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How to Ask Your Pendulum Questions About Money? [Guide]

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Written by: Tina Caro

The pendulum is a guide and a formidable decision-making tool.

Many are the people who think that the pendulum is an esoteric divination device, and nothing is further from that. It is a tool that works by resonance, an artifact to channel dowsing, like “L” rods.

Dowsing is the ability to feel the electrical stimuli of things or bodies.

With the pendulum, what is achieved is amplifying that signal and translating it into a language that is understandable to us. That is, to put words to the magnetism and radiation emitted by a body. How can we know what the future holds? Is there anything you want to know about your financial situation?

This is the guide you need to read! Let’s see how to ask your pendulum questions about money!


To ask your pendulum questions about money, choose a suitable pendulum and prepare a quiet space.

Set a clear intention, establish signals for “yes,” “no,” and “uncertain,” and calibrate your pendulum with known questions.

Ask specific and clear questions about your financial concerns while focusing on your intention.

Observe the pendulum’s responses, interpret them based on your signals, and ask follow-up questions for deeper insights.

Keep a record of your pendulum sessions to track patterns and make informed financial decisions.

How does it work?

We are composed of thousands of atoms that vibrate, interact, and therefore react at all the frequencies with which they resonate.

We as humans have a limited mental ego, which often does not know the most harmonious answers for life. Instead, we also have a global intelligence, totally autonomous from the ego.

That part, called the supraconscious, knows, understands, and feels united to the whole; that is, it’s united to what was, has been, and will be. This part is connected to the highest frequencies of the universe, therefore it will respond harmoniously all the time with this “supreme consciousness”.

If you want to work with the pendulum effectively, connecting with that superconscious part is necessary. The pendulum is like a radio signal; it will move responding to harmonic frequencies in one way and non-harmonic frequencies in another.

For each person the movement is different, that is why it is necessary to find out that personal language to be able to harmonize with your pendulum and obtain clear answers.

Here are 5 steps that explain how to connect correctly with the pendulum and, more specifically, how to ask your pendulum questions about money.

How to ask your pendulum questions about money in 5 steps?

  1. Put your hands together in the center of your chest, in a prayer position, and breathe deeply for 3 minutes. This will give you the necessary peace of mind to connect with yourself and focus the energy meridians, thus putting the body in conditions primed for using and connecting with the pendulum.
  2. Grab the pendulum with your dominant hand and hold it. Drop the chain about a foot. You will have to find the optimal distance for you, which is neither too long nor too short, since the clarity of the movement will be determined by the length of the chain.
  3. Now ask a series of questions for which the answer is true. For example:Is my name (your name)?
    Am I X years old?
    Am I married to X?

    Ask it as a closed question, not a statement. Then ask a series of questions for which the answer is false:

    Am I 150 years old?
    Do I live in Kyoto?
    Do I have 15 siblings?

    The movement that the pendulum makes for the true answers, that is the YES for you.

    The movement it makes for the false answers is a NO for you.

    Be patient and practice, some people connect quickly and others who find it a bit more difficult.

  4. Once you know your YES and NO, you can move on to the next step. Ask this question aloud or mentally:“Supreme Consciousness, do you give me permission?”

    To continue with the process, you will need to get a YES to this question. If you don’t get it, try another time.

    When you get a YES from the previous question, you can now continue with the next question:

    “Being Superior of (your full name), do you give me permission?”

  5. When you get a YES from this second question, you can now ask what you need, but following these essential rules:- The question has to be clear and closed, which means that you have to ask it so that the only answer you can get is a YES or a NO.
    – You have to know that you should not inquire into anyone’s life without their permission. You wouldn’t like it either. This is a serious lack of ethics and responsibility.

    You can ask about your financial situation if you ask the question for yourself. Let’s see an example:

    * Badly formulated question: Will I be rich?
    * Well formulated question: Will it be good and harmonious for me to find a way to make more money?

If you play with the pendulum, the pendulum will play with you.

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The pendulum is a great tool and guides you in business or whatever decision you need to make.

It will always direct you towards harmony and coherence. Any decision made from the superconscious will lead you to success, without having to move towards things that really do not interest you.

The pendulum, especially when it comes to money questions, wants you to have a mindful and clear approach, not be driven by frustration and negativity. Be open to what your pendulum wants you to know and use its messages to create the life you want.

Don’t forget that divinatory tools can show you the path, but you are the one taking the steps in the right direction!

My favorite questions to ask your pendulum about money

  • Am I on the right path to get what I want?
  • Is this the right job for me to fulfill my dreams and accomplish my goals?
  • Is my approach the right one for this job to get more money?
  • Is my application suitable for this better job to change my current financial position?
  • Am I the right person to present this project at its best and get my bonus?
  • Is this job/project perfect for my soul?
  • Is my career the one for me to truly express myself while earning more money?
  • Is it the right time for me to try something new?
  • Is it the right time to play the lottery?
  • Are these numbers I feel very strongly connected with the right ones to play the lottery?
  • Is daring for more something I should do at this moment?
  • Is my boss going to recognize what I do and give me a raise?
  • Is my relationship with my colleagues something I should work on to earn more money?
  • Will my current job provide better earnings?
  • Is this the right time for me to rely on my financial luck?
  • Is this the perfect time to cast a money spell?

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Pendulum ResponseInterpretation
YesThe answer to the question is likely “Yes.”
NoThe answer to the question is likely “No.”
MaybeThe answer is unclear or uncertain at the moment.
UnclearThe pendulum’s response is difficult to interpret.
Table 1: Pendulum Responses and Interpretations


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