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3 Quick Examples of a Good Luck Sigil [+DIY Guide]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Today I want to talk about one of the magical symbols that I love most to use to attract everything I want in my life. It’s called a good luck sigil, and besides just talking, I’ll show you the three I like the most and how you can create them!

Sigils are fantastic assistants in realizing specific purposes and objectives simply and fascinatingly.

I have been using sigils since the beginning, and, as a child, my grandmother, the one who introduced me to the world of witchcraft and spells, showed me how to make sigils for the many different reasons and with the most diverse purposes.

In this article, I will tell you more about good luck sigils to attract luck into our lives.


A good luck sigil is a personalized symbol designed to attract positive luck and favorable outcomes.

It condenses the intention into a concise statement, transforms it into an abstract symbol by removing duplicate letters and vowels, and charges it with energy through meditation or visualization.

Good luck sigils are used in various magical and spiritual practices to invite luck, success, and fortunate events into one’s life.

Their design and complexity may vary, but their primary purpose is to amplify and attract good luck.

Ethical and responsible use of good luck sigils is important when working with such intentions.

How Can Good Luck Sigil Help?

Good luck sigil helps to focus our energies on the positive, working on the law of attraction. It helps us present our intentions to the universe in black and white, loud and clear.

A good luck sigil can be of enormous help when things seem to be not going in the right direction.

When Should You Create the Good Luck Sigil?

A good luck sigil should be created when we feel lost, when everything seems to fail to give satisfactory results and when we feel that negative energy hovers around us and blocks the arrival of positivity and with it luck into our daily lives.

The time of the day

If you decide to do one, you should create it in the morning, That will motivate and lead us to face the day in the sign of luck with the universe ready to answer our call and help us achieve what we want smoothly and without any obstacles!

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How Should you Create Good Luck Sigils?

To start the creation process, think of a difficult situation you are facing, a deep desire, or a goal that you struggle to achieve because of the lack of good luck in your life.

But keep in mind that just drawing the sigil will do nothing.

The sigil is an aid for the commitment and strength that you will put in your desire.

The forces we will move are complex, so the more the desire is coincident and straightforward, the more effective the sigil will be.

We do not aim to create a sigil that includes a big situation or desire but to a part of it. So creating a sigil won’t magically build your business.

If your sigil focuses on one thing, it will have more chances to succeed in its aim and, consequently, help you achieve your goal.

We have music, incense, and our desire in mind. Now let’s reduce the desire into a simple sentence.

Before we continue, here’s a little tip: try to write your intent in the present and not in the future (“I am luck” and not “I will be lucky”).

Now that we have chosen our sentence, how do we proceed?

This process may look rough to do, but it’s not. Below this process, I’ll show you my favorite sigils that I use daily. I pictured each sigil, so you can see how the process looks like.


Let’s start by writing it on a sheet of paper. It doesn’t have to be a special parchment or anything like this. Sure, if you don’t like a basic paper, you can use something prettier.

We delete all the vowels and letters that are repeated.

Rewrite the remaining letters by breaking them in various lines. Now start putting the pieces of your letters together, one at a time, creating an abstract symbol made of lines and curves.

Take your time, and feel free to try again and again. That’s how I still do it these days. If I don’t succeed in the first try, I do it again. That’s life!

Don’t worry too much about the length of the lines or how they look like (curves), the sigil will work the same!

My Favorite Good Luck Sigils With Pictures

These sigils are very easy to create, and you will see how the process looks like.

These are a great starting point – over time, you can create more complex ones!

“I am lucky sigil”

This sigil is great to make a statement to the universe and to attract positive vibes your way.

Write the sentence down, then erase the vowels and leave the consonant.

Use their main features to create the sentence. Watch the picture to learn how to do it!

I am lucky sigil
I am lucky sigil

“Good luck on my way sigil”

This sigil is like a special request to the universe.

It’s practical and powerful. It’s a bit more complex than the first one but beautiful to see!

As mentioned before write down the sentence, erase the vocals but keep the consonant and work on this to create your sigil as you see in the picture!

Good luck on my way sigil
Good luck on my way sigil

“Luck sigil”

This is a very easy sigil to create, and it works on the word luck as an element or energy to attract.

Follow the example below to create the sigil!

Luck sigil
Luck sigil

Tips for Creating Your Own Good Luck Sigil

Creating a sigil is not difficult, but you have to take it seriously, make sure you are not interrupted and create an environment that allows us to concentrate (such as music and incense).

As I already said, it is not difficult, but it is still a magical practice that requires seriousness and concentration.

I want to specify that there are many ways to create sigils, and you should definitely create your own using the same technique I did but customizing the entire process with your taste and intuition.

Spell with a Good Luck Sigil

A spell for good luck with sigil like this will help you if you feel you have.

Things you need

  • A large metal nail
  • A paper and a pen ink to write
  • A little bit of olive oil
  • Three herbs / spices: White pepper, cinnamon or nutmeg, garlic powder or fresh
  • Drawing or printing the sigil
  • Green and orange candle

How it’s done

Spell Day: Tuesday as first choice, Thursday as second choice.

Moon phase: Growing as the first option, full or new as the second option. Never do it in a waning room.

Time: From 00 am to 12 am, that is, from midnight to noon. Do not do it from 12:01 pm until 23:59 pm.

First, print or draw the good luck sigil you prefer from those I showed you before or create your own one! If you print it, I recommend you rewrite it with ink, pen, or red pencil to transfer your own energy to it.

Then, once the sigil is drawn, turn the paper and on the back, write what you need or desire, it could be something like:
“I have a lot of energy to achieve my dream, which is ………………, and good luck comes to me easily. I’m lucky, and I am driven to succeed.”
“I am a successful entrepreneur. My business is very profitable, and I reach my goals easily because I have all the energy I need to achieve it.”
“I want a great job that gives me a lot of money, and for that, I have plenty of positive energy”.

The possibilities are endless, just be sure to write in the present tense, and in a positive way.

A bad example would be: “I want a job that makes me rich. I don’t want to be poor again”.

Once you have written down the sentence on the paper, you put it aside and begin to consecrate the two candles, but first, you will carve them with the nail.

-In the green candle, you will carve your full name and “I receive good luck and its energy.”
-On the orange candle, you will also carve your name and “I receive unlimited energy.”

You must also carve the sigil that you drew or printed before in both candles.

Spread a little olive oil on both candles and sprinkle the herbs all over the surface – a little white pepper, nutmeg or cinnamon, and garlic.

I recommend garlic powder, but if you don’t have one, you can use a clove of raw garlic throughout the candle.

Now take the candles and heat the metal nail (it has to be hot).

Then pierce candles somewhere in the middle, so that they stick together with the nail.

Place the candles together on a plate and place under the plate the good luck sigil you have drawn with your request.

Light the green candle first while saying:

“Luck, I accept your energy and your power, fill me with it!”

Light the orange candle while saying:

“Good luck, I am ready to receive all your energy and gifts”
Let burn until consumed and turn off.

Wax remains must be buried in your yard or a pot if you live in an apartment, for example.

Make a hole in the soil, put in the wax that has been leftover, and cover the hole well.

Then you put the nail vertically, with the tip down in the soil.

It must stand out, as it will symbolize a satellite, a catalyst to attract energy and good luck, and because of that, it must be visible.

You need to remove it after you’ve accomplished your purpose.

You can reinforce it every week, on Tuesday or Thursday, simply by lighting a green or orange candle as you need more luck or energy.

Final Thoughts

You keep the good luck sigil as a lucky talisman. You fold it and carry it with you in your pocket, in your wallet. You can leave it near, where you keep the money at home, in the cash register of your business, etc.

Keep it when you feel you need it the most.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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