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Candle Magic

Witchy Candle Engraving Tips for Different Intentions (DIY)

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Written by: Tina Caro

If you are into magic and you’ve been practicing for a while now, you might know how important candles are for when you need to attract something you want in your life. Today, I want to share with you some tips on how to write on a candle so your wishes can come true!

In many rituals with candles, I ask you to write on them, especially in cases where the intention is to attract either money, abundance, health and most of all love.


The practice of witchy candle engraving involves inscribing candles with symbols, words, or sigils that align with specific magical intentions.

For love spells, heart symbols or the names of loved ones are commonly engraved.

For prosperity, sigils representing wealth or runes for abundance are used.

In protection spells, shields or protective runes are inscribed.

The act of engraving not only personalizes the candle but also imbues it with focused energy, enhancing the potency of the spell or intention.

Basics of candle writing

  • You should always light the candle on a crescent moon or full moon
  • Always, always, anoint the candle with an essential oil
  • You need a new pin or needle to write on the candle
  • Do it in private
  • Let the candle burn out completely and put any wax remains in a hole in the earth or into a source of water, be it a river or lake, or flush them down the toilet drain.

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What is the use of writing a person’s name on a candle?

I know, many ask me this too, what is the use of writing someone’s name on a candle and my answer cannot be other than: FOR EVERYTHING!

You simply have to know your intention. By putting someone’s name, in the right way, on the right candle, you will be able to attract for yourself or for someone else that which you long for so much.

Let me explain:

Some people have a need for the person they love to come back.

Or to attract that “someone” they like.

Others may want to attract a better job.

Others want their economy to improve, attracting more money, more sales, more customers.

And the vast majority will ask to attract health to heal themselves or for a loved one.

In this article, you will find all the explanations of how to write on a candle to attract the things you want in your life, so don’t stop reading, this will clear all your doubts!

This is a practice of white magic, it is not intended to harm a person in any way. Rather, it generates a slight behavior change. Or, failing that, in the predisposition between another person and us.

Witchy Candle Engraving Tips for Different Intentions by tina caro magickal spot
Copyright: Tina Caro

Getting started

Before starting the process, we must consider the essentials. First, this process must take place when the moon is in the first quarter.

This promotes that our wishes be fulfilled and amplifies the energetic effect of the candle.

On the other hand, it is essential to know what you want to do and choose the correct color of the candle because the candle’s color can encode the procedure’s purpose.


For example, white candles can be used to protect a person. They can also be used when we want to project our energy to them. They tune into a person’s mood. Red candles are used for love and black candles to dominate more strongly. All of these effects can be reinforced through prayer.

You can learn more about candles here.

When should you do it?

Some criteria need to be met to attract a person or to work on his/her energy by writing their name on a candle.

We must bear in mind that this procedure must be performed during a lunar crescent quarter.

It is very important to have the intention of enchanting because the candle should not be lit with weak or undefined intentions. The intention of the entire procedure must be clear, as with all witchcraft.

What do you need to do it correctly?

Whoever writes a person’s name on a candle will control someone’s impulse or personality.

This ties us to them so that you can get the energy that encodes a person who loves us. It is usually one of the most common practices of spiritualism.

You will need:

  • Candle (the color of which aligns with your intentions)
  • Essential oils
  • A pin or a wooden stick


  • First, we will keep the candle and essential oils together, coding the intention into both. We can include phrases, mantras, or prayers that we prefer. It can also be encoded by thought.
  • With the pin or toothpick, write the person’s name to attract in the candle. Avoid using ink in this process.
  • The candle is lit by repeating prayers of mastery and the person’s first and last name.
  • Finally, you must allow the entire candle to burn out.

Practical examples of how to write on a candle

Engraving on a candle to attract love

Take the candle and write your full name with your date of birth vertically from the base to the wick.

At the end, where your date of birth ends, write the word LOVE

Write all over the candle. You must fill the entire candle by repeating the same thing, your name, date of birth, and the word LOVE.

If you have someone specific in mind and you want to attract him/her you can try this:

Take the candle and write your full name with your date of birth vertically from the base to the wick

At the end, where your date of birth ends, add the heart symbol, then write your love interest’s name and date of birth.

Engraving on a candle to attract health

Take the candle and write your full name with your date of birth vertically from the base to the wick.

At the end, where your date of birth ends, write the word HEALTH.

Write all over the candle. You must fill the entire candle by repeating the same thing, your name, date of birth and the word HEALTH.

Writing it in this way guarantees that your health will increase as you write it from base to wick.

You can write someone else’s name the same way and it will bring good health to them, but you must use one candle per person.

Smear the candle with the essence of citronella or eucalyptus, then you can light the candle in any lunar cycle.

Never put two names on the same candle when wishing for health, even if the desire is the same. In the health area, you always have to be very precise.

Engraving on a candle to attract protection

As for health, you must write your name with the date of birth vertically from the base to the wick.

If you want to protect more people, also write their names in the same way, but remember that when you finish entering the date of birth you must put a hyphen and the word PROTECTION.

You must do so with each name and each date of birth of each person and repeat the names, the date of birth and the word PROTECTION until the entire candle is filled.

Once done, you can put 5 drops of jasmine essence on the candle. I recommend that you do this on a full moon.

Engraving on a candle to attract money

If you are going to use it to attract money, write your name vertically with a date of birth like this:

Maria Lopez / 06/07/81

Where you finish writing your name, put a small hyphen and then write the word that represents your desire, in this case, MONEY, using the money sign, like this:

Maria Lopez / 06/07/81 MONEY $

You should also repeat this around the candle until it is covered.

Smear it with 3 drops of clove oil.

These are a few ways to write on a candle. Of course, you can follow different instructions if a spell you decided to cast suggests a different procedure.

Engraving symbols and their meanings

TriquetraSymbolizing the Triple Goddess or the three aspects of the divine feminine. Represents unity and protection.
PentagramAssociated with the five elements and protection. Also represents balance and connection to the spiritual.
MoonRepresents intuition, feminine energy, and the cycles of life. Enhances psychic abilities and divination.
SunSymbolizes energy, vitality, and life force. Used to invoke warmth, success, and the power of the divine.
HeartsSignify love, compassion, and emotional well-being. Used for rituals related to relationships and harmony.
ArrowsSymbolize direction, focus, and manifestation. Used for rituals aimed at bringing desires into reality.
KeysRepresent unlocking opportunities, new beginnings, and hidden knowledge. Used for rituals of unlocking potential.
StarsSymbolize guidance, inspiration, and wishes coming true. Enhance spiritual connection and divination rituals.
RunesAncient symbols used for various intentions. Each rune has its own meaning and energy, adding depth to rituals.
ZodiacEngrave zodiac symbols to align with specific astrological energies and intentions.

Intentions and engraving suggestions

IntentionEngraving Suggestion
ProtectionEngrave symbols like pentagrams or hamsa hands for warding off negative energy and protection spells.
LoveEngrave hearts or symbols associated with love, like roses or Cupid’s arrow, to enhance love rituals.
ProsperityEngrave dollar signs or symbols of abundance, such as the infinity symbol, to attract wealth and luck.
HealingEngrave the Caduceus symbol or the symbol of the medical profession to focus on healing and well-being.
Spiritual GrowthEngrave symbols like the lotus flower or the Om symbol to enhance spiritual practices and growth.
SuccessEngrave symbols of achievement, like trophies or laurel wreaths, to focus on success and goal attainment.
CreativityEngrave symbols associated with inspiration, like paintbrushes or musical notes, to boost creativity.
ProtectionEngrave symbols of strength, like the bull or a warrior’s shield, to enhance personal protection rituals.
DivinationEngrave symbols like the third eye or tarot cards to enhance psychic abilities and divination practices.

What should I do next?

You can use your candle to cast spells, perform rituals, or chant prayers to help you attract what you want even more. Your call!

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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