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How to Dispose of Spell Candles? [After Spell Casting]

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Written by: Tina Caro

It is important to know that the spell ends only when each element used has returned to the Earth. Here we will see how to dispose of spell candles after the casting, whether it’s a ritual of love, black magic spells, or something else.


To dispose of spell candles properly, first let the candle burn down completely to signify the completion of your intention.

Collect any remaining wax after it has cooled and solidified.

Dispose of the candle remnants by burying them in your garden, placing them in a potted plant, or throwing them into running water like a river or stream.

Before reusing any tools, cleanse them to clear residual energy.

Always express gratitude for the energy and intention released during the spell work.

How to dispose of spell candles after a ritual?

If you practice white magic or other rituals, you will have candles, pieces of paper, ashes, ropes, bottles and other ingredients on the altar. Although no longer needed, these elements remain loaded with much meaning energy.

BuryingBury the candle remains in the earth, preferably in a garden
RecyclingRecycle the candle container or the candle itself if possible
ReusingClean the candle container and repurpose it for other spells
BurningBurn the remaining candle wax in a safe and controlled manner
OfferingOffer the candle remains as a symbolic gesture to nature or deities
Disposal ServiceUtilize local candle disposal services if available
Table 1: Candle Disposal Methods

Throwing them away may seem inappropriate but, leaving them there can create inconvenience in the home. So, let’s look at different ways to get rid of the remains of a ritual in an ethical, safe and effective way.

How to Dispose of Spell Candles by tina caro magickal spot
Copyright: Tina Caro

Reusing candles and ritual ingredients

Some ritual elements are suitable for reuse and others must never be reused. Here is a list of which ingredients are reusable, which are not, and others that may be.

Reusable ingredients: Stones, crystals and metal pendants can be cleaned and reactivated for other purposes. Consecrated personal tools can also be reused several times.

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Not reusable ingredients

Organic matter normally belongs to the category of disposable elements. For example, oils, herbs and foods that have spent all their energy on the ritual and, in general, are not recycled. What to do with ashes and paper after the ritual?

They rarely have a useful purpose after the completion of the spell. It is better to discard them. Offerings to spirits or deities are never reused as this may offend the receiving entities.

Candle MaterialRecommended Disposal Method
BeeswaxBury or compost the remains, as beeswax is biodegradable
Soy WaxRecycle the candle container or compost the remains
Paraffin WaxBurn the remains or dispose of in accordance with local guidelines
Glass ContainerClean the container and reuse it for other purposes
Metal ContainerRecycle the container or repurpose it for other spellwork
Spell-SpecificFollow any specific instructions provided in the spell for disposal
Table 2: Candle Material and Disposal

Possibly reusable ingredients

Candles, bags, dolls, bottles, etc. This really depends on each individual.

My own voodoo doll
My own voodoo doll.

Traditionally, once a candle has been dedicated to a certain purpose, it burns to the end. But many witches prefer to melt the remaining candle wax or reuse a voodoo doll (for example with a new hairstyle), to use them again in another ritual.

It is better to follow your instincts, your budget and the rules of your practice. A person who usually recycles and reuses things in his daily life, can also do it with witchcraft.

What to do with the ashes of a ritual?

Obviously, some types of spells are easier to cast than others. Water, herbs, ashes can generally be given to nature (buried), dispersed or respectfully left outdoors. Bones, tissues, wax and plastic can survive for months or years and require a little more effort to get rid of them.

But if the remnants of the ritual are toxic, sharp, biological or personally identifiable, you must be careful to leave them permanently, where they will not return to haunt you.

Near or far from my home?

Witches who own their own homes often prefer to keep magical remains close to their property, even by building a “spell graveyard” over time. This fixes energy in a familiar place and ensures that it does not fall into the hands of strangers.

However, there are times when it may be more appropriate to leave the remains of a ritual in a distant place.

Let’s say we worked to get a horrible person out of our lives for good, by burning his picture and sealing the ashes in a bottle. Do we really want that bad energy in our garden?

Unconsciously, one might feel that part of that person remains around. It would probably be much more satisfying to throw him in an abandoned lot outside the city and never go back there.

Bury candles and ritual remains

A tried and true method of sealing used ingredients is to bury its components in the ground. For those who live in an urban environment and do not have access to open land, it is equally effective to bury them in a flower bed or in a pot.


Our wonderful Earth eventually absorbs and recycles everything, whether that be energy or matter. The earth is truly the only suitable way to get rid of those potentially dangerous materials.

Cemeteries are a traditional place to leave magically loaded remains, but permission should be sought first. To thank the spirits for leaving these remains, you can also leave a small offer for the spirits who live there.

If you are familiar with geomantic energies, then the location of the remains to be buried can also make a difference. Active points will disperse the concentrated energy more quickly, but they can have other unpredictable effects.

So, while we are on the theme of the Earth, what is wrong with putting the ingredients of the spell in normal garbage? How is it different from burying it alone if it ends up in a landfill?

One of the principles of pagan religion is that there is no space that is not sacred. So yes, a kitchen basket is also sacred. The problem arises when done without ritual. The ritual creates concentration and concentration is essential for magic.

The subconscious recognizes the end of the work during the burial of these elements, but as with a small ceremony, ignoring the items when we throw them away, without thinking about them.

In the subconscious, the ritual is not over. If you really must unload these remains in a normal garbage can, it is good to take a moment to visualize them and send them to the Earth, as if we were burying them with a shovel.

When to bury the remains of a ritual?

Especially when you want to maintain the desired circumstances, finances, a person or possession in your life. For example, in marriage spells, money spells, protection spells and family spells.

As always, use these tips as a guide, as a starting point and find what feels good for you and your practices.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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