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A Step-by-Step Guide to Activating Sigils: Unlocking

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Written by: Tina Caro

Previously, we were able to learn how to create a magical sigil according to the occult doctrine of Chaos Magic, but we still have one step left. Indeed, in this post, we will focus entirely on the last step, how to activate a sigil?

So, after creating a sigil, we have to perform a small ritual to banish the sigil to Chaos, where Magic takes effect.


Activating a sigil involves focusing on your intention, creating a unique symbol from it, entering a meditative state, visualizing your goal, and raising energy to infuse the sigil.

Release the energy and your focus, either through meditation, burning the sigil, or letting it go.

Trust that the charged sigil is working on your intention.

Personalize the process to match your beliefs and preferences.

Maintain patience and ethical intentions when using sigils, as results may vary.

Why is activating a sigil essential?

Activating a sigil is essential for our intentions to be truly listened to by the energy and the universe and to achieve what we desire.

How to activate a sigil?

First step: Create a relaxing atmosphere and calm the mind

Isolate yourself in a nice room. You can light candles, light incense, and play suggestive music if you need it. This is not due to any particular reason.

If we remember, according to the current of Chaos Magic, the use of accessory utensils is due more to the fact that they are an aid to center the will, rather than effective in themselves.

I am a parent sigil
Sigil: I am a parent

Some tips that can be overlooked and annoy the climate of mysticism: turn off your mobile phone, turn off the lights, and disconnect the landline.

If you have any important issues to address, ideally leave activation for another time. But if you need to do it even then, keep in mind that this is a quick method that will not take more than a few minutes of your time. It is important to get a quiet environment.

Surely this is the reason that all the magical ceremonies of folklore were performed at night, because this is the moment when the World is calmer.

You can put objects near you that remind you of the purpose we will breathe into the magic sigil.

All this has the sole purpose of relaxing mental voices and quieting the mind. You can meditate before, although it is not strictly necessary to do this under a meditative state.

Simply close your eyes and inhale and exhale a few times from the diaphragm.

Second step: Light a candle

Prepare a candle and a bowl to burn the magic sigil. It doesn’t hurt to make sure there’s nothing flammable nearby.

Third step: Summon the magic sigil and focus on what it represents

By summon, we mean simply picking up the paper design of the magic sigil.

As an optional step, some suggest that redrawing the same sigil onto another paper helps to bring the emotional energy that we put into it creation back to your mind, so if you see it necessary you can double the sigil and burn it in duplicate.

Once we have it ready, we have to focus completely on it. We must focus on it until we engrave its image in our mind while evoking its meaning.

Fourth step: Gnosis. Free Chaos Sigil

This is surely the most complicated and most confusing step. That is probably due to ignorance regarding the term ‘’ gnosis’’.

Within the Magic of Chaos, the term “gnosis” differs quite from any mystical or religious connotation it may have outside these circles.

By “gnosis” we simply mean a semi-meditative state in which we leave the mind completely blank. According to Chaos practitioners, it is a kind of altered state of consciousness.

We can summarize the concept of gnosis as “one-point concentration.”

There are two ways to achieve this method:

The so-called inhibitory methods, which seek to silence the mind by focusing it on a point or an object. In this way, the concentration remains constant on the sigil.

These methods vary from keeping your eyes fixed on sigil (or at a specific point) for a long time, to fasting, not sleeping, etc.


The methods that use excitation. With this, we over-stimulate the mind while maintaining floating attention on the sigil.

The most commonly used procedure is that of sexual arousal, which consists of reaching orgasm with the sigil in mind. However, any strong emotion such as fear or laughter can be used instead.

Methods related to dance are also used, or singing in the middle of the lungs. In short, any method in which we can induce a strong emotion in ourselves will be useful, so that it over-activates our mind.

he loves me sigil
Sigil: he loves me sigil

Once the gnosis is reached, you have to observe the magic sigil for the last time and light it in the candle flame. Let it burn in the bowl.

It is very useful to imagine how the energy filled with our intention in the sigil and the idea it represents takes on a new form, converted into light and heat. And how then these universal forces release the sigil of their physical paper form and are fired to the entire Universe, launching the order you have programmed.

Fifth step: Forget

Although it sounds contradictory, now you must forget about the sigil. The controlling rational mind will seek to remember the magical sigil. It is necessary to release all the importance and let Chaos work.

Let the sigil go, trusting that it will work. Plain and simple, the process has begun and no longer needs your attention.

Take a few deep breaths and give thanks. And … congratulations! You can now call yourself “Chaos Wizard” and this has been your first spell.

Different types of activation processes

Once your sigil is activated, you are done, and your desire – INTENT – will start working, all you have to do is not think about it anymore … just wait for the results that will reach you.

Passive vs Active Sigils – activation processes

VisualizationUsing focused visualization to activate the sigil.
ChantingRepeating a specific chant or affirmation while focusing on the sigil.
Energy ManipulationDirecting energy through hand gestures or movements towards the sigil.
Ritual BurningBurning the sigil to release its energy into the universe.
Elemental RitualIncorporating the elements (earth, air, fire, water) in the activation process.
Table 1: Sigil Activation Methods

Ways to activate passive sigils

In passive activation of the sigil, energy usually comes released, in a very moderate and controlled way. This method is done by keeping your sigil around so it can continue working and release energy when needed.

This allows this sigil not to use all the energy at once, but to continue working for an extended period, or only when activated.

  • Put the sigil on a piece of paper in the corner of the house that it is always visible in your passage.
  • Draw the sigil on your body.
  • Get a sigil tattoo on your body.
  • Carve the sigil into a candle and light the candle.
  • Carve sigils in soap and wash your body with the soap.
  • Place the sigil on your computer, or the background of your phone.

Ways to activate active sigils

This is a faster way of activating a sigil. The energies released here, are much more stronger and work faster.

  • Put the sigil on a piece of paper and burn it in the fire.
  • Place the sigil on a piece of paper and dip it in water until it dissolves.
  • Put the sigil on a piece of paper and tear it in half.
  • Draw the sigil in the sand on the beach and let the sea wash it away.
  • Draw the sigil in the air with your energy and push it through a black hole to destroy it.
  • Burn a sigil into ashes, and then blow it away to destroy it.
  • Create the sigil in your mind, and then imagine it destroyed to activate it later.

The collection of sigils I personally use

There are a whole series of sigils that I usually use for different occasions. An example? Over the years I have explored all the various options to attract success, power, and money, but also to work with the magic of Saturn, the occult, and the moon.

Here are a few I’ve created:

You can find all of them here – Magical Equipment (scroll down to the section about sigils).

Have you ever activated a sigil? How was your experience? Which activation method do you prefer? Write it in the comments and share your experience with us!

Tina Caro

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