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How to Remove a Binding Spell? [Powerful Methods]

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Written by: Tina Caro

A binding spell is a negative use of energy and power by evil humans. The main purpose in the lives of these people is to harm, destroy others or dominate people through obsessive ties. They can influence others in bad or negative ways. It is the dark side of the heavenly cycle or dark energies. The principle by which these people do harm is out of envy, selfishness, greed or simple hatred. Let’s find out how to remove a binding spell quickly and effectively.


Binding spells are mystical practices used to create emotional or energetic connections between individuals, with the intent to influence their thoughts, feelings, or actions.

Symptoms of being under a binding spell may include experiencing intense and unexplained emotions, a sense of being spiritually trapped, or a loss of personal agency.

Negative effects of a binding spell can manifest as strained relationships, emotional turmoil, and a sense of powerlessness, highlighting the importance of addressing such situations promptly.

To remove a binding spell, you can visualize the energetic ties dissolving during meditation or perform a ritual that symbolizes your desire to release the connection to the universe.

What are binding spells?

Binding spells can be used to link and bond people who normally wouldn’t be together, causing harm or injury to people by performing rituals. The effect of these rituals can be felt by thousands and thousands of people globally. With an increase in jealousy, frustration, greed, selfishness, negativity or the inability to accept another person’s happiness and growth, the use of binding spells has become the most common way to harm and hurt people.

This problem has intensified greatly in recent years, as many people are suffering around the world, unaware of the attacks by someone other than their closest friends, acquaintances and family. Many happy and prosperous families have been ruined by the dark side of black magic.

Symptoms of binding spells

A binding spell blocks a person’s wisdom and intellect and all efforts to solve the problem are unsuccessful. One feels a mental block, falls asleep disturbed, and awake as the result of bad dreams and negative thoughts. The victim often does something or does many actions and cannot explain why they did what they did. There is no reasoning behind their actions. They get angry for no reason or justification at the people they love and care for.


The people the magic spell is put on will feel like they are not getting their due and can accomplish much more. They feel suffocated and restless in any circumstance. They are never at peace and remain depressed, without enthusiasm or desire to live. On many occasions, a binding spell leaves a sense of discomfort and an urge to be with someone who is not a love interested.

What are the other symptoms of black magic? Find them in my article here.

Negative effects

Black magic can wreak havoc on the target person’s life by destroying any aspect of the victim’s life. Be it a career or business, wealth or prosperity, creating family problems or unnecessary tensions or phobias, adversely affecting children, siblings, and parents.

It can also create problems with someone’s health, destroy the peace of mind, intellect, happiness, cause internal disturbances, restlessness, abnormal behavior, and even cause unnatural deaths in extreme circumstances.

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More Information

How to remove a binding spell?

There are several remedies that have been tested and are effective in removing binding spells and releasing a person from this kind of magic.

Observation mode

The first step in removing a binding spell is to observe the behavior and power of the spell on you. Observation is how you put a conscious distance between yourself and the power of the spell. You want to observe what circumstances or what relationship dynamics activate your receptivity to the spell (keeping a journal will help).

During this process, the energy that you are accumulating as white energy, is taking form in your mind as the possible face of the person, trying to harm you. But for you to feel the revelation, you must be very focused. With your eyes closed and meditating on anything you have identified of the enchantment on you.

Once the face is revealed, the next thing is to get a mirror. Stand in front of the mirror with your eyes closed while keeping the revealed person in your mind.

You are going to open your eyes and you are going to visualize the revealed person in the mirror, and in the blink of an eye you are going to throw the mirror against the floor so that it breaks.

With this break, the black magic spell or tie on you will have been enchanted and will leave you.

With a prayer

To undo the spell forever, all we have to do is follow the steps below:

After lighting a white candle, we will pray twice a day for seven days. Once in the morning and once before bed.

This is the prayer to recite:

“I release you (name of the person), freedom comes, darkness and forced bonds finally disappear like clouds in the sky, you are free… you are free… so is. So be it.”

During the 7 days, we will place a glass of water, half-filled with salt in the highest wardrobe we have (you must change the saltwater every day).

On the seventh day as soon as we get up, take an egg (we pass it all over the whole body), and throw it in a trash can that is far from our house, in a corner of our neighborhood or city.

We will not pass it again throughout the day and we will take a bath to purify and cleanse the negative energy away, protecting ourselves even more from any mooring or enchantments that they are doing to us.

With a ritual

In addition to the work done by spiritual advisers and prayers, there are other ways to undo a binding spell. One of them is to perform the following ritual:


Light the candles and make the sign of a cross while asking the universe for protection with respect and commitment.

We will take the plate and make the sign of the cross, then pour a couple of drops of holy water while saying,

“In the name of the father of Mother Earth, Mother of the Universe, I, (your name), bless me in the name of the higher energy above us.”

If you have an altar, you can put the plate on it to acknowledge your commitment and respect to the magick.

Next, we will put our photo on the plate and walk around the photo, so that no external force can intercede between us, even if they are invisible, we will be protected.

We then take both threads and put them on the plate, around our photo as protection, red symbolizes protection against evil eyes and sorcery and the black against any negativity of our auric field.

The amulet or talisman that we provided is also very important, it cannot be from someone that is deceased, since very bad things can happen to you. Try to make it something that has given you good luck and place it on the plate.

When finished, we will pray to God, the universe or any other spiritual entity we feel more comfortable in asking for help and guidance. Then we will throw 7 drops of holy water on the plate/picture, thanking our lord for the protection that they will give us.

Pray in the morning and at night for seven more days, lighting one candle per day and sprinkling the 7 drops of holy water. On the last day, take a bath with rosemary, verbena and lavender.

This is a powerful way to remove binding spells and to protect ourselves from any kind of spell that forces us to be with someone we don’t want or that is forcing us to live a life we don’t want. If you need to, repeat this spell over time until you feel a sense of safety and freedom.

Other methods

Ritual CleansingPerform a ritual cleansing using purification tools such as salt, water, herbs, or incense.
Breaking RitualConduct a specific ritual or ceremony aimed at breaking the binding spell and its effects.
Energy ClearingUse energy healing techniques like Reiki or visualization to clear and release the binding energy.
Protective AmuletsWear or carry protective amulets or talismans to shield yourself from the effects of the spell.
Seeking AssistanceSeek guidance and assistance from experienced practitioners or spiritual professionals.
Table 1: Methods to Remove a Binding Spell
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