magic, in which case it is temporary; however, if it is persistent it is appropriate to investigate further.

To eliminate the effect one must strengthen one’s conscience by working on the weakness in which a breach has been opened; the spiritual energy helps to dissolve the effect, but it is necessary to direct its intervention by clearly defining our intent, which must be repeated constantly until it dissolves the effect of this external intervention.

Fear and doubt feed the power of certain things that work and can work only by relying on our most instinctive emotions. It is necessary to know that these negative forces fear the light that shines in each person.

Even if it is attacked, when the person lives in fear it is more vulnerable because it is far from its awareness, otherwise the more a person tends to his inner world and approaches his light, feeling part of immense light, the more it is unassailable. This attitude must be maintained over time to prevent the opportunity to be vulnerable to negative action and fall under its influence again.

Over the years, my family and I were under black magic spells many times, and we learned to protect ourselves with some tips and tricks I want to share with you today.


Best ways to protect yourself from black magic

Protection Rituals

The protection ritual has always been one of the most solicited white magic rituals, together with the love rituals of red magic. The reason derives from the need to protect oneself from the negativity and negative vibrations that attack each individual. Who among us, at least once in his life, has not asked himself: why am I so unlucky? Is there anyone who wants to do me wrong?

Everyone goes through transitory periods of negativity and this is a normal phenomenon; in some time, the negativity is eliminated and the course of life falls within the norm. When, on the other hand, the individual fails to dispose of the negativity in a few days, then it becomes an anomalous phenomenon of accumulation of negativity which seriously affects the individual.

Here is the need for a protective ritual.

Some have strong Karma*, therefore they are not often attacked and, in any case, can easily “digest” negative vibrations. Unfortunately, most people do have weaker karma, therefore they are often attacked and in an increasingly violent form.

For many, the saying “it always rains on the wet one” applies. The more you are in a situation of deep-seated negativity, the more you attract negativity.

Negativity is like a virus that flies through the air, waiting for a weak person to infect. Those in a position of weakness are particularly prone to infection: for these subjects, it is essential to resort to a specific protective ritual.

*For those who don’t know, the term Karma means the harvesting of what we have sown in this life or previous ones. Good Karma is represented by everything we have done for the sake of our fellow men; this Karma offers us the “credits” that we will collect in this life.

Bad Karma, on the other hand, represents everything we have done to the physical or moral harm of our fellow men, in this or in previous incarnations; this Karma will bring us enemies, troubles, and diseases that we must willingly accept if we want to close our debts in the best way.

Intense protection ritual with a potato

This spell is very powerful. I use it every time I have to protect myself and it works very well. It has no side effects if you don’t use it to intentionally attack someone who doesn’t like you. Normal pins can be replaced by black pins, if you feel more secure, this will have a more powerful effect on the result of the spell.

But I never used black pins and it worked equally well. Nettle has the characteristic of removing a curse, so use it a lot if you think someone has evil intentions on you.

Burn incense and a lot of dried nettle and juniper berries.

my incense stick

I took a potato, I cut it in half, I wrote a ticket with the name of the person to be removed or blocked (if you know it, if not, just put “referring to the sender and who wants to hurt me”), then you turn it all back. If you prefer, write it in rhyme, like a chant, and recite it aloud before putting the note in the middle of the potato.

Put the note in the middle of the two potato halves and close the two halves with a long iron nail and three pins saying: that you go back and hit yourself in the heart, mind, and spirit (meaning feelings and energies, therefore bad, not the death of the person in question; this immediately blocks the bad intentions of the sender who would like to affect your mental, spiritual, and physical health, therefore it has only a symbolic value).

Visualize that all evil goes back to the sender and then bury the potato in a pot or a quiet place.

If you want, you can also make a bag and put the potato with the note in the middle closed with the nail and pins, a small piece of fish, lots of garlic, pepper, nettle, juniper berries, rosemary, salt, and everything that serves to symbolize the evil inflicted, then pins, nails, rose thorns, and razor blades.

I also added cayenne pepper and vinegar to symbolically burn this person’s tongue whenever he speaks badly of me. The smell is repulsive, but it must be disgusting to symbolize the evil that has been done to you.

Then write the name of this person to be sent away on a black candle, greased with rosemary or mint oil. Light the candle and visualize that all the negative energies of this person are absorbed and burned by the candle.

Nothing can touch you now, all harmful energies are absorbed by the candle. Burn as many black candles as you want, until you feel confident and you feel better than before, cleansed of any negativity that was around you.


A basic technique that every witch should know and practice regularly is that of protection with a circle of salt.

Protecting yourself is important. In magic, protection is not aimed only at attacks by people unwilling to deal with us, but it is a matter of defending ourselves from those energies and entities that gravitate around us.

These energies can be environmental factors (e.g. unclean places), intentional (people who have negative feelings against us), attracted by magical work (e.g. astral larvae and entities) or of any other nature. It goes without saying that protecting yourself regularly helps prevent more annoying conditions.

circle of salt
Circle of salt. Thanks: amethystina

The simplest technique is that of the salt circle. Although in practice it is decidedly simple, it is a valid and very ancient technique! The Jews used to surround the beds of the sick with a salt ring.

We find mention of protective circles and salt in all occult literature of the past and present, in the west and east. The salt circle, in addition to being protective, carries out certain purifying work.

Here’s a special ritual.

What is needed is salt, preferably consecrated. Salt purifies, exorcises, and defends very well.

Draw a circle starting from the East, as in every magic circle, since the East is the point where the day rises (therefore to dispel the “darkness”). Proceed to the right passing through the points South, West, North, and closing to the East.

This circle must be designed around yourself, a person, an animal, an object, or a place that needs protection. In this way we are going to create a real protective barrier.

The negative energy present on the person is neutralized by the salt, while the one that swirls around cannot cross the barrier, turning empty until the salt neutralizes it.

The evil entities will be scattered. The subject to be protected and purified should remain in the circle, preferably for the duration of a planetary hour or at least until he/she feels a sense of well-being and lightness (physical, emotional, or mental).

My grandma used to place salt in each corner of our house when she thought black energies from black magic were coming our way! I remember that, one time, we placed salt in the corner of our garden as well for a deeper protection!

Protection Spells

There are many different protection spells we can use to protect ourselves from black magic, bad energies, and negative vibes.

One of the best spells my family used to perform when something seemed not quite right and negativity took over was the rocks spell:

A spell for protection from black magic

Things you need

  • A bowl
  • Three white rocks
  • One fresh egg
  • Some grains of wheat
  • Sage leaves
  • Half spoon of coarse salt
  • Water
  • White cloth

Take 3 white rocks and place them in a bowl with a fresh egg, leaving it in its shell; add the grains of wheat and sage leaves, salt, and water. Leave it all immersed – covered with a white cloth – for about 40 days. Every now and then spend a few moments thinking about it and say:

Whoever is lying inside the cradle, divine fairy or benign elf,
listen to me and help me to drive away all the evils that gravitate around me.

Then, bow three times in the direction of the rising sun, wait for the effect. Bury it all in a flowerpot or garden.

Create a shield of positivity

While this might sound naïve and a bit trivial, a positive attitude is an absolute must to protect yourself from black magic!

Create a positive shield made up of meditation, morning writing where you express your gratitude for what you have in your life and who you are, spread the love over your loved ones, and practice some TLC, expressing love towards yourself.

Stop judging yourself or stop blaming yourself with negativity and use daily positive affirmations to create a positive attitude. This would be a great way to protect yourself from negative energies and, most of all, it will be a life-changing habit for a better, happier life! Give it a try!

Magical tools for protection from black magic

Talismans or amulets

Since ancient times, man has placed trust in the magical power of talismans and amulets, objects of various types capable of defending their owner from spells and negative influences of all sorts. Not many people know that the two terms are not synonymous but have a profound and significant difference.

my protection amulet
Here’s my protection amulet.

From the moment when man became aware of himself, he warned that he was surrounded by incomprehensible manifestations, in which he felt immersed without being able to identify their nature. He, therefore, attempted to propitiate those forces he believed beneficial and to protect himself from evil ones.

Feeling pressured by human affairs and needs and having to fight against the adversities of life, he conceived the whole created in his image and was led to attribute a soul to everything that surrounded him.

In this way, he personalized concrete objects and abstract events, creating his own myths, proposing simulacra to be able to fight or to be used to one’s advantage. In certain ancient rites, still used today by some primitive tribes, strange, horrifying hairstyles, hideous and grotesque masks, dances with aggressive figures are used, etc.

The intent is precisely to frighten the invisible enemies of misfortune.

Talismans are not to be confused with amulets, which are, in short, what are commonly called “lucky charms”.

The difference lies in the fact that passive magical powers are attributed to the amulet, that is, only defensive and moreover generic and non-personalized (the same amulet should be a lucky charm for anyone), while the talisman is instead attributed active magical powers.

That is, the talisman would have the power to influence facts by modifying them and people by stimulating them to react positively mentally, psychically, and physiologically.

The very common coral cornet or the medal with the number 13, dozens of them manufactured, are amulets, while the talisman is expressly built and cannot be mass-produced.

If you want to create your own talisman for protection, check out my guide! If you are more into sigils you can use them as a great powerful customizable protection sigil as well!

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Stones and crystals

Many crystals have the property of creating a protective shield; talismans made with stones have been used since time immemorial. The most suitable stones are black (for example black tourmaline, obsidian, or Apache tear).

black tourmaline
Black tourmaline

Other very effective stones include the tiger’s eye, carnelian, garnet, and rock crystal. Wear them on necklaces, bracelets, or rings or keep the rough or tumbled stone in your pocket.

Magical help from white creatures: Angelic protection

The best known angelic entity is the Archangel Michael, a warrior fighting with a sword in his hand, covered with armor, beautiful and shiny. He is the Angel liberator of evil: he eliminates negative forces and protects against attacks of all kinds.

It is sufficient to invoke his presence, recite a prayer dedicated to him and keep an image of him next to request, elimination of negative energies, liberation and protection.

Archangel Michael by Nikolay Bogatov

Why protection is the best weapon?

Since black magic is very powerful and difficult to eliminate once it attacks us and begins to permeate our life and energy, protection is certainly the most powerful weapon to use by playing in advance and beating those who intend to hurt us on the times.

Protection rituals, spells, and above all a positive attitude from creating our positive energy shield are the best ways to live serenely and be protected from any pitfalls and negativity.

If you need some extra help and you want me to cast a protection spell for you check out this page where you will find all the info about my services and what can I do for you!

Magickal Blessings,

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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