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Working With The Powerful Mars Energy (Witchraft Tips)

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Written by: Tina Caro

We all know that planets are important for both our personal energy and for our witchcraft. But how do we work with this energy? Today I am going to share with you some interesting facts about Mars and tell you how to work with its energy!


Harnessing the potent energy of Mars can invigorate your spiritual journey, as it is associated with strength, courage, and determination.

Mars energy influences our emotions and actions, driving us to take bold steps and confront challenges head-on.

In the practice of witchcraft, Mars corresponds with the color red, the element of fire, and the astrological sign Aries, offering insight into its powerful attributes.

To work with Mars energy effectively, integrate it into your rituals and spells by using red candles, crystals like garnet or bloodstone, and invoking Mars deities such as Ares or Sekhmet.

Timing is key when tapping into Mars energy; work with it during Tuesdays or during the astrological transit of Mars for maximum impact in your magical endeavors.


Mars is a highly misunderstood planet that is sometimes called evil and dangerous. It is associated with the idea of war, but historically Mars was a protective God who was represented with a shield, not an aggressor.

A small clue to Mars’ true nature comes to us from the Chaldeans who christened the planet the “Star of Hercules”, which in the myth symbolizes the prototypical-primordial energy of the human that starts from a crisis (the killing of his loved ones ) and transforms himself through a long inner process in which he faces the monsters of his subconscious and tames them (i.e. the 12 labors), at the end of which he realizes his own divine spark and is welcomed into Olympus as a celestial Deity.


How Mars energy affects us?

Mars energy is dense, stable, and strong. It greatly strengthens the light body and stimulates willpower, which is the strength to affirm oneself and to realize what we came into the world for and to realize our Divine spark.

In short, it is an energy of inner growth because it helps to look within with courage, overcoming adversity, and realizing one’s intentions. The Mars subtle energetic instruction says: activate the power of the will, rediscover your true nature, and project defensive energy.

Correspondences of Mars

Zodiac SignAries (traditional ruler) and Scorpio (modern ruler)
GemstoneBloodstone, Carnelian
Plants/HerbsRed pepper, thistle, nettle, basil
IncenseDragon’s blood, tobacco
AnimalsWolf, falcon, ram
Tarot CardThe Tower
Astrological HousesFirst House (Aries) and Eighth House (Scorpio)
Astrological AspectsConjunction, opposition, square

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How to use it for spiritual growth?

When working with Mars we draw inspiration from the Archetype of the Warrior who teaches us to fight with honor, courage, and integrity. First of all, let us clarify that the warrior impetus is a virtue: precisely, it is the ability to affirm one’s values and actively engage to achieve them, it is also a commitment to defend the defenseless and it is clear that those who cannot fight cannot defend.

Wise is the one who avoids reaching a brutal conflict, but the opponent must still be faced. Accept the challenge of the fight (which is actually a dance) with your opponent, whatever it is, which is always a manifestation of your worst inner enemy: unawareness.


Our opponent allows you to manifest your energy and grow, revealing yourself to the world for what you are also through action. For this reason, they must be treated with respect as the Warrior never fights to bully but only to make truth, justice, and beauty triumph.

The distinctive attribute of the Warrior is courage: his actions spring from an open and attachment-free heart. It is this purity of purpose combined with selfless action that guarantees the integrity of the Warrior and makes him lethal and unstoppable against all forms of ignorance.

Give up any attachment (cancellation of counterproductive tension), empty your mind (total concentration), open your heart (total relaxation) and your action will have the purity and intensity necessary to make yourself impeccable (free of negative karma). This is true in every area of life.

How do witches work with Mars?

  • We can cast spells to enhance our courage and our strength.
  • You can honor Mars with a prayer to help you connect with its energy.
  • You can work on your root chakra being related to Mars. You can do so in many ways but meditation is definitely the best tool to do it.
  • You can create a sigil for strength and courage and consecrate it under the energy of Mars.

Mars-related spells and rituals

Protection from harmA ritual to invoke Mars energy for personal protection
Courage and strengthA spell to harness Mars energy for courage and strength
Conflict resolutionA ritual to seek Mars’ assistance in resolving conflicts
Energizing and motivationA spell to tap into Mars’ energy for increased motivation
Banishing negativityA ritual to use Mars energy to banish negative influences

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When should you work with its energy?

The best day to cast such spells is on Tuesdays, the day connected with Mars energy! Besides that, you can work with Mars energy when you feel a bit lost and you feel not brave enough to face challenges in your life.

Mars energy can also help you to face any opponent or enemy in a wiser and smarter way without letting any impulsive instincts and thoughts get in the way.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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