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4 Examples of a Sigil for Safe Travel [+DIY Guide]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Would you like to ensure a safe and happy travel experience? If you want to know more about the magick of sigils, read this article and you will be able to create amazing sigils in no time.


A sigil for safe travel is a personalized symbol created with the intention of ensuring safe and trouble-free journeys.

To create a sigil, one starts with a statement of intent related to safe travel, then transforms it into a unique, abstract symbol.

This sigil is believed to contain magical energy and can be incorporated into rituals or spells to focus and manifest the desire for safe travel.

Such sigils are commonly used in modern magical practices and can vary in design and complexity based on the practitioner’s preferences and beliefs.

What is a sigil for travel?

A sigil for travel is a magical tool you can create on your own to attract protection and safety around you when traveling!

How can it help?

It can help enhance the protective and positive energy around you and your travel experience. It will prevent bad things from happening to you while traveling.

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When should you create one?

You should create a sigil when you are about to travel to or from somewhere and you want it to be a safe, happy experience for you and those who travel with you! It might help you prevent delays, booking issues and prevent you from getting lost while exploring. You can create it when you are about to leave and start planning your trip! This way the entire project and process will be protected by positive energies.

When exactly should you create one?

You can create a sigil whenever you start planning your travel! Create it and bring it with you when planning, booking, and packing! When you are done, you can keep it in your backpack or in your suitcase and bring it with you!

How to create a sigil for safe travel?

Disclose your wish in a short sentence

Write down the sentence and then write down all the letters from which it is composed, omitting any repetition of a letter. The sentence must be expressed in a positive way, not in negative terms. The unconscious perceives everything positively, it does not recognize the “NOT” particle.

Join the letters

When the sentence has been reduced to a minimum number of letters join them graphically into a composite glyph. The letters can be combined with each other horizontally or they can be superimposed vertically. It is a very individual practice, so remember to trust your subconscious and let your intuition help you form your sigil.

Edit your sigil

Graphically elaborate your sigil so that it does not suggest the nature of the desire. The image is further simplified and refined, to make it a model that is easy to visualize mentally, you can also omit a few letters, it doesn’t matter. You can also draw a circle or a geometric figure around the image if you want!


Activating a sigil involves energizing it and pushing it into your unconscious mind. There are many ways to complete this final stage of sigil magic. Some people prefer to enter a modified state of consciousness through dancing, singing, meditation, visualization, etc.

Other people like to physically and symbolically destroy their sigils by burning them, burying them, tearing them, or dropping them into water. Choose the method you like the most!

Are Sigils Safe? (Should You Have One or Not?)

4 examples of sigils for safe travel

I enjoy my travel sigil

I enjoy my travel sigil
Copyright: Tina Caro

I travel happily sigil

i travel happily sigil
Copyright: Tina Caro

I am safe sigil

I am safe sigil
Copyright: Tina Caro

I travel safely sigil

i travel safely sigil
Copyright: Tina Caro

A spell with a sigil for travel

For all those who feel worried before a trip, here is a useful spell to put into practice. This is a way of empowering your sigil.


In case you don’t feel comfortable with spellcasting, you can always hire me or you can use the sigil as a talisman for your trip.

Here’s what you need:

The procedure, which we are going to explain below, is really very simple, even for those who are not too familiar with such spells. The spell must be performed in the days before departure, better on a Wednesday night in the hour of Saturn.

Open the circle as you usually do, light the candle and incense and invoke the god or goddess you have chosen for your protection, for example:

Hermes, lord of travel,
please accompany me.
Guide my steps
and help me avoid delays
and accidents.
Give me a peaceful journey”

After that, put the stone and the root in the red bag and write down the destination, the travelers’ names, and your sigil.

Now say out loud:

“This bag is my talisman.
May it protect me during the journey.
May he guide me along a safe path
without depriving myself of the adventure.
May avoid delays without
Holding me back.
I ask without bad intentions.
If I don’t hurt, I’ll do what I want.”

Now put the paper in the bag, holding the bag in your hands, and visualize yourself traveling smoothly, feeling calm and safe:

“Hermes, lord of travel,
thank you for assisting me tonight.
Please manifest again
when I will leave,
and to accompany me until
I return home safe and sound.
Be blessed.”

The spell is almost over. All you have to do is close the circle, let the candle burn out completely, and put the red bag in your luggage or keep it in your pocket as you embark on your journey.

Tina Caro

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