3 Powerful Runes Associated with Odin (Working With Them)

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Written by: Tina Caro

According to a Scandinavian legend, the origin of runes should be attributed to the thirst for knowledge of Odin, the main deity of Germanic mythology. Eager to learn all forms of knowledge, Odin decided to perform the ultimate sacrificial act, binding himself upside down to the sacred Yggdrasil tree and sacrifice himself to himself. Thus he hung from the sacred ash tree for nine days, pierced by his own spear.

Thanks to this gesture he was allowed to collect the runes, the greatest source of mystery and knowledge, being able to spread their wisdom, helping mankind in its evolution. But which runes are associated with Odin?

Let’s find out!

A list of runes associated with Odin


Custom Othala rune by MagickalSpot
My homemade Othala rune.

You have several ancestral streams to explore before you find the one or two that are dominant in your blood. Identify your natural talents and explore the ancestral flow that would have contributed to those talents for you. There is a spirit or breath that has been passed on to you from many sources as well as your genetic makeup.

The weight of the virtuous actions of past generations tends to accumulate within a family tree over the generations, like being stored in a battery of aetheric energy. Part of your inheritance is that energy for use in this life. You must find the provisions and accept them to become one of the “ancestors”, using them to put forth your own contribution. That contribution will likely be in the form of a virtuous act on your part during this lifetime.

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You may find that there is a shortage of energy due to the non-virtuous actions of certain ancestors, at which time you should look for the last link where there was excess energy. As the main player, you will be helped by honorable ancestors, who will see the violation reset and the balance return.

Othala’s final realization in runes progression is heaven on earth and the Savior’s homecoming and that’s why I prefer it as the final rune of the cycle, over all of Dagaz‘s final theories. Final enlightenment is liberation and transcendence from the Self. Othala means that we take responsibility for our destinies, that the future is a continuous movement towards heaven, an alignment of the inner compass towards heaven on earth, strongly connecting with Odin.

Before we continue

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Custom Ansuz rune by MagickalSpot
My homemade Ansuz rune.

Ansuz is the appearance of a guide in our life in the most difficult moment, it is a ray of sunshine that forcefully pierces the thick blanket of clouds, lighting the way, guiding us to the end of the rainbow where we will find the treasure.

For this reason, the rune symbol appears to be a stylized rainbow or two friendly arms offering help. Ansuz can be our master of arms, a wise old man, a father or grandfather, or a traveler met on the street under whose guise the wandering god, Odin, is hidden. Tired, dirty, and exhausted, now we finally have support, warm and sure words that tell us that we can rest. Ansuz heals wounds, refreshes the soul, invigorates us, is the swarm of the Spirit that can manifest itself in various forms, as a beggar but also as an illness, good or bad luck.

The Call always implies a sacrifice without which there is no salvation, the price must be paid with one’s blood, hanging oneself on the cosmic tree Yggdrasil like Odin, leaving everything we love for a period of time to be with ourselves.

We are taken insane, but we are hung up, hurt, we faint, we are delirious, we hear voices and we talk in a disconnected way. Then the runes begin to appear, they flow in front of us in a dream, showing us all the symbols and messages that they transmit to us. Ansuz is the rune of Odin, lord of the Norse gods, known by numerous names, including Odin, Woden, Wotan, and Godan, god of war, magic, wisdom, diplomacy, and poetry.


He decided to sacrifice an eye to get to knowledge at the source of Udr, at the roots of Yggdrasil, the pivotal ash tree of the universe; he hung on its branches for nine days and nine nights to receive the secret of the runes. He is always accompanied by two ravens, Huginn, thought, and Muninn, memory, which he sends around the world to investigate on his behalf, and by two wolves that devour whatever food is offered to Odin since the god lives only by drinking wine.

Odin holding his spear Gungnir, sit on his throne while accompanied by his two wolves (Geri and Freki) and his two ravens (Huginn and Muninnhis).

In battle, he wields Gungnir, the spear that never misses, and rides the eight-legged horse Sleipnir. One of the most singular manifestations of Odin is that of the wanderer, an old beggar with shabby clothes, gray hair, long beard, dressed in an old cloak and a hat hidden over one eye, thus embodying the archetype of the wise old man, of the spirit who it occurs in situations where cunning and intelligent help is needed. Ansuz is the rune of the Call, it is the voice of Odin that advises and inspires.

The white rune

This rune reminds you that everything still needs to be done – everything can have a new beginning and be different every time. If every day is like a blank page, it depends on your creativity and willpower to reach its true, authentic, and happiest potential.

Odin, the wise Teutonic god who introduced the runes to humanity, is bound to this white stone. Connected with faith and trust, as well as with the acceptance of changes and with the belief that “everything has yet to be done”, the white rune reminds us that we will travel lighter if we learn to give up the need for control and instead have trust in others, in oneself and in the generosity of nature, which always knows how to surprise us.

Other Runes, its meanings and interpretations

AnsuzCommunication, Divine Inspiration, Odin’s WisdomAnsuz represents the power of spoken and written words, divine inspiration, and Odin’s wisdom and guidance.
ThurisazProtection, Gateway to the Divine, Odin’s MightThurisaz signifies protection, the ability to access the divine realm, and Odin’s might and strength.
OthalaAncestral Heritage, Legacy, Odin’s BlessingsOthala symbolizes ancestral heritage, the connection to one’s roots, and Odin’s blessings and divine legacy.

Associations with Odin

RuneOdin’s Connection
AnsuzAnsuz is associated with Odin’s role as the Allfather, the god of wisdom, poetry, and eloquence.
ThurisazThurisaz represents Odin’s connection to primal forces, protection, and his warrior aspect.
OthalaOthala symbolizes Odin’s blessings, his legacy passed down through ancestral lines, and home.

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It is necessary to get rid of the prejudices and absurd beliefs that prevent us from giving new opportunities to ourselves and to others. The white rune advises turning fears into challenges and seeing them as the possibility of changes that will make you wiser and broaden your vision of things. It pushes to be courageous and to take risks, every now and then, even if it costs to abandon the safety of routine and what you know, whether it is work, love, or friendship. Surely, if you adopt Odin’s philosophy, you will feel more alive and fuller of energy.

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