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Powerful Spells for Wednesday [Daily Spellwork]

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Written by: Tina Caro

It’s Wednesday, you would like to cast some spells, but you don’t know what the best kind of spell to cast on this specific day is?

Let’s learn all we need to know to make some powerful, effective magic on a Wednesday.


Wednesday spells are ideal for enhancing communication, learning, travel, business success, and decision-making.

Cast a spell for improved communication and clarity of thought.

Boost memory and mental clarity with a spell, aiding in study and focused tasks.

Ensure safe travels and seek protection with a travel spell.

Attract financial prosperity and aid decision-making with appropriate spells.

Promote creativity, healing, or psychic development to align with your intentions, and always conduct spells with positive intentions and respect for the energies involved.

Which are the best spells to cast on a Wednesday?

The best spells are spells to increase your personal intellect and memory. It’s the best time to focus on these abilities for a special project or especially to succeed during some exam or test.

Day of the WeekWednesday is the third day of the week and is traditionally associated with the planet Mercury. It represents communication, intellect, and mental agility.
Planetary InfluenceWednesday is influenced by the planet Mercury, which is associated with communication, learning, travel, quick thinking, and mental clarity. Mercury’s energy is often invoked in Wednesday spells.
CorrespondencesIn spellwork, Wednesday is often associated with the colors yellow and purple, as well as the gemstones citrine and amethyst. These correspondences align with Mercury’s energy.
Deities and SpiritsDeities and spirits associated with Mercury, such as Hermes (Greek mythology) or Thoth (Egyptian mythology), may be invoked in Wednesday spells.
Spell IntentionsSpells performed on Wednesday are typically focused on matters related to communication, intellect, learning, travel, mental clarity, and problem-solving.
Table: Key Attributes of Wednesday in Spellcasting

How to use Wednesday’s energy?

  • Work on: communication, travel, study, intellect, psychic faculties, teaching, writing, creativity, memory, cunning, reasoning skills, and wealth of arguments
  • Write your goals in a journal
  • Create a vision board to have your goals set and clear!

Which planet influences Wednesday?

Wednesday is associated with Mercury and with the colors purple, magenta, and silver. On this day, however, you can also use the colors yellow and orange if you do a ritual at noon (or in the morning) for business.

It is suitable for matters relating to the arts, legal matters, and communication of all kinds. If you want to encourage communication between two people, you can also use yellow, which is a “dominant” color that “persuades” the recipient.

Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun and rotates around it at great speed, which is probably why it has been associated with the god Mercury, the Roman correspondent of the Greek god Hermes.

Mercury’s help could be inconstant: always try to counterbalance its negative properties with the more stable energy of another planet.

My favorite spells for Wednesday

A Simple Personal Growth Spell

A Simple Personal Growth Spell by MagickalSpot


  • A white candle
  • A glass of coconut milk
  • Two tablespoons of saffron
  • A new sponge

How it’s done:

Light the white candle and stare at the candle flame without blinking; repeat this magic formula as long as you can with your eyes open:

“Dear Universe. Give me what I want. Blessed be.”

As the candle burns out, prepare a warm bath. Pour a glass of coconut milk and two tablespoons of saffron into the water. Then immerse yourself in the water and, rubbing your skin well with a new sponge, repeat the magic formula again.

If you want to increase its potency:

This procedure can be followed to increase the effect of a spell.

We will take the herbs we will need for the ritual and put them in a wooden or mortar bowl.

We light 4 candles on each side of the bowl, a white candle on the right (it will give us protection and represents spirituality), a yellow candle on the left (to increase psychic powers), and so on for the other two sides (i.e. the top and bottom of the bowl).

To do this you need to find a quiet place and try to be alone.

At this point, we will visualize what you want to achieve. The spell ends with the elevation of the bowl to the sky and saying the following ritual words:

“I do this spell to get help; good spirits, ally with me and let me be more powerful.”

After this spell, we will be more prepared physically and emotionally for magic or a specific spell.

We can now blow out the candles and keep the remains.

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A Study Ritual

A Study Ritual by MagickalSpot

The study ritual starts with a simple candle ceremony; 7 candles are used, 5 of which are brown, one white candle, and one of your choice.

The candle for the ritual for study, or to pass the examination of your life, represents the offer you make to the higher entities, to the angelic hosts.

The candles must be lit on Wednesday, in a clockwise direction, and within you, with a lot of commitment and with fervent faith, you will pronounce the words that come most naturally. An example suitable for the ritual to pass exams could be this:

“Dear higher entities, dear angels of God, I implore you as a son, help me, favor me, and support me in my examination of ___ so that your light illuminates my intellect and I can answer any question.”

This is just an example, the prayers of these rituals must be personal, intimate, and heartfelt, so do not be embarrassed or ashamed, just speak from the heart. Once the prayer is finished, stay focused for about 10 minutes, without moving, without getting distracted, keeping in mind the purpose of the ritual; imagine white light and immerse yourself in it.

In addition to this, it is important to give something in return for the wish to be fulfilled. You can commit an object dear to you, money to donate to charity, or something that costs you physical or material effort, it doesn’t really matter, the important thing is that it is a small sacrifice.


Let the candles burn, making sure you do not burn yourself or your home – this could take up to 10 hours, but you don’t have to put them out. At the end of everything, collect the remains of wax and keep them with you until the day of the exam, or for the intended purpose.

Faith, concentration, and seriousness must accompany us from the first to the last moment during this propitiation ritual for the student. Studying is a matter of concentration, but also of intellect, and therefore of intellectual abilities.

There aren’t any miracle pills capable of making you learn the knowledge of the world, just as a ritual is not enough to pass medical or engineering exams, in which a serious application of the subjects is required, and where one cannot rely only on magick.

With the study ritual, however, you have extra help, which also includes a dose of luck that can turn things in your favor, such as being called to answer questions that you have studied better or being questioned on subjects where you are stronger.

If you want to increase its potency:

There is an alternative to this more complex study ritual, and it consists of performing it in three days that you will dedicate to this; the candles will be tripled, and you will have to provide on the plate or tray in which you perform everything, within a circle of coarse salt, materials such as a pen you use, a page handwritten by you with the topics of study, a sheet with your name and your date of birth, and a stone (possibly spherical in shape) called hematite which will be loaded in the three days of ritual.

In the end, you will keep your pencils with you, while you study and during your exams, at school or in the designated places. This will help you in the learning process and in memorization for a long time and will make you more confident in the moment of the exam.

Do you want to know if you are going to pass a special test? I can also cast a better learner spell for you to bring more clarity, productivity, and confidence into your life back again!

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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